UF Takes RB - Might Help Mich with Jones

Submitted by CincyBlue on January 10th, 2014 at 10:06 AM

UF got a commitment from 4 star RB Brandon Powell today.  He is from Denard's backyard in Deerfield Beach.   This could help Michigan's chances with UA Game MVP RB Jeff Jones who is visiting in a couple of weeks.  



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Good past couple days for Florida.  I saw yesterday that they flipped Jalen Tabor who had committed to Arizona during the Army AA Game less than a week ago.


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I have this strange feeling that Michigan hopes to get Jeff Jones and McDowell and ends up settling for someone else on both accounts. Of course, this could simply be 2013 ringing in my head. 


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Have we learned nothing in the past 12-36 months.

Incoming freshman are just that...FRESHMAN.  Derrick Green was a 5 star beast.  Deveon Smith was considered by many to be the better of the two.  Justice Hayes switched his commitment from ND to us and yada yada yada.  Maybe we should temper expectations just a tad.


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To add to that, I don't see Jeff Jones as a superstar running back that can come in and dominate from day one, anyway. He's not particularly big, strong, fast, elusive, etc. He's a good all-around back, and I don't know that he has many weaknesses, per se. But his highlights won't wow you, not even from the UA game where he had such a "breakout" performance.


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I think that is Magnus' point though. Hart was good all-around but not a superstar. As in, he never had a shot at the heisman or out-running everyone on the field, or being drafted super high. But he was dang good for Michigan because he was good at everything, worked hard, and knew how to run the ball. Jones is a lot like that. He won't come in a be Barry Sanders, but he can be a fine college running back.


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I'm curious where the Michigan confidence is coming from, beyond assuming an automatic W when recruiting against Minnesota. 

Most Minnesota fans were more worried about Florida because we had heard that the fact that your staff had seen Jones multiple times in person and never pulled the trigger on an offer may have hurt your position a bit.


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Jones took a quick visit to Ann Arbor this summer and wanted a Michigan offer.  It didn't happen until after his preformance in the UA game.  Insiders say that the Michigan offer had a big impact on him and he was going to take Florida and Michigan's offers seriously.   I don't think he is a lock to end up in Ann Arbor since the Gophers are in his backyard, but I think Michigan has a very good chance with his last visit before NSD.


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beyond assuming an automatic W when recruiting against Minnesota.

I think that's the entire reason right there. I completely agree with your second point about not pulling the trigger after seeing him in person possibly hurting Michigan's chances. Although our new OC might be able to alleviate that.


January 10th, 2014 at 11:02 AM ^

Gopherfan-- I wouldn't say that I'm confident that Jones will flip from Minnesota but it definitely seems like there's a chance it could happen.   He's expressed interest and Michigan's getting his last visit before signing day, which is a good sign.   Even though he only recently got an offer, he has visited the campus before and knows the staff somewhat.  Also, several analysts that follow this stuff a closer than I do are saying that Michigan is in a good position (Michigan has actually taken the lead in 247 Crystal Ball projections).  The other factor is that Jones has always been a soft commit to Minnesota.  I don't think that anyone would be surprised if he switched schools-- whether to Michigan or somewhere else.

That being said, he hasn't flipped anywhere else and Michigan is definitely getting in late.   Given that, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't end up in AA.   But I also wouldn't be surprised if he did end up there.    



Wee-Bey Brice

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Recruits get offered late all the time. They work their whole lives to get offers from schools like Michigan or Florida, it doesn't matter that inferior teams offered first. In fact, those teams are usually the first to offer everyone.

With that being said, its not a lock that he'll end up at UM. Just saying that won't be his reasoning for going elsewhere.


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^Yea, Norfleet flipped from Cincy on the last day, if Im not mistaken...


I think we'll be hard to turn down, being that there just seems to be a renewed energy right now, a lot of optimism...


But I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up just staying put either. Minnesota actually was pretty good last year, and it seems like he could fit in nicely in that backfield w/ Cobb & Leidner.