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Brandon Brown September 27th, 2013 at 2:34 PM

Brady White

Position: Quarterback
Ht/Wt: 6'2" / 190 lbs.
Location: Hart High School – Newhall, CA
Offers: San Jose State
Rankings: 4*, #99 in 247 Composite.

Brady White. That name just sounds like a Michigan quarterback. Young Mr. White himself said that he loves how it sounds and digs the fact that Michigan fans think that about him.

White hails from California and tells me that he has drawn some comparisons to another California native, Tom Brady. Another player that he feels like his game mirrors is Tony Romo thanks to his mobility and unorthodox arm talent. White boasts a sub-4.7 40 and says that while he is listed as a pocket passer he feels more than confident in his ability to move the chains with his legs. He has a gunslinger mentality: “I love to air it out and I just love to make big plays.”

White currently holds an offer from San Jose State and says he’s in regular contact with head coaches and offensive coordinators from Oregon, Washington, Cal, Florida, Oklahoma State, UCLA, and Colorado. He also receives regular mail from Michigan, Alabama, Auburn, Miami, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Mississippi State. 

Michigan sent mail to him the day we chatted and while he described Michigan’s pursuit of him as “not that hard right now”, he followed that by saying he loves Michigan and they are definitely a top school for him. He named Michigan and Oregon as two schools he’d really like to get an offer from, but maintains that he is open to anyone at this point.

White’s father is a former UCLA Bruin so naturally Brady grew up rooting for them, but once he got into junior high and started getting attention as a quarterback recruit he has tried to remain neutral as a fan. I asked him if Michigan might be a place where he could do that and he said they fit into what he’s looking for. He has obviously done his homework:

“Michigan has got the largest stadium in the country and it was built in 1927. They have the most wins, 11 national titles, 42 Big Ten championships, and also the highest winning percentage. Obviously it has an amazing tradition with players like Desmond Howard and Tom Brady. I know a good bit about Michigan but I am still learning.”

Even if he Googled this knowledge, it sure sounds like he's interested.

White's plan for his recruitment remains open:

 “I’d like to make a decision once I have found the right fit for me. Whether that is soon or later I don’t know but I am looking for a school that has a great football program and that is invested in me. I want the coaches to show their confidence in me in running their team. I want to find a system where I feel like I can succeed. I also want to have a very close and special feeling relationship with the coaches and the players. I really want a comfortable environment and to just feel wanted.”

White seems to be looking for the type of relationship that I hear every Michigan target gush about when it comes to the current coaches. Every parent, player, and high school coach that spends time with Hoke, Mattison, Borges, and their wives just absolutely lights up when they speak to me about the family feel. If Michigan chooses to pursue Brady White with any level of aggression I think they could become a serious contender for his services.



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Another player that he feels like his game mirrors is Tony Romo thanks to his mobility and unorthodox arm talent. White boasts a sub-4.7 40 and says that while he is listed as a pocket passer he feels more than confident in his ability to move the chains with his legs. He has a gunslinger mentality: “I love to air it out and I just love to make big plays.”

Can someone please explain to me what "unorthodox arm talent" means? Does this mean "arm-punting" or "sidearm" or "likes to throw on the run" or "loves to handstand on one arm and throw with the other" or "just has fun out there like Bert Farve?"



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His HS is about 5 minutes from my house (I live in Valencia HS district which borders the district for Hart) and this kid has a ton of buzz.  I haven't seen him play yet (though I will) but he sounds a lot like Shane Morris.  Good size but not huge like Speight, can certainly run and has a cannon (that needs to be reined in a bit). I know the coach at Hart and a lot of my neighbors have kids who play HS football so they all keep me in the loop. 

Let's put it this way - there is a senior QB in our conference who is a Colorado commit, and Brady is the kid everyone talks about. 

His Dudeness

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Looks exactly his age. Dare I say he is the most age appropriate looking recruit these eyes have ever seen. It really is something to behold; his age appropriate lookingness.

; )

Ali G Bomaye

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Hey BB, thanks for providing us with this content.  The recruiting rankings are out there, of course, but it's always great to hear what kids think about the possibility of playing at Michigan.  I'm sure the thread-meltdown-related jokes will jump the shark soon, if they haven't already.


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Does just "sound like a QB for Michigan"

That's a name I could hear Keith Jackson say. Although, if Keith Jackson said everything, the world would be a better place.


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And just like a high school sometimes the readers of this blog feel they are untitled to voice their opinions as loudly as they can with no repercussions. There really is this belief that an open forum provides some free speech right, no matter how harmful that speech might be to the overall product. I think this blog would be better served sometimes with just a comment section after the front page content instead of a dedicated forum which grants every dickhead with an opinion a platform to rabble rabble rabble.


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I was wondering myself about the all time winning percentage during our three year skid. It had grown extremely close again at .748 to .747 prior to this season, but I had to google it. I think it's very important that these numbers, and it's obvious Hoke is selling tradition, gets out to these young men and let them know should they choose Michigan, they'll be choosing a team, that even experiencing the down years that all teams do, has stayed on top in these categories and one that is obviously trending now.        ^I recall during the mid 70s when ND held the all-time winning % due to our mediocre twenty year period from 50-69 and were getting very close to surpassing us in number of all time wins.  Insert a brash young coach from OH and we not only distanced them on that number, but also eventually surpassed them in all-time winning %. FB is all about stats and believe me, number of fans in the seat, those watching on national t.v., virtually anything that is measureable means a lot to these recruits.  Bo sold the hell out of these numbers and always said, "Lots of great colleges, lots of great fb programs, but no one programs surpasses Michigan in combination of both."

Cali Wolverine

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He has 1,249 yards and 14 TDs in 3 games against solid competition. In White's last game he completed 8 of 11 passes for 272 yards and 4 TDs in only 1 1/2 quarters before the back-up took over for the rest of the game. This kid is going to be a really good college player...I just hope it is at Michigan not some PAC 12 school.

True Blue in CO

September 28th, 2013 at 8:14 AM ^

with all the mail these kids get from Michigan, they are well educated about the history of Michigan football through all of the notes and other materials sent as part of the recruting effort.