2013 TE Durham Smythe to ND

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Officially committed to the University of Notre Dame! #IrishMob13 #ND



January 28th, 2013 at 4:34 AM ^

The only positions where we need reinforcements are QB, WR, and SAM linebacker.  I don't really know of any guys in-state who would both be worth a scholarship offer and jump on it.


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It's weird to think that the ND series is ending/indefinitely suspending soon. I see a ND commitment and have to remind myself that it really won't be affecting Michigan soon.

One Inch Woody…

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My opinion means nothing, but I would like to see the coaches offer maybe a shorter, really raw receiver that has displayed elite speed and an ok catching instinct, but not much in the way of route-running or blocking. Someone under the radar that has a lot of athletic ability and potential. I am pretty confident that one out of the group of Jerald Robinson, Chesson, Darboh, or even Joe Reynolds can step up into the flanker spot next year, especially with Gardner at QB (since he has shown that he's willing to scramble, unlike Denard). 

Dukes, Jones, and York all seem to be a little lacking on the speed, so having just one receiver to complement those 3 would help to round out this class I think.

E. Gordon Gee

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So Michigan rounds out its class with Green, Smythe (TE) goes to ND even though Michigan has Butt and Hill at those positions. Not sure if there is a real need at TE with two already in this class. With signing day coming up and potentially one to two scholarships remaining, assuming Poggi goes to Alabama, what other vacancies needs to be filled? Hoke didn't pull in near as large of a number of defensive prospects as offensive recruits. Who else is on the radar for Michigan? 


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My count has us with 87 so far (with Poggi and Green). Depending on what's going on with Hagerup and the injured LBs, that seems like a reasonable number. Seems Hoke is expecting some attrition with the Smythe offer.

I'm expecting a late pick-up as well, but I'm not excited about losing a couple players off the roster even if it's inevitable.


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last minute.   

Or maybe Reschke is holding off for a surprise last minute switch...would love to see the meltdown in Lansing if that happened...doubt it, but fun to think about.


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I hear Reuben Foster is still looking for a school next year. Talk about a surpise committ. No visit, no problem. Maybe Poggi is using this Alabama rumour to go find Foster and telling him to go to Michigan. I don't know if Foster is visiting Auburn right now, but if that's the case, Poggi could very well be on the recruiting trail for his friend, Mr. Reuben Foster.

Getting Foster would mean our reactions on here would turn to:

Derrick Green who?

Just kidding, but seriously. That would, and I quote Mr. Green, "Shock the World".

Go Blue


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I'm still too elated about Derrick Green to care that Smythe is going to ND. Good luck to him, though.

It will be interesting to see who are the last minute Michigan commits. And I really wish Berkley Edwards would walk-on if he's not one of them. I'm just not comfortable with Braylon's little brother playing elsewhere in the B1G. I will feel salty as hell if he ever scores the winning touchdown to get Minnesota the Brown Jug back.


January 27th, 2013 at 6:27 PM ^

We don't need this kid and ND uses the tight end much more then we have thus far. We have a true soph all American TE, AJ Williams and 2 incoming freshmen.... Ill say it again we don't need this kid.


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Te'o's girlfriend to occupy final spot in the class