Ty Wheatley has Begun Following A Bunch of Western MI 'Croots

Submitted by alum96 on January 7th, 2017 at 1:10 PM

Saw it on another thread; worth the mention in it's own. Granted it's not so many recruits today as it would have been 3 days ago considering Fleck took a bunch with him!  He also just followed Darius Phillips who is the Jabrill Peppers/Jourdan Lewis of WMU!


Would assume "he gone". 


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Commence your conspiracy theories that Najee was a UM lock until Fleck took the Minn job and Western began sniffing around Wheat!! ;)



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You obviously don't get the Najee trainer post above - the guy is "supposedly" very influential with Najee, and he's in San Antonio wearing M gear. Top to bottom.
I assumed Najee was sticking with Bama commit til I saw that. Or has the troll game been taken to whole new levels?!


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I didn't get in on the thread, but that's the opposite conclusion to the one I came to when I heard it: Guys regularly wear clothes of teams they don't commit to before their commitment. Can't wear it after. Good examples include Lavert Hill, who was spotted wearing MSU gear the week before he committed to Michigan.

The fact that the trainer is decked out in it suggests that either he was given swag that Najee and family won't be needing anymore, or that he bought some a while ago and is using it now before his protege plays for someone else.

Either way, to me, it's another ominous sign.

Go Blue Eyes

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Personally I think it would be great for WMU and Michigan if he got the job as head coach.  We already know that Harbaugh is going to be a coaching incubator so the best and the brightest will want to come here.  It may be for only a couple of years before they move on (hopefully without stealing any of our recruits) and then they will be replaced with another great coach.

Same with the players.  I would love for Peppers to stay another year, but on the other hand I look forward to the day when three or four of our Peppers like players are declaring early.  That will mean we are really doing really well and of course other recruits want to follow suit. 


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With an elite coach as many have stated in the past this is just something we will have to get used to each and every offseason.

Programs will continue to show interest in our assitants and it will stink to lose thiem, but with Harbaugh at the helm there is zero reason to believe he won't go out and find a more than sutiable upgrade each and every time.



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I hate to bag on WMU, but I think this is a mistake. It is really, really hard to succeed at WMU, and Wheatley may end up being an assistant again at a bigger school in 3 or 4 years. I am not convinced PJ Fleck didn't just "luck" into a confluence of better-than-normal talent and good timing and sprinkled in some of his own talent to get WMU to 13-1. Fleck could end up being Minnesota's Hoke, in other words, and Wheatley may put his career back a couple years should he make this move.