That "Big Alabama News"

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So if you guys will remember on Sunday, SI reporter, Lars Anderson, claimed that there would be some big news about Alabama breaking later this week... Well, his story, if you even want to call it a story, came out this morning. All of those who predicted it would be no big deal, you made predictions for the century.

The fact that this isn't really a story just kills his credibility from the start. Second, this has to be the dumbest piece of writing known to man. His writing makes it seem as if Alabama really can be beaten on a weekly basis which makes me question if he even follows college football. Just glad I didn't get my hopes up when I originally heard the "news" on Sunday.

Comment down there that referenced John Madden made me think of this, so yeah, enjoy.



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Lost me at the second sentence.  Anyone who watched that game between KSU and NDSU knows that NDSU out physicaled KSU and is a really good football team.  Big hearted underdog bullshit narrative is bullshit.


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How about KSU also doesn't have Collin Klein anymore and he was like 90% of their team last year.  

Also - this isn't "news" at all.  All he did was list how teams could beat Alabama, and then listed like 15 things.  Sure, do all of those things and you'll beat anybody.  


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Wasn't the author's quote something along the lines of "I've worked very, very hard on it for over two months and Saban and Co. know it's coming?"

This looks more like a Bleacher Report article than something an investigative journalist would be proud to have spent two months developing.

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I'll give him the fact that underdogs do come in with a strong winning mentality, and the favored teams typically overlook them, but the dude doesn't realize that all of these major upsets have come from the best teams in the FCS... I mean, need I mention 2007??? Yes, we overlooked them, but they were no cupcake, either. They had previously won something like two straight FCS championships, ended up getting a third, and produced NFL talent... People need to get over the whole FCS being weaklings mentality... Sure, there have been major underdog upsets but not nearly as many as the media makes it look like.


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So, Alabama puts up a relatively pedestrian performance by Alabama standards and this story extrapolates from the one game? Did I miss something? They scored 21 of those points on an interception, a kickoff return and a punt return. Beyond that, Virginia Tech was holding them to just a shade over 3 yards per play. 


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We will hear enough about them next year.  Maybe it will book end this piece of history right before we win a national championship.   Hell, maybe it will prologue to this years.


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So, basically it's a Bleacher Report article?

I just tried to read it and even the headlines alone bored me to death.  That seriously is one of the more ridiculously poor self-promotion jobs I have seen for one of the least informative college football articles I have read.


September 5th, 2013 at 12:13 AM ^

So he had to get the AD's department and Saban's approval to print basically a fluff article about how great Bama is? Follow these 8 simple steps and you too can beat the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide. Gee thanks. How about the 12 step program to garaunteed happiness while you're at it Lars.