Bulls trading up to get Nik ... or Gary Harris!

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Bulls want to swap with Nuggest to get 11th pick, are favoring Nik over Gary:


Interesting head-to-head.  I hadn't thought Nik would go that high, but, more power to him.  Plus, as a Bulls fan, I can't complain... unless, of course, if they pick Harris.



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Nik is a perfect fit for what the Bulls need. They've been looking for a 2 who can play with D Rose since drafting him, they have an above-average wing defender in Jimmy Butler, so Nik can guard the "worse" opposing wing and they desperately need more offense - Nik's spacing, shooting ability, as well as skills running the P&R would be very welcome in Chicago. His size makes me think that Thibs can get enough out of Nik defensively.

I guess what I'm saying as a Bulls fan is "Yes Please".



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"It's surprising to a degree that Stauskas would be the choice. He's a little slower and a little more ball-dominant. But he's also extremely crafty. Either option would be good."

I don't think I agree that it is surprising - Nik has a game that I think would translate well into what a few teams already seem to do, the Bulls included. If you're looking for a bit of a boost on the offensive end anyway, this is probably a smart move by Chicago. 

As my team doesn't have a first round pick at all, I will say that I would like to have this dilemma.  


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A few months ago, I would have been amazed to see this, but after watching the progression of the season, I think Stauskas is the absolute pick over Harris.  Harris has some nice skills and is a really good prospect, but I think Stauskas has a much higher ceiling and has skills that are more conductive toward long-term improvement.  

Stauskas is a much better shooter and I think he has a much better handle.  Stauskas also has more length than Harris.  Harris is a better defender and a better athlete, but I think it's much more likely that Stauskas takes a step up on the defensive end and gets in better shape than Harris becomes an elite shooter and improves his handle that significantly.  I think Harris' ceiling is a good starter, but Stauskas' ceiling is Curry level, which is far more attractive to me.  Plus, you have to look at the worst end too.  Even if Stauskas never develops, you still have a great bench option to come in and get you a few long-range shots.


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If the ceiling is Curry-level, what's the floor?

Keep in mind this is a Bulls team that had the Jimmer firmly stapled to the bench down the stretch because he can't play D.  That's the #1 concern for Stauskas as well.  I loved watching him play, but in the NBA, it's easy to isolate a sub-par defender.  IF that's what he turns out to be, it's going to be really hard having him in the game down the stretch at the 2 or the 3.

I hope Nik becomes a star - and I'm a Bulls fan, so all the better if that stardom is in Chicago, but let's inject som realism here.  There is a long list of really good players at hte college level that could shoot and score (Bo Kimble, Steve Alford, Adam Morrison, JJ Reddick, Shawn Respert, Kyle Korver), but who had average (or worse) NBA careers because they couldn't play D or generate their own shots.  He'll have to do both of those things to become a star.


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His floor is a guy that can come off the bench, ignite the offense, and hit a couple shots from long-range.  One of the most overrated skills in the NBA is defense.  Not because it's not important, but look at a guy like James Harden.  The guy legitimately plays no defense.  That's why they got a shot blocker in Dwight Howard to try and compensate.  Harden made the 1st team All-NBA.  I'm not saying Stauskas is Harden, but if you have bigs behind you that can make defensive plays, I don't think defense is as big of a concern.  Chicago has that.  Weak defenders will get exposed, but you can set up things to try and minimize that exposure.

Also, I think your example ignores the fact that there is also a long list of players that are defensive stoppers that had no career in the league.  Plus, there is also a long list of athletic guys that can play defense that are undersized for the NBA.  One could make an argument that Harris fits into this mold.  Harris could easily fall right into that same mold as Brandon Knight and never really fit as well into a spot.  I think Harris will be fine, but there are some pretty big problems with his game as well.  Every prospect has concerns, even Embiid and Wiggins.

Look, either of these guys could turn out to be really good, but every player has negatives.  I wrote about some of them above.  My thought process is that I think his core skills translate better to the league, which isn't a crazy claim at all.  


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Fredette signed with the Bulls on March 2nd, 2014 but didn't see much time at all and was a non-factor. He saw very little action off the bench once they signed him. Not sure what the Bulls plans are for him this coming season. They were hoping for a spark off the bench from him.


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God I hope not. I'd much rather have Hood and/or Warren. Stauska can't defend and gets marked out of games far too easily. That will be accentuated in the NBA where the athletes are far superior.


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Kind of makes sense when you think about it. The Bulls are a really good defensive team but need help with scoring and shooting. Nik provides offense and the team covers up for him on defense. Especially since he would be coming of the bench. 

As far as favoring him over Harris. Harris has really slide because of his height (6'2'') that was measured at the combine. At 6'4'' he is an undersized shooting guard and at 6'2" he is puny. His size would not be as much of an issue at PG but they say he has not capabillity to play PG at the next level. Stauskas on the other hand has a designated position and role waiting for him in the NBA.


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Nik is working out for Boston today. CSNE keeps bringing his name up as a potential sleeper pick at #6. It seems like if Vonleh and Gordon are not there they are going to go with Nik. That's just what the media here makes it sound like. And this is assuming the number 6 pick is not shipped to Minnesota as part of a package for Love.


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And regarding Mcgary:


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Definitely would love Nik with the Bulls. Being in Chicago, that'd mean I'd get to see him on TV all the time. It also means that we'd have a lot more Michigan fans rooting for Chicago. It would also put Nik on a team competing in the post-season regularly. And if Rose stays healthy, a team competing all the way to the Finals. Lastly, Chicago is good enough that Nik wouldn't have to do everything, but just be a great complement to the whole.


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These rumors seem to be comming from the Bulls. The only way I could see this happening is is if a decent wing AND a draft-and-stash player were to fall to the Bulls. The Nuggets have a huge need at SG and a glut of players on their roster as it is, to a two for one swap doesn't make much sense. They could use a d-first wing player, and the Nuggets current FO has some serious international chops, so if they really liked a particular stash guy it could happen. Still, it seems like the Nuggets would rather have Stauskas (they also need shooting) or Harris. 


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that the Nuggets were going to have him in on a pre-draft workout next week, but I can't find the link. 

I think the Nuggets want a bigger wing defender than Harris-- Someone to gaurd SG/SF, not PG/SG.  I'd feel more comfortable with drafting Harris if we get rid of Randy Foye. Let me put it this way: if the Nuggets were good enough to play the Heat in the Finals, they wouldn't have anyone to put on LeBron who even has a chance at making him work for his points.Stauskas isn't that guy, but I'll take his shooting and handle over Harris's secondary skills.  


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I doubt that he is still there when they have their first pick. A healthy Rose (a huge assumption) would allow Nik to have some spacing and time to learn the NBA. Would make watching the Bulls much more fun but I'm not holding out any hope for that to happen. Fun rumor.