Danny Hope = JHSNCAH

Submitted by FrankMurphy on October 12th, 2011 at 3:36 PM

In 03 Blue 07's excellent diary entries summarizing Three And Out and his impressions of it, he noted that Rich Rodriguez referred to Danny Hope as a "junior high school, no-class asshole" in response to the stunt Hope pulled after the '09 Purdue game. 03 Blue 07 suggested that Hope should be referred to as JHSNCAH. I thought this was such a good suggestion that it deserved its own thread. Hope is the most nauseatingly annoying coach in the B1G, and Purdue is probably who Rodriguez was referring to when he said in last year's signing day press conference that there was one school in the conference that had consistently tried to negative recruit against Michigan. 

Thus, I second 03 Blue 07's proposal that Danny Hope should henceforth be known as JHSNCAH. Also, I hope Hoke runs up the score on Purdue now that we're back to being a clear cut above them.



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He probably won't be around much longer anyway. They're 3-2 and looking at probably one more winnable game (and IU's coaching staff is much better than Purdue's, so it's likely they improve enough to win that one as well). Even at a best case 5-7, that still puts him at 17-24, and it's not like Purdue has been pleased with him up until now.


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With the way Ohio, Iowa, and Indiana have been playing, Purdue can still be bowl eligible.


Assuming Hope is extinguished in West Lafayette at the end of the season who do they hire? More importantly, who is available that has such a pronounced mustache as both Hope AND Tiller?


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Rodriguez isn’t the one who alerted the Big Ten to the punch by one of Purdue’s players (in a game not against Michigan) that got the player suspended. It was actually someone in Purdue’s own athletic department. However, after the Michigan-Purdue game in 2009, Hope pulled the stunt where he grabbed RR’s hand and brought the player (Zach Reckman)over and said “I want to introduce you to the man who got you suspended.” After that stunt, RR had a quote that I found humorous, which he blurted out after he told Rita what happened: “Bullshit! I gotta get my ass beat by a junior high school, no-class asshole?” I think JHSNCAH should be Hope’s acronym from here on out.


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Yes.  Mike White still would have been a douchebag regardless.  Although firing Mo added to the fire.  The one and only time Illinois did beat Bo, he was very classy in his post game conference.  But he also had some satisfaction knowing that it was only a matter of time before White's actions would put Illinois on probabtion.


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in the Big Ten is Mark Dantonio.  Hands down.  I'd vote Meathead at Wisconsin second.  Danny Hope is of no use or consequence whatsoever.  The fact that a Michigan coach got riled up about Purdue at all says it all.


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John Grisham wrote a book called Bleachers, back in the early high school days when I still read him. They had a "little brother" high school across town that ran up the score in their only victory against the protagonist's school, and the next year the "big brother" coach put up like 90 on them, passing and taking TO's all through the fourth quarter with starters in.


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Wait, because MSU is a rival, I have to respect their coach?  I don't think that works.  I don't respect Brian Kelly; he's shown little to no concern for his players, whether it be in regards to safety or respect.  I don't respect Dantonio; he's a smug, shallow person that seems more concerned about a game than molding individuals or discipline.

A person doesn't deserve respect because they coach football.


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Danny Hope's nickname should be Danny Hope.   That way when you use his nackname no one has to ask "Who's that?"   They will instantly recognize him as.... just Danny Hope.



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but sign me up anyway.  I like it.

I see that some people don't remember the Danny Hope story.  We were on to it from the beginning at MGoBlog:


The story led, one year later, to the greatest thread title in MGoBlog history, by Webbers Pimp:

"Danny Hope has to answer for Santino."

Here's hoping that the Purdue game this year (homecoming) will be a beatdown that exceeds the scoring fiesta we had with Minnesota.  I'll have a special little hatred for Purdue as long as Danny Hope is coaching there.

JHSNCAH!  Let's see if we can get those Google search results up! 


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Danny Hope has no class, and pulverizing Purdue (a school i like! just not the coach) will be a welcome "sup son" to remind him and the rest of the Big Ten that a new sheriff is in town, and Michigan is NTBFW.


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Hopeless will cross the field to shake Brady Hoke's hand in the post-game ritual, realize that he is looking at someone who could squash him like a grape and grind the seeds into the ground, and suddenly turn into a great sportsman, with nothing but compliments for Hoke.