Update on Jamieon Moss

Submitted by jbibiza on December 1st, 2012 at 9:38 AM

His junior film was not overwhelming ,but Sam Webb says that he had a monster senior season with something like 170 tackles.  Rivals shows him at 6'3" so he may have had a Ryanesque Jr. to Sr. growth spurt.  He is fast and might be a good fit at SLB if he can put on enough good weight.  



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Have a feeling the staff thinks we lose a current roster LB due to injury, transfer, leave, etc. Don't think any LB recruits are waivering and they clearly are open to taking another. Maybe it's a "keep in touch in case we miss out on many near NSD" thing?
Morgan has had issues and Poole also has had issues. Maybe that? All I can see is that the guy is big, fast, tracks down spied mobile QBs with precision but needs work. We'll see.


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I also haven't heard it anywhere else, so; unfounded - probably, but I don't see why it is so ridiculous.  He's 3 years past high school, he has elite athleticism, and he's a proven playmaker.  No doubt he could raise his draft position with another season (or two) but he also could make a lot more money and develop faster as a professional.  If he goes to the combine and puts up numbers that document the in-game athleticism we've all seen, I think he'd land a solid draft position.

Unexpected, but not unreasonable.


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I actually don't know if his measurable a at the combine would even be that great. There's a reason the coaches repeatedly call him an unorthodox player who gets the job done. He just has football smarts and knows how to get to the ball by any means necessary. That doesn't show up in non-football drills. And as far as who's leaving I think it's gonna be a younger guy, maybe Poole. You just said yourself Ryan could make more money by waiting. I don't think he's even considering it.


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In the context of those comments (made by coaches) they said he could make plays that others couldn't.  Even if he gets out of position.  Why? Because of his athleticism.  He's not outsmarting people, he's aggressively getting in position to make plays and he can get away with that aggression because he has the athleticism to react and adjust if he is wrong.

I don't know if that translates to combine numbers or not, but I would think it would somewhere.

I don't think Ryan is leaving or thinking of it, but I don't think it would be ridiculous at all if he was considering it.


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Ridiculous if Ryan jumped, and dumb if he considered it. His season was definitely very  good, but it is far and away, and really not even close, to the kind of dominating season that would raise his stock to the point that it makes sense for him to jump. Not that others haven't done it after similar seasons, but mostly that hasn't worked out. A great season next year and he'll be in far, far better position to go.


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Snippet from a Hokies website: Moss stands 6-foot-3, weighs about 217 pounds and has been timed at 4.61 seconds in the 40-yard dash. He used those skills to collect 107 tackles, eight tackles for loss and three sacks to earn All-Northeastern Coastal 2-A/3-A Conference honors last season.

Rivals said he squatted 580, which is rather incredible, since former Michigan target Gary Yerden set a state record deadlifting 630, and weighed over 100 lbs more at the time. Maybe he did, but I can't imagine someone 100 lbs lighter putting only 50 lbs less than the deadlift record on their shoulders.



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What about his motor?  Does he have a good motor?  I love kids with good motors and based on absolutely nothing more than my ability to type words on a computer screen I love his motor.

And his pad level.  His pad level is nothing short of amazing and is second only to his motor in thrillingness.

Oh.....and his football smarts.  I mean the kid just flat out makes plays.  What with his motor, his pad level and his football smarts well....I mean you just cant go wrong here cause he's making plays.  FOOTBALL PLAYS!