Any reason for concern with Harrison visiting Columbus campus today? (Per 11W)

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I realize he lives literally a "stones throw away", but just came across this, so thought I'd share


Could be to tell the staff in person of his plans



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My grandfather (UM BS/MS/PhD) and grandmother (Northwestern BA) were driving from Chicago to DC in March of 1942 for my grandfather's new job at the War Department, and took US-23 through Columbus.  My father was 6 months old at the time.

Not knowing when they might be back in Columbus, they decided to visit Ohio Stadium.  While in the stadium, my dad crapped his diaper.

My grandmother changed him at the 50 yard line and left the shitty cloth diaper in the middle of the field.  

Times have not changed.


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I dont think so.   Look first and foremost he's not a committed recruit to Michigan, so despite Sam's CB this kid has not officially made up his mind yet.  And remember he lives about a 7 iron away from Columbus which means virtually all his family, his friends, his teachers, hell his entire personal universe, are OSU fans so coming up here (if it happens) will not go over very well on the home front.

I put him in the "it would be great to get him but I'm not expecting it" category of recruits.  Having said that though, if we win on Saturday it will go a LONG way towards making him a Wolverine next year.  A very long way.

Mr Miggle

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I agree. Winning is certainly good for recruiting in general, but I think it's silly to say that a thoughtful recruit is going to use the result of a single game to make his choice. He backed off of an expected commitment to OSU before the season, while they were still riding high and Michigan was coming off a 5 loss season. The decision for Harrison has always been whether to stay home or get away.


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Could it be the biggest troll ever? He tells them 3 days before The Game that he’s going to Michigan hoping it screws with their mind to give Michigan an edge?


One can hope. Lol


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With Sam's CB I'm assuming that this is either an in-person turn down or a last chance courtesy visit for Mom. Sam's CB isn't his gut feeling but it's still a higher standard than 99% of CBs. He has something of great significance that says Harrison is coming to Michigan.


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Dog Kurelic if you want, but he's 25/25 this year. So yes, I'm pretty pleased that Kurelic put the ball in for us. 


Edit: Has anyone checked over at 11W to see what they're saying? I lack the motivation, but it seems that whenever someone checks on them this season, they've been pretty somber, as opposed to their usual "we'll never lose at anything" attitude.


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When you can change your crystal ball at the last minute because someone at the kid's announcement party texted you that the kid is wearing "so-and-so's jersey under his coat", is it really that impressive to go 20 for 21?

I can predict the rain a minute before it happens if the guy 2 streets over texts me that rain just started falling.


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Sam may be a homer, but his CBs mean something.  He doesn't fire them off based on a hunch or even someone saying he is leaning towards a school.  He puts them in when the recruit does something more than that (e.g., silently commits, puts in for housing, files for financial aid, etc.).  He says he has a gut feeling about something when its straight from the source.  If its a Michigan source, he'll say something like "I have a gut feeling that Michigan feels he is leaning towards them"  If its from the recruit he will say "I have a gut feeling that X will commit to Michigan when he gets back."

He may be a Michigan fan, but he takes his predictions and intel pretty seriously.  


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Sam is a massive homer but his sources are the coaches so his CB picks are just a reflections of the coaches confidence and obviously the Michigan coaches are confident.

Sam's problem is he essentially will never report or say anything negative and anything he does report is things the coaches are ok with being out in the public so he is a terrible single source of information. As long as you recognize that his role is as a program mouthpiece his information can still be interesting and valuable.


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I mean unless CB start flipping again it should be fine but anything can happen and I wouldn't celebrate until the LOI is signed and faxed