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Submitted by Ziff72 on December 20th, 2010 at 10:52 AM

So 2 weeks ago Stan called in to blast Brian and Craig Ross for their criticism of ex players toward Rodriguez.   Stan had me fired up as he told them that he went to see RR last week to offer his support.  As a decorated alum and RR's open door policy toward them I am sure he has access to practice, facilities,  whatever.

So today he called into the recruiting roundup and threw Beilein under the bus with a story about him not accepting B. Kearney which nobody had heard including Sam and then asked Sam a question about one of his kids who is a Sophmore in football and how much contact he can have with schools as he intimated he was disappointed he hadn't heard from Michigan yet, but had heard from Oregon(at this point Sam explained only a questionare could be sent or it was illegal contact and that Mich had to be on its best behavior). 

I guess my question is if he went and saw RR last week, couldn't he just tell him about the kid and ask him to send him a questionare or talk to Singleton about the rules.   To call publicly just seemed like a way to jab at the staff at not being on top of an instate kid we can't even talk to anyway.   Seemed very odd.

Also, what happened to R. Leach on WTKA.  He used to call all the time and now I never hear from him.  I know he took a lot of heat when Lloyd went to the Iowa game and he fried him for it, but was there something else that happened that stops him from coming on with Sam?





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...people don't even realize that they're rules.  Now it looks like M is sleeping when in fact they're just doing what everyone is supposed to do.  Chris Wormley ('12 DE) was a little thrown off by the fact that M didn't contact him as soon as everyone else until he was told that everyone else jumped the gun. 


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I can't imagine the coaching staff does not have some piece of literature detailing those dates when they cannot make contact, and emphasizing that schools that might make contact are breaking the rules. I could imagine the recruits not reading that pile of stuff, of course. Regardless, if I were recruiting, they would know, one way or the other.


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Had that sit down lunch with the some people last year and they worked out that Rick would back off going after Carr.

I would have to go back and look at the interviews transcribed for B. Kearney, but I believe he is related to Stan, maybe cousins or something like that. 

So maybe Stan knows something the rest of us do not, but if Sam doesn't know about it I don't know if anybody would in the recruiting service.


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Personally, I wouldn't want an advisor who's a homer.  Michigan State is better at basketball than Michigan, and has been for a long time.  Izzo has a track record of getting kids to the NBA and even being high draft picks.  Beilein does not.

So...I fail to see this as a fault.


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I don't see this as a huge deal.  All the points you gave are 100% accurate and while perhaps unpopular, they remain true.

If I were in the same situation, I wouldn't try and steer the kid one way or the other, I'd just lay out the facts as best I could.  I'd obviously love for the kid to go to M but ultimately if he chose MSU I'd be glad if he chose it for the right reasons, i.e. what was best for him, and not what was best for me.

Sometimes it's really hard to step back and try and imagine if you were in a similar situation.  I'd want what's best for my family.


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Beilein has 2 important things going for him. 1) is he's generally thought of as an amazing basketball teacher and 2) he is the standard for coaching integrity, which is important.

State may be a better basketball place, but if a kid fits into the Michigan culture his game can really be improved.


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So by that logic you would'nt have a problem with a former player ( for the sake of argument lets say Desmond Howard) telling a kid to go to a football program other than Michigan ,because "michigan is struggling now and they just might  have a better chance reaching the NFL with another team". A former player does that and i would say he is a piece of S***


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You sir, need some world perspective.  What is best for the kid is more important than the amount of wins I get to cheer about because the team I watch on television is good.  I would hope that for those close to you, you want what is best for them, and not what would make you cackle with knowing glee more often.  Friends and family come before all else--even your favorite foobaw team.


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a) Michigan State's superiority over the University of Michigan has only lasted about three seasons in football.  And Michigan was 5-7 in 2009 when MSU was 6-7.  So it's not nearly the same situation.  Additionally, Michigan has still produced some solid NFL talent over the past few seasons (Brandon Graham, Jake Long, Mario Manningham, Chad Henne, etc.) whereas MSU has...uhhh...Javon Ringer.  Yeah, so there's a big difference.

Meanwhile, MSU has been significantly better at basketball than U-M for probably the last 10-12 years (I don't pay as much attention to basketball, so that's a general estimate).

b) I guess the difference between you and me is that I can see some value in having an advisor be honest...whereas one bit of advice you dislike would cause you to label someone a "piece of shit."

Keep trying, jimbo.


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Let me make it in current terms, if again for the sake of argument Desmond talks to Dee hart and tells him "it would probably be better for you to go to Alabama, Saban appears to be doing a better job, and you are more likly to get in the NFL. So don't go to michigan. How many alumni would say "Hey everybody lets all hold hands and celebrate that a past player steered a recruit away from us".Lets live in the real world, everybody would have shitty remarks for Desmond. Also to clearify i never said it was a family member.

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There is a clear difference between a former player acting as an advisor for a family friend/relative and your scenario. However, I don't expect that you are intelligent enough to realize that.

By the way, despite the numerous times I disagree with Magnus, I love watching him bash fucking morons.


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I never expected somebody would have such a huge problem with a person being honest.

Michigan State is better at basketball.  Virtually every upper echelon recruit would be better served by becoming a Spartan.  Izzo doesn't have rampant discipline issues, wins a ton of games, and sends his players to the NBA (Jason Richardson, Paul Davis, Shannon Brown, Zach Randolph, Mo Peterson, etc.).  Everybody knows this.  Just because you choose to ignore the facts doesn't make them untrue.

This will be my final response to you about this topic.  It requires no further discussion on my end.


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Myself and Magnus seem to be implying the same thing, so that's who.  While I disagree often with how Magnus approaches issues with general negativity, he tends to show signs of thinking at a deeper level when he posts.  I get the impression that you are pure, unadulterated emotion.


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Well, "everybody" is probably a vast overstatement.  People who overreact (such as yourself) would say "Desmond's not a Michigan Man!" and suggest that he should not be allowed into Schembechler Hall ever again. 

Other kinds of people would have varying responses.

But it's hard to argue against sending a talented kid to Alabama, since they're national title contenders and are producing high draft picks.  If he were a 3-star kid who might be axed in a year to pave way for another recruit, then I might disagree with steering a kid toward Alabama.  Saban is a douchebag.  But if the kid's got NFL talent, hey...I don't expect Braylon to steer EVERY kid toward Michigan just because he went there.

Think about it.  If every person out there only gave advice that steered kids toward their alma mater, then how productive would that be?  Lloyd Carr would tell kids to go to Northern Michigan.  Joe Paterno would tell kids to go to Brown.  Pierre Garcon would tell everyone he knew to go to Mount Union. 


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Now, you put words in my mouth? " Desmond's not a michigan man" because i use him as my example. I was expecting a little more from a well educated man such as yourself. I'll man-up and admit yes i have a problem with a former playing telling a kid "don't go to michigan, go to - Insert college name here-. Might not be the politically correct thing to say but what you see is what you get. Unlike you Mag, i don't carefully measure every word coming out my mouth. You remind of wanting to be in the position lloyd carr thought he would be in when he retired, the wise old sage people went to for advice on coaching. didn't work out for him, don't work out for you.







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I see the grumpy, bitter, depressed guy in a mustard stained wife beater, sitting in a recliner that has a spring popping though the cushion, floor surrounded by empty scotch bottles.Wife, who has fresh stiches in her head, brings in a tv dinner, while Magnus bangs away on the keyboard. That what you are talking about? How close am i?


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Yes, you would hate to see an unfiltered Magnus.  I live in a nude colony and my belly is so white and round that when I lie on the beach, some people mistake me for an igloo.  It's a good thing all you get 'round here is the filtered version.


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Could you clarify what it means that Beilein did not accept B Kearney?

He didn't want him?  He didn't think he would be accepted academically? 


As far a Leach goes, he put a lot on the line for RR and the current staff, the fact that there are less RR supporters than any other group in the Michigan family has probably worn on the guy.   Just keeping a low profile is my guess.


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From a past thread on here:

His cousins are former Houston Oiler and Detroit Lion Stan Edwards, and former Wolverine and Jets Pro Bowl wide receiver Braylon Edwards.


Kearney says Edwards is always available for guidance, but the controversial Jet left the ultimate decision up to Kearney. Edwards even went as far as to suggest that MSU may be a better fit for Kearney, particularly with The Wolverine basketball program still reeling from the effects of past probation, scholarship losses and poor recruiting classes.

With the elder and younger Edwards, it seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to having a big mouth.


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and a part of Michigan history.  Who are you?

Back when Braylon was considering schools, his dad basically told him he could go where he wanted, as long as it was Michigan.  I'm paraphrasing, but I distinctly remember hearing the senior Edwards lay out how he "influenced" his son's decision.  Don't doubt Stan's love for his alma mater by trying to associate him with a third hand comment Braylon may have made, or some stupid assertion that he threw Beilein under the bus.

Beilein reportedly (according to Stan Edwards) told Kearney to wait on committing AFTER Michigan offered him.  The only other comment I remember him (Edwards) making was that it was a "shame that those two (Carlton Brundidge and Kearney) couldn't play together at Michigan."  That's what I heard this morning.  I didn't hear a guy "with a big mouth".

As far as his question about the stud football prospect, it wasn't an attack of Rodriguez, or the staff; it sounded like he was asking a legitimate question about when schools can begin to make contact with a recruit, the answer for which, I bet most of us didn't know the exact answer.  Michigan was waiting, as they're supposed to, other schools not so much.  Edwards was asking questions for clarification, he didn't come on throwing accusations like the knee-jerks on this board are assuming.

It's a legitimate criticism of Beilein, and legitimate question of recruiting practice.  Or does anyone who played for the program have a "big mouth" when you don't agree with them?