Very OT- Looking for a TV series to start watching, need some "mgoadvice"

Submitted by trueblue262 on July 8th, 2016 at 9:46 AM

I think it's safe to say we all share a love for Michigan Football, and Michigan in general around here. But I noticed a lot of "TV talk" as well. With Game Of Thrones ending for a while now, just thought I'd ask the board for some help finding a new show to watch to hold me over for the next couple months while we wait for football season to kick in.

Maybe a Top 3 from everybody? 



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Perhaps if you told us some other shows you like aside from Game of Thrones it would help us make informed suggestions. Do you want a comedy or something binge-watchable, or a prestige drama?


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So, Wentworth it is! I want 2 just like that one - and if they wanna wrassle a bit, so be it...

EDIT: Holy Crap, my reply dropped a bit further down than I'd anticipated! So, ummm... NOT like the 2 immediately above. Appreciate that!


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Seriously? Oh balls, I might have to actually finish up that last season then.. First season is one of my all-time favorite seasons of Television, probably in my top 5, but I slowly lost interest from there. It was just hard to meet up with the standards set by that first season.


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100% co-sign.  Sons of Anarchy was awesome for the first season and then after that became more and more ridiculous, to the point it became really frustrating to watch when balanced against that first season.  I really can't recommend starting it.


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Turn: if you enjoy Colonial American History dramatized.

Fear the Walking Dead: If you would enjoy viewing the outbreak from the very beginning on the West Coast.

Royal Pains: Something you can enjoy with the spouse.

Suits: Lawyer Comedy/Drama

Burn Notice: Rogue US intelligence office forcedesk onto the grid by his own government.

His Dudeness

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Peaky Blinders is amazing.

The Wire

Peep Show (England comedy, it's fucking awesome)

Silicon Valley (comedy, pretty good)

True Detective - Season 1 is amazing

Breaking Bad

Walking Dead

I've even gone back and re-watched Cheers and Roseanne recently. Good shit.

Heard Horace and Pete is pretty good but havent gotten to it yet.


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Great snappy dialogue, great characters good and bad, excellent ensemble. Graham Yost is listed as lead writer, but Elmore Leonard—who wrote the short story the series is based on—was one of the exec producers and I have to imagine had some impact on the writing.

Just be careful if somebody offers you apple pie to drink.


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Why can't you set your Kindle device down and contemplate?  I read e-books on my phone, iPad, and iPod without missing a beat.  I always have a device with me, but don't always have the "storage" capability to lug a book along.  If you prefer a hardcopy, that's fine but you absolutely CAN put your eReader down.


July 8th, 2016 at 4:44 PM ^

To each their own, but.

-Books have a smell

-The texture of the paper

-the dog-eared pages or underlines tell a story

-the cover graphic/material, shape size and weight

-the paper type, font-type, and typeset have personality


And before you criticize this, ask yourself, is their a smell in the air in the Fall during michigan games? Does the sound of the marching band, playing in the distance not give you a full-feeling? Is being in the stadium, watching a game live--despite objectively having a worse view than a Television broadcast--an irreplaceable experience? Is there something so sweet about the week following a great win? An upbeat and optimism about everything else, even though it has nothing to do with M-Football (e.g. work, your dog, the future)?

Well, a book is just like that to me.

An e-reader just does not replace that experience.

Not to mention, my e-readers DO run out of batteries--a book never will, HAVE crack screens from being careless with my backpack--books don't crack. And DO have to WORRY about getting wet--a book page getting wet doesn't compromise the entire book.

So obviously I use a kindle. I just would, every single time without question, prefer a physical text. Even traveling (cracked screens a couple times)

Also, from reading enough about neurosci-research there absolutely is, and will be more research about how our brain approaches computers and e-readers much differently, with much different attention-centers becoming active and cognitive patterns (which we already do when reading/watching/using computers).

I can feel my brain approaching an e-reader differently than a physical book, just like I watch an M-Football game on TV differently than in-person.

I do both gladly, but prefer one immensely.