Big Weekend coming for Michigan?

Submitted by MGoCooper on July 8th, 2011 at 3:34 PM
Mike Farrell: 

Nick -- great, great start on defense and I think they will focus on a QB for sure next year and look to bring in a couple of DTs as well as a couple of OL and WRs. I think Michigan fans are going to get some really good news very soon and it could be a big weekend.  


I guess I'm confused, aren't most of the Michigan coaches on vacation this week?



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Ummm....I have also heard that Kalis is not in town. If Tom ain't saying nothing about it, most likely not true. But maybe some FB stalkers could chime in. 


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Keep in mind that Tom confirmed like two days ago that Kalis was trying to visit with his entire family, but wanted it really quiet, but some people on Rivals caught wind of it and reported it.  Tom thusly deleted that thread (or someone else did).  So Tom may not say anything about it if Kalis doesn't want him to because he has, you know, actual journalistic integrity.


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Ace Williams also has posted that Ondre Pipkins will commit to Michigan this months too.  Hmmm.  We'll see if he really knows anything over the next month with the possibilities of Kalis, Wormley, and maybe now Pipkins making a decision.


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None of these are really major predictions.  I mean if you read the board its pretty easy to predict Kalis, Wormley and Pipkins will commit.  And when the visit and don't commit you simply say "Oh well I was right they are just silent commits right now"

Now if he said Shittu or Peat or someone less obvious would commit and that happened, then I would be impressed


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I've rarely called Michigan "Big Blue" not certain why I just did. I don't have a problem with it, but I can see where some would. When I was a kid, my Grandfather would always say Big Blue, so maybe it's in my psyche. He was also a big Ufer fan, so maybe that has something to do with it.


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I saw something on Facebook a little while ago where users were proudly posting pictures and or discussing their Michigan tattoos. One girl said she had GO BIG BLUE on her arm. I instantly thought what the hell does GO BIG BLUE mean?

It's GO BLUE. It just is, no need to mess with it.

I definitely support snarkicism in response to BIG BLUE. BIG BLUE sucks and needs to go away. No hard feelings. Just need to squash it before people start thinking it's okay to say it.


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Once all of our "silent commits" become public, we'll have 64 recruits in this class. 65 if you count Banner as 2 people like Southwest Air does.


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These threads get old. Let me know when Tom says something of relevance I can quote myself saying "I think I'm going to have a great weekend in Ann Arbor this time"

I'd rather hear about Tom's Twitter or just call a few people than read this.


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Well, here's something interesting: the University of Michigan Chemical Engineering Car Team named their car Big Blue:

And there was this Big Blue motorcycle at the 2007 MSU-OSU game:…

Whether or not someone refers to UM as Big Blue or Blue, I kind of get it. I'm not fond of Big Blue, as opposed to Blue, but heck, it's a big school in the big ten, and the term, "big" denotes a certain respect.

So if they wanna say it, I'm good with it.