Shaq Thompson (Updated: Nothing Definite Yet)

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5-star Army All-American Safety Shaq Thompson 6'2 210 lbs. will take an official visit to Michigan for the OSU game. This is a big deal
It is a strecth, but coming in for "The Game" is a pretty big deal to me.
[Ed-Ace: posted this below, but since it's buried down there I figured I'd pin this up top:

According to Scout's Brian Dohn, this visit is not set in stone yet ($), just being discussed, so don't get your hopes up yet. Also, please note that mspeedkills just re-posts insider message board fodder—at the very least, try to track down the original source of the info before posting it, so there's at least some legitimate attribution. Not mad at the OP, just giving the heads up.]



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Anything can happen when a guy gets on campus, imagine a future secondary with Countess, Raymon Taylor, Terry, Standifer, or Yuri Wright at corners with Jarrod Wilson, Josh Furman,Jeremy Clark, and Shaq Thompson at safeties.

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They're recruiting him at safety. IMO, if his cousin ends up staying with OSU, he's a good enough RB for him to play on offense for us. But if we get Thomas and Dunn, I think the coaches will just want them both on the field as much as possible.


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I think Hoke has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell people in Ohio are starting to believe him. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Selling Michigan jerseys is a good start.


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Does anyone know exactly where we stand in his recruitment? I know once you get him on campus anything goes, but even before he gets here, what's his short list look like? Ace?


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He visited Oregon a couple weeks ago, was supposed to visit ND last week...don't know if he did.   UCLA and UW were in the mix, but it was supposed to be a Cal/Oregon race.  He was rumored to be interested in us on again/off again, so getting him on campus late in the season is great. 


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I'm talking out of my ass but he was originally a Cal lock and they still look to lead most likely.  Him taking more visits and not committing to Oregon or Notre Dame right after their visits (or setting a commit date) is probably good news.  Slim chances but like always, a visit gives us a shot.


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I'd be really surprised if he leaves the West Coast. Nice to get him on a visit but we have a ton of room to make up to even have a shot at him.

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I'm glad to hear this.  I'd love to see the kid come here.  Saw an interview of his and he appears to be very humble.  IF he were to sign we'd have abundance of saeties.  With Shaq and Wilson being high level playmakers, clark seeming like a real sleeper, and gant.  Add in Thomas from 2013 and playing time will really need to be earned.


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can use his magic on this kid and I would really be impressed. I mean every kid from this point out is just a plus I am so impressed with this class at the 23 we are already out. So everyone whether a 2 star or all 5 stars is just money from here on out.


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He is good friends with Jordan Payton, which seems to have generated his interest in Michigan. If Jordan commits I think we have a relatively good shot if the visit goes well. And I heard the coaches are looking for an elite athlete that could play multiple positions, and he is that guy.


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But I seem to remember that Jordan Payton, back around the time that he decommitted from USC, mentioned something about committing to the same school with a few other highly touted guys, one of them being Shaq Thompson.  He even threw out the Fab Five as a comparison. Am I remembering this correctly?  Is it the same two players or am I mistaken?  

If I'm right, is it reasonable to think that Thompson taking a visit here is related?