We came to play SCHOOL: 45 Academic All-B1G selections for Michigan Football

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Harbaugh has backed his comments up from 2007.

19 in his first year set the program record for Academic All-B1Gers. 19. 

23 the next year, then 48 last year set the new record. Michigan has 45 in 2018 for a 4-year total of 135, averaging 34 per season. Pretty damn good and the best the program has ever been in this department.

Overall B1G rankings

1. Northwestern - 59
2. Michigan - 45
3. Minnesota - 39
4. Wisconsin - 37
5. Nebraska - 36
6. Iowa - 33
7. Illinois - 32
8. Michigan State - 30
9. Purdue - 28
    Rutgers - 28
    Penn State - 28
    Ohio State - 28
13. Indiana - 27
14. Maryland - 17

East Division rankings-

b1g all academic.fw_.png 



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Big picture this is what really matters. I love football, but it only lasts so long. Sending highly educated young men into the world with the tools and relationships they get from UM is what is going to propel this world to be a better place.


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Coach Harbaugh is on the short list of coaches I'd let my sons play for, and it's not because he's coaching at my alma mater. It's because of things like this. 

And congratulations to those 45 young men. That is excellent work, and quite an achievement for any student, not to mention an athlete. Go Blue.

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It's for reasons such as this great accomplishment and many other aspects of the way JH goes about his job, even in spite of being so far 0-4 against OSU, that I believe he is the best possible coach for Michigan BY FAR and I hope he remains on the job for 15 more years. The wins will come and go but I believe, and more importantly I think he believes, that he is first a leader and an educator of young men.


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This is because M players take “fake” majors or are undeclared... unlike the serious scholars at MSU.***




***This is from the official RCMB excuse book and comes up every time these stats come up.  (For those who own the book, It is right before the “RR era didn’t help Dantonio’s success” section and right after the “bring up Lewan and Gibbons as a valid equivalent to any Nassar-level situation” section.)


PS- Serious props to those on the team earning this honor.  I probably would never have qualified and I didn’t have the equivalent of a full-time while attending M.

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11/28/15 vs. #8 OSU - L 13-42

11/26/16 vs. #2 OSU - L 27-30

12/30/16 vs. #8 FSU - L 32-33

11/29/17 vs. #9 OSU - L 20-31

1/1/18 vs. unranked USC - L 26-19

11/24/18 vs. #6 OSU - L 62-39

Seems like your argument's pretty weak considering I found more examples of losing in big games in every season, while 3/4 of your wins in big games came in one season. Data is about patterns over time and not winning a big game in 2/4 seasons is pretty sad.

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This is fantastic. 

Three 10 win seasons in 4 years.

Huge number of all Big Ten Academic players.  First in division, and a close second to NW for the entire conference. 


Great to see Harbaugh is both winning a lot AND building the program the right way at the same time with great academic success.

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Here is the link.

And list of football players that received the honors:

Matt Brown, So., LSA Undeclared
Devin Bush, Jr., General Studies
Jared Char, Jr., Business Administration
Camaron Cheeseman, Jr., Biology, Health and Society
Tyler Cochran, Jr., Business Administration
Jared Davis, So., LSA Undeclared
Dane Drobocky, Jr., Biology, Health and Society
Jack Dunaway, Sr., Sport Management
Adam Fakih, So. , Business Administration
Kenneth Ferris, Sr., Neuroscience
Joseph Files, Sr., Biology
Chuck Filiaga, So., LSA Undeclared
Noah Furbush, Gr., master's in space engineering
Rashan Gary, Jr. , General Studies
Jordan Glasgow, Sr., Business Administration
Louis Grodman, Sr., Movement Science
Tyler Grosz, Jr., Economics
Will Hart, Jr., Political Science
Joe Hewlett, Sr., Business Administration
Joel Honigford, So., Engineering
Dan Jokisch, Jr., Movement Science
Carlo Kemp, Jr., American Culture
John Luby, Sr., Economics
Jake Martin, Jr., Industrial and Operations Engineering
Ben Mason, So., Business Administration
Dylan McCaffrey, So., LSA Undeclared
Jake McCurry, So., Business Administration
Matt Mitchell, Sr., Business Administration
Carl Myers, Jr., Sport Management
Ryan Nelson, So., Business Administration
Jameson Offerdahl, Sr., Mechanical Engineering
Kwity Paye, So., Health and Fitness
Donovan Peoples-Jones, So., LSA Undeclared
Geoffrey Reeves, Jr., Neuroscience
Nate Schoenle, Jr., Business Administration
Alan Selzer, Jr., Sport Management
Carter Selzer, So., Movement Science
Adam Shibley, So., LSA Undeclared
Stephen Spanellis, Jr., Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Ambry Thomas, So., LSA Undeclared
Andrew Vastardis, Jr., Movement Science
Ryan Veingrad, So., LSA Undeclared
Luiji Vilain, So., LSA Undeclared
Jared Wangler, Sr., Real Estate, Rackham Graduate School
Jacob West, Sr., Biology
Brendan White, Sr., Mechanical Engineering
J'Marick Woods, So., Sport Management


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I mean it's to be expected. Michigan is a tough place to earn a degree, and many of these scholarship kids are not on the same level academically as the general student body. 

Add to that the ridiculous schedule they have. For real, if you look at a college football players schedule, it almost doesn't even makes sense. 

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Of Michigan's scholarship football players, the following were honored as Academic All-Big Ten: Devin Bush Jr., Camaron Cheeseman, Chuck Filiaga, Rashan Gary, Jordan Glasgow, Joe Hewlett, Joel Honigford, Carlo Kemp, Ben Mason, Dylan McCaffrey, Kwity Paye, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Nate Schoenle, Stephen Spanellis, Ambry Thomas, Andrew Vastardis, Luiji Vilain and J'Marick Woods. 

The following walk-ons made the list: Matt Brown, Jared Char, Tyler Cochran, Jared Davis, Dane Drobocky, Jack Dunaway, Adam Fakih, Kenneth Ferris, Joseph Files, Louis Grodman, Tyler Grosz, Will Hart, Dan Jokisch, John Luby, Jake Martin, Jake McCurry, Matt Mitchell, Carl Myers, Ryan Nelson, Jameson Offerdahl, Geoffrey Reeves, Alan Selzer, Carter Selzer, Adam Shibley, Ryan Veingrad, Jacob West and Brendan White. 


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"Nearly all" isn't very accurate.  From my completely unofficial count, it appears that at least 1/3 (15 of the 45) of those named to the B1G all-academic list are indeed scholarship players.  And many of them are earning honors while pursuing challenging majors.

We recruit them to PLAY SCHOOL and they play it pretty darn well.


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and that's the twist...DPJ shows as LSA undeclared, but if he's looking into MED school...that doesn't scream fluff classes as undeclared. It says to me, he's not in a concentration yet as a SOPHOMORE...and probably keeping some options open. I know there was a lot said long ago as the Mike Hart era was full of undeclared non-focused blow offs but I think some of that needs to be taken with a grain of salt...both then and now. I know courses at UM are difficult no matter what you are focused in. I did master's work at Toledo, and at the start I thought, college is college, you simply pay to get a degree...NOPE...Toledo and their grad students weren't even in the same decade of learning. Great people and few good profs in my degree area, but the students...yeah, not even close to the level of Michigan. The competition was far different.


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I know we're mad at the nerds after last night, but that is a really impressive number at Northwestern, coupled with the fact that they're doing it at Northwestern.  That's not easy.

Also, what the hell, Maryland?


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Some context: You used to have to be a letterwinner to be eligible for Academic All-B1G but they (wisely IMO) did away with that stipulation.

This is impressive regardless but that's why the old record is being shattered rather than merely broken.