Big Weekend coming for Michigan?

Submitted by MGoCooper on July 8th, 2011 at 3:34 PM
Mike Farrell: 

Nick -- great, great start on defense and I think they will focus on a QB for sure next year and look to bring in a couple of DTs as well as a couple of OL and WRs. I think Michigan fans are going to get some really good news very soon and it could be a big weekend.  


I guess I'm confused, aren't most of the Michigan coaches on vacation this week?



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Mitch Cumstein

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This whole "I'm a better fan than you b/c I call you out on a nickname" is really old.  "Big blue" is an acceptable name for Michigan in my opinion, and in many other people's opinions.  We say "go blue" all the time.  So we're not allowed to put "big" in front of  it?  Ufer called Michigan big blue all the time. What more do you need?  And the excuse of "other teams use the same nickname" is so dumb it reflects poorly on this blog.  Yeah, someone is going to post something on MGOBLOG referring to Kentucky as "big blue".


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As someone mentioned, it's not the confusion with Kentucky that makes "Big Blue" bad, it's the generic-ness of it.

Big Blue is dumb.  It's just not creative, not original, not unique.  Nobody on campus refers to the school, the football team or the athletic program as "Big Blue."  It's a media creation that is generic. 

The last thing we need is to be like everyone else.  If bitching about "Big Blue" will somehow prevent people from using "Wolverine-Nation" or "Seven Nation Army" being our next fight song, I will keep bitching.

My lawn.  Get off it.


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I don't think I'm a better fan, but I really feel that the nickname is lame when appropriated by other schools and I think there's a general consensus here that Michigan deserves better than it. There are a few teams for whom Big ___ has a tradition (Kentucky and Nebraska come to mind) and I both want it to remain unique for them and for Michigan not to steal what's becoming the most generic nickname possible. Ufer may have used it, but very few others have so it's no longer a Michigan tradition.

It's the same reason I hate fans of every team being referred to as "_____ Nation." It's clever for the first few teams, it's annoying for everyone else. If Northwestern started cheering "N Go Purple", Oregon "O Go Blinding Neon" or State "Moo Go Green", it would both detract from Michigan and from those schools, in my opinion.

As for the responses, yes, they are snarky, but what else should they be? I don't think they're intended to be rude or demeaning, it's just a lot better than a straight "many of us find that nickname lame, we ask that you not use it."

Mitch Cumstein

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The nickname dilution / ____nation example is the first time I have seen anyone with a decent reason for not using big blue.  I don't use it myself, but I also don't flip out when I see/hear someone use it.  But this is finally a decent reason for not wanting it.  The best reason I heard before was that people can get "mixed up" or "not know who you're talking about", which is hilarious to me that someone would think a post would refer to Kentucky or IBM as "big blue" on this blog.


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the wolverine claw almost exactly copying the FSU tomahawk chop is not my favorite.. I don't know when it started, but it seems to me in the last decade bc I don't remember it a while back. Think we could've left that one in Florida, but we have so much tradition I'm not complaining.
And the shtick about big blue is old, but not nearly as bad as saying big blue, so I like it.