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11/13/2017 - 10:15am Double


11/13/2017 - 10:13am Battle

Battle of the bastards!

10/22/2017 - 8:35pm Still doesn't

Still doesn't explain why all those losses are on Saturday.

10/22/2017 - 8:32pm I need a cigarette

I need a cigarette after reading that.

10/20/2017 - 11:33pm So not the all maize?

So not a the all maize?


Sry...I am too fat/lazy to click on, and read the article

10/01/2017 - 9:25pm #humblebrag

Just kidding....what agency are you with? 

Let me know if you need any help getting maps. 

09/27/2017 - 1:09pm Ole Rick

Could easily see ole Rick taking a bunch of recruits over to Detroit, and hitting all the stip clubs on 8 mile. 

04/25/2017 - 12:31pm VAFFANCULO.....

Vaffanculo the Buckeyes!!

02/16/2017 - 9:52am Please refrain from the snarky comments....

....and keep in mind there is a victim(s) involved.  Lets try and keep it classy folks.

"When they go low......we go high"

02/10/2017 - 6:44pm Best owner


01/28/2017 - 9:46am What football

Who were the football players hosting him?

01/24/2017 - 9:56am Pass

Pass that blunt

01/19/2017 - 11:27pm Source

Source says they are going to burning man.

01/07/2017 - 1:23pm I started...

I started following a bunch of porn stars.... Doesn't mean I am going to be banging them.

01/05/2017 - 8:19am No integrity

Pull his offer.

01/04/2017 - 11:03am We need....

We need Kovak and Glasgow to have a love child

01/03/2017 - 12:08am 50+ Comments

50+ Comments and still no story bro. 

12/16/2016 - 11:18am Pshhh

You know you'll still click......c'mon, this is MgoBlog for crying out loud. 

11/09/2016 - 6:27am Anyone

Anyone have a question for coach [email protected]?


Thanks for stopping by coach!


11/07/2016 - 7:08pm Barry

Melrose has turned into a poor man's Don Cherry with his cheap suits and hot takes....I caught him on a segment not to long ago so I know he is still breathing.

11/07/2016 - 6:20pm Ever since

Ever since ESPN decided to get in bed with the SEC I cannot take them as a serious news source for college football due to their bias.

My other sport is hockey which ESPN also puts on the back burner so I rarely visit their channel.

10/29/2016 - 8:39pm Anyone

That thinks this game isn't going to be an absolute fist fight as long as Dantonio is coaching there is delusional.

10/29/2016 - 8:11pm Anyone

Anyone that thinks this game will not be an absolute fist fight as long as Dantonio is there is delusional.

10/28/2016 - 4:50pm Ambry Thomas

Great update Ace!

“A head coach that I know of has never come out to see one of my high school games, so that means a lot".

I assume he is throwing shade at Dantonio!?

10/25/2016 - 9:41am Lost a lot

Lost a lot of respect for this guy if its true......his team has been so unprepared these last 2 weeks, and to sell-out on his players in the middle of the season is deplorable.

10/25/2016 - 5:49am It's 2016

It's 2016, and this story just headlined....let that sink in.

10/23/2016 - 1:10pm Just win

Just win baby!!

10/20/2016 - 12:02am What!?!?

It's just the pleads in his pants x right!?

10/18/2016 - 12:48pm Its a 3:30....

Its a 3:30 hour game with 11 minutes of action.  You want to know whats hurting timeouts, but nevermind all that.

10/17/2016 - 11:48am We'll

We'll all be watching a funeral.

09/13/2016 - 3:52pm Great Advice

That's a great list and the first time I saw any real improvement was when I got numbers 1 thru 3 in order. Caffeine is something I have used my whole life and i didn't realize what a negative effect it was having on me until I quit that along with other booze and drugs. It's still a struggle to eat clean and be sober, but it's getting to be easier with age.

09/13/2016 - 1:42pm Anxiety and Depression

Been dealing with anxiety and depression for along time now. Although it's not service related (believe mine is more genetic but I'm sure combat zones have not helped)I have a lot of friends dealing with PTSD and our time in Iraq and Afghanistan. I love to see people in the spot light speaking openly about there own trials and tribulations with mental illness.... hopefully someday it will not be so taboo, but I'll admit society has come a long way in recent years in our willingness to discuss it.

08/31/2016 - 8:38pm Thoughts

Thoughts and prayers

06/29/2016 - 3:39pm Great Week

Great Week for the Offensive Line......welcome aboard Joel!

06/12/2016 - 2:47pm Balls

My balls have him leaning Michigan.

02/03/2016 - 10:18am Your post

Your post is bad, and you should feel bad.

02/01/2016 - 11:20am He is...

He is Fuller shit.

01/30/2016 - 8:35pm Yzerman 2.0

If we/he are lucky enough.

01/27/2016 - 7:50pm Chris Clark

Chris Clark 2.0

12/31/2015 - 9:05am Urban

Urban would only suspend him for the coin toss.

12/31/2015 - 9:02am pSa

If you're going to strike a police officer your going to have a bad time.

12/21/2015 - 10:06pm Not if....

Not if Brady hoke is princess Leia.

12/21/2015 - 10:02pm That's some...

That's some 100% pure Columbian Bullshit.

12/03/2015 - 4:23pm That's...

That's what happens around here when you question Brian.

11/30/2015 - 1:53pm Monday?

Monday? Safety? I am not really sure.

11/30/2015 - 1:52pm But he is ....

But he is "feeling it" in feeling the buckle.

11/23/2015 - 3:54pm I agree its

I agree its not appropriate but I lost my Mom to cancer 2 years ago and seeing other people dealing with this despicable disease reminds me of that awful Summer.

11/23/2015 - 2:08pm Fuck

Fuck cancer

11/19/2015 - 11:33am POS

I stand corrected.......cant really see it on mobile.....I guess my dad is right I am a piece of crap.

11/19/2015 - 11:07am If your going to...

If your going to hijack his content at least throw a link to where you found this so the guy can get some hits.