SIAP - ESPN predicts Harbaugh back to the NFL by 2021

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I mean it's an off the wall article anyway, but they are sticking with the thought that the Dolphins will need a new coach and Harbaugh will go for it.



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It's savage out there.  I think this might be what people might be looking for:

This is such a tired narrative.  It is clearly clickbait.  If Harbaugh were to deliver two national championships in the next four years, then maybe, just maybe, he would consider leaving for the NFLsomething I would understand.

Or they could be looking for excuses to downvote.  I'm guessing the latter.

Pepto Bismol

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The problem here is that you think my joke was bad because the internet is filled with dumb people and you can't tell the difference. Now you realize it was a joke and see that it went over your head but instead of admitting that to yourself and taking a shot to your fragile ego, you instinctively go on the defensive and shout into cyberspace that it's not your fault at all, the joke-teller told a bad joke. As if anybody gives a shit, but it made you feel better.

"I'm smart! I would have gotten the joke if it was structured better! I would have gotten the sarcasm if the author would have put one of those handy little indicators that there was sarcasm involved!" 

Yes, you probably would've. But people with a fully developed sense of humor can pick up on these things without being told. My comment was for those people. Hang in there. You'll eventually pick it up...maybe.


Pepto Bismol

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Perfect MGoBlog reply.

Lacking the wit to pick up on the original joke so you nitpick grammar to reclaim some feeling of superiority.

Sarcasm is using irony to mock, attack or insult. If you agree I used irony, and my intention was to insult the author, then by definition I used sarcasm. Thanks for confirming.

Now is the part where you go dig up some alternate definition of irony and/or sarcasm because your feelings are hurt which proves nothing more than the fact you're a pedantic dolt. Godspeed.

Pepto Bismol

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Well, I didn't. And all of Twitter didn't. So that's not quite "everybody". If you're talking about everybody HERE, then that's your thing. Feel free to continue with "/s". But it's not necessary unless you lack the ability to identify a joke. 

Scroll down - Ihatebux made a joke post about how Dantonio's going to the Lions and Meyer will retire and open a Papa John's. He didn't "/s". After this nonsense, I jokingly replied as if I were a guy like you and was too stupid to see that it's a joke. Like he did here.

Ihatebux's joke below worked just fine for you without the "/s" because it's reference is in this post. Simple brains have the reference material right in front of their face. Mine struggled to hit home because I relied on Michigan fans recalling the comments of media blowhards from nearly 4 years ago. Since these posters didn't have the base material in front of their face, their brain failed to identify a ludicrous take and tie it to past information stored in their latent memory. They lacked the wit to make the joke work for them.

Once again, the problem lies in the fact that you and many others didn't get the "He'll leave Michigan because he's never stayed anywhere longer than 4 years" callback. That's essential to getting the joke. Those that remembered that and got the reference upvoted my post. There are plenty who did because that's the only way I've offset the horde of neg-idiots blasting that post back to near-zero.

I don't need "/s". The people who upvoted that post don't need "/s". You do. That's not my problem.

Great talk. This was really enlightening. (That was a test. Did you get it?)



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“We need content.  Recycle some Harbaugh to the NFL hot take bullshit, that always gets hits.  Man, summer is tough enough and then baseball takes a break.  Thank god for Harbaugh.”  - ESPN Writers/Program Directors