Bri'onte Dunn in home visit

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Not to go into great detail, because it's behind a pay wall. But, as we all know, Al Borges and Fred Jackson were in Bri'onte Dunn's home last night. Turns out the WHOLE family was there, including grandparents, and the plus side for Michigan, Dymonte was also there. This is a very good sign for Michigan.



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between these 2 movies.  Boiler room is good for a few laughs and surface-level insight.

If you've ever sold anything anything under pressure, GGGR will put you right back into the meat grinder and begin to crank.  It's only the dark side of selling, sure, but it's also a glorious psychological mindfuck and stays with you for days.  It's an all-timer


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This is some smart planning by Hoke.  He knows that Bri'onte is going to be visiting OSU this weekend, where Urban Meyer well flash his shiny NC rings and try to woo Dunn.  A HC is only entiteld to 1 in house meeting with a recruit.  By holding his, he can do it after OSU visit, making Hoke the last voice high-level voice that Dunn will hear.



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I think the OSU visit means that he's giving OSU one last chance with Urban Meyer. I think his family being present for the in-home is because his family needed convincing that Michigan is the best place for him. I think it will be much easier for him to make any decision if his family is 100% behind him so that he doesn't feel like he betrayed them.

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is a great observation. If you start to think about what has to happen in order to change your commitment from a school you, your family and friends grew up following to the arch rival school this family meeting is one of the first steps. You have to make sure they all know why you're making this decision and you need to enlist their help and support for the shit storm that is sure to follow. You could tell them yourself but it's much more effective coming from the source. You're not going to have the family involved in a meeting like that if you're still undecided. It would make no sense and cause unecessary confusion for your loved ones. I think this bodes well for UM.


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Great sign for Michigan. It also sounds like Al Borges went as well so clearly the Michigan coaches think they have a fair chance at getting him. The only person who knows more than what has already been said here says he expects Dunn to go to Ohio this weekend, Michigan next, and make his decision shortly after that. He says the interesting part of that is that he could basically decommit, leave Ohio and all the fans whom will hate him, and that from what he has heard his father is completely on Michigans side especially with the hiring of Meyer. So we will see but the whole family showing up is great news.


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Why are there so many paywall sites for recruiting info?  Scout, Rivals, 247, ESPN ... can the market really support 4 different sites?  You'd think that one site would rise to the top and become the market leader.


Further, it's not good for the athletes -- instead of giving information to one paysite guy (who obviously would be TomVH), now they have to text/answer phone calls/inform at least four different guys.  


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I have a feeling that Scout, Rivals, or 24/7 will disappear within the next couple years.  Perhaps ESPN will gobble one or two of them up.  I don't see ESPN going anywhere because of the cash they have, but I don't think the market will allow all four major sites to remain viable.


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If I had to bet, I'd say that 247 is bought by ESPN and Scout goes under. Scout's web presence is just brutal - sites have awful design, are chocked full of ads, and very disoranized seeming. 247 seems to be more tech-saavy and I'm sure ESPN would prefer not to have to do all the reformatting work. That being said, it seems that Scout has better and more connected personnel than 247, and, at the end of the day, connections with coaches/recruits is the name of the game in the recruiting industry biz.


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they just need to hire their recruiting gurus.  then the lesser recruiting site will fold up.  The success of the site is completely dependend on the recruiting ninja.

To be honest, I subscribed to ESPN insider just for TomVH.  Nothing against Ace, he is doing well, especially with 2013 kids, but Tom has great relationships with the 2012 kids.  Which is the fix I need right now.