An illustration of what a win tomorrow would mean to John Beilein.

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Not sure if this is thread worthy, but this video made love John Beilein even more than I thought I did. (Specifically at 1:19)




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I know there were a doubters but I'm totally and completely sold.  He's found incredible talent, developed players so they can play to their full potential all while representing the university with the utmost class and respect.  Time to sit back and soak up these next 24-48 hours.  Go blue.

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when he went speechless, I got chills... Not the bad ones, but the chills of excitement. Winning this now wouldn't just be awesome for personal gain, but winning this for a guy who has worked so hard to put this program back on track would be absolutely incredible.


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whether you like Michigan or not. How epically American would it be for Beilein, being the 8th of 9 children to a Buffalo millworker, to work his way all the way to the top. No glad-handing, schmoozing or the like. He started at high school and worked his tail off all the way to the top.  High school, community college, DIII, DII, DI, West Virginia, Michigan. Sounds like a freakin Disney movie.

America needs John Beilein to win a national title


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Really hoping to see Beilein get this championship. I just want to see it for this WHOLE team. They deserve it. Im looking forward to seeing this team together for most likely the last time. I just seen an article about Mitch McGary backtracking on his "100% returning" statement due to his success.  

Really hoping Mitch and GRIII come back, THJ also, but in my opinion Mitch and GRIII are key. (Of course Burke is key, but being realistic here)


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I can only hope that at some point in my life I'll have worked hard enough for something to have the same moment he just did when thinking about the possibility of fulfilling his dreams.


That man was never handed anything. Everything he's accomplished has been done through hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. 

Ty Butterfield

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Love this video! Beilein deserves this so much! Still can't shake this feeling about Peitino. He leaves a path of destruction in his wake but stills manages to come out clean. Really hope we can see a good guy get the win tomorrow.


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Great article on Beilein's transformation from a small-school system coach to a coach that can recruit NBA talent and let it play:

I've been impressed with how John Beilein has been able to move away from being a Princeton-esque "system" coach.  I'll admit that I had my concerns at first that he could not attract top talent to come here, and that the talent that he did get would be confined to a rigid system.

The transformation from his first few teams to this team, both in talent and playing style, has been remarkable.  After this title run and the new facilities, there is no reason he can't keep it going strong. 


Chippewa Blue

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God if we can win it, it would feel really good for Coach Beilein. One of the good people in sports during a time where that doesn't always seem to be the case.

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An incredible group of kids, led by an incredible player and coached by one of the best.  This is exactly what we hoped coach B would do when he got here.  If you looked at his history, he's always made his players better.  Now he has top tier talent and has them a game away from the top.  What a ride!!  Now let's get that lifetime contract going!

steve sharik

April 8th, 2013 at 1:55 AM ^ think that a lot of fans were calling for his his third year here, with no facilities and no tradition to relate to high school talent.  

It was so bad it got to a point that Dave Brandon was asked about it, to which he replied, "I'd have to go hire another John Beilein."

All those impatient, ignorant jackholes should come out and admit they were dead wrong.  And I do sincerely wish it were all.


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I'll bite. I was one of the many that thought we should go a different direction 3 years ago. But I wouldn't be the only one that thought a systematic (at the time) coach was not a good fit now would I? It had nothing to do with the character of the man coaching these kids. Rather, it was everything to do with results. Sound familiar?

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I personally like both coaches and would rather face UL and their coaching staff than say IU,MSU or UK. I think both guys are great coaches and deserve to be where they are at. Saying that,if Michigan wins i dont think there is a more deserving coach and coaching staff. Beilein is what coaching is really about,the kids. Win or lose he is a great coach, a better man and we are lucky to have him. Go Blue!


April 8th, 2013 at 2:56 AM ^ the last three weeks: Shaka Smart, Bill Self, Billy Donovan and Jim Boeheim.  Pretty successful group.  Would be nice to add one more name to this list...


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I almost broke down myself watching him form an image in his mind in answer to that question, and while we might never know exactly what he was thinking, I wonder if part of it involved flashes of images from the past, coaching games before a mere handful of people, driving one of the team vans, and coming from those sorts of roots in coaching to that moment. It would be an awesome, climactic moment not just for Michigan, but for him personally in that context. It doesn't seem like many coaches literally work their way up from the trenches like he did - I can't think of anyone that deserves this moment more than John Beilein. 


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One of which when he made that run with Pitsnoggle. With firsthand knowledge of what we were getting I was absolutely THRILLED with the Beilein hire. He has all the qualities of a person we want associated with our University. That he is successful makes it all that much sweeter. Bring. It. Home boys. GO BLUE!


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Coach is the perfect embodiment of the Michigan Man. He is the master of his craft yet humble to a fault. He is truly a genuine, caring mentor for all his players. I get now why he's not in on the recruitment of many one-and-done types. He wants kids that want to be at Michigan as opposed to those that are just looking for a pit stop. He expects them to be student-athletes by demanding they go to class and study on top of their busy basketball schedule.


We are truly lucky to have this man leading our basketball program.