What is Michigan's best win in last decade (08-17')?

Submitted by mgoblueben on October 16th, 2017 at 8:12 PM
Pretty simple topic, but what is our best win in the last 10 seasons? I'd guess it's one of the UTL, sugar bowl, or penn state last year. But how good was Notre dame those years and VT was not the best BCS bowl team in recent memory. Penn State was at home and without their linebackers. But what say you?



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people already knew his impact when we destroyed BYU, NW, etc that year.  It only took one game of warm up (Utah) before everyone saw how different of a team we were.  While that game was exciting, if also super lucky at the end, it didn't really have much impact on anything.


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We were favored to win the Sugar Bowl and Va Tech was criticized by the media for being there.  Va Tech came to play and we were lucky to come away with the win.

UTL game was a turd to watch until the 4th quarter.

PSU last year was just a mauling.

I'll go with the Rutgers win last year just because Rutgers decided to make such a big deal of it. They striped their stadium and had a ton of recruits there. Reading the fan comments after the game was very comical.


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Oh man. I remember putting on gamecast on the way to some comedy/magic show thinking it should be a win.  Thank goodness the show was in a hotel.....with a bar and a bar keep who saw my M hat and knew from my look that it was nailbiting time.  That was a bad pass away from being the Horror part II.  All I remember other than the ball mercifully hitting the endzone grass was how mad Taylor Lewan was in the postgame.


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Underrated one that might not get mentioned here: Northwestern 2015

Northwestern ended up being a solid team and that game truly felt like Michigan was back (was my Senior year). It felt like Harbaugh had truly rescued us from the garbage days of Rich Rod/Hoke. The impromptu defense chant felt amazing. It was a celebration.




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I'd see PSU and Wisconsin last year are up there as far as winning a big game vs a team that was actually good goes.

We haven't had many other wins over teams that turned out to be good in the last 10 years :/


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and they ended up winning the division and conference.  We didn't.  So meh, the game didn't help us.  Maybe it was the most impressive (and only in retrospect, and injury caveats to their defense do apply), but not that satisfying at the time, and mostly meaningless in the grand scheme.


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@ the moon comments. damn that fuckin game.

I really liked that Penn State arse kicking last year. I'd say that was one of the most solid wins over a ranked team I've seen in a bit.

Best win, has to be sadly, the Sugar Bowl win right? BCS game with shoelace? Even though it was V-tech, I loved Denard and that team. 2011 Michigan was fun.