All LOIs are in. Time to party.

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Per MGoBlue, all letters are in.  (insert dancing.gif)


*LsOI or LOIs?  Don't matter because Michigan Football is baaack.



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C'mon, you know how these things work—all the a-holes are now going to be saying that they knew he was Blue all along, and he's a quality young man, and when can they buy a jersey with his name on it. If he has a great game against OSU, they'll be naming their first-born sons Henry and wanting his autograph.


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This is why its always better, as a fan base, to remain silent  when there is percieved recruitment drama out there.  These are huge decisions for these young men.  They don't need random twitter/internet guy getting personally offended at what they decide to do with their life, then only to have random guy assail them on twitter or post their angst on the message boards.  You can be disappoointed or worried or whatever, but this is Michigan, fergodsakes, show some composure and keep it to yourself.


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I have to say though, I was secretly wishing that Leon McQuay III would abandon the shrinking USC class and switch to UM.  I know, it wasn't going to happen - but a guy can still dream.

Everyone Murders

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Upon a bit of reflection, it's astounding that Coach Hoke's staff identified 27 young men who were able to make and carry out this sort of commitment without any NSD drama.  Not a single last-minute change of heart.  Not a single drama queen (like the whole T-Peezy bushwa).  I wouldn't necessarily fault a kid for a last-minute change of heart since they're kids and choosing a school is - for most of them - the biggest decision they've had to make in their lives.  But to have 27 kids raring to go and sending in their commitment faxes before noon (lumping in the early-enrollees here)?

It may seem a bit trite, but I hope this quiet show of commitment and integrity is an indication of the overall character of this class.  I'm strongly inclined to believe so.



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to all these young men on the wonderful opportunity of which they've taken advantage. They've just committed to a top-notch education and support system, and I'm looking forward to their development as representatives of our great university and as young men in society.


Section 1

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Great finish indeed for Ohio State.

Rivals has them at #1, over Alabama and Notre Dame.  Michigan is at #6.  Anybody care to make the case that Rivals' methodology for ranking is flawed? 


Scout has it: 1. OSU; 2. ND; 3. Michigan... 


247 Sports:  1. Alabama....  4. OSU... 5. ND... 8. Michigan 


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Hoke and staff are building something special at Michigan.  It's really more a fraternity of like-minded men than a football factory.  Let the bonding and building begin!


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I find myself most interested first,in our defensive line prospects.  And even though we got three, it feels we needed one more, but this could be due to impatience.

Second, I find myself next intererested most in the wide reciever prospects,  as I'm counting the days until I see the 1 jersey re-emerge, and that day cannot come soon enough.




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I hope the number 1 jersey is banned because of all the controversy and angst I has caused, and then 10 years from now a walk on freshman with the number 12 and a deep love for Michigan plays his way into the lineup by and lights the record books on fire. He then blows up in the Ohio game and on a fourth and goal from the 15 he catches a crossing route and fights his way into the end zone, getting the 2 ripped off his jersey in the process. The #1 returns.