Semi-OT: Freeze no longer wants people to report possible NCAA violations

Submitted by EastCoast on April 29th, 2016 at 11:13 AM

You may remember that back in February, Freeze sent out a tweet essentially telling people to put up or shut up regarding alleged NCAA violations.


Apparently he doesn't like the direction the "put up" has gone in the aftermath of Laremy Tunsil exposing the program.


Not sure when it was deleted, but Hugh Freeze’s famous Feb. 1, 2013 Tweet challenging people to turn in NCAA violations no longer exists

— Dan Wolken (@DanWolken) April 29, 2016



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I'm not gay or anything (NTTAWWT) but damn you're a good poster Everybody Murders.  You are definitely one of the people i always stop and read your entire comment whenever I see it in a thread cause it's always smart, on-point, thoughtful and even funny.

And the fact that I always "hear" your comments being said by Eraserhead doesnt hurt either.

Everyone Murders

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Thanks for the kind words - this is a fun board with a lot of very bright folks on it, you included.  But who the hell is "Everybody Murders"?

(I know that TPeezy's quote wasn't "Everyone Murders" but it wasn't "Everybody Murders" either.  The best/most reliable quote I've seen - from having also seen the video - was on Deadspin:

"Not everybody's the perfect person in the world. I mean everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever. I think that people need a second chance, and I've always looked up to Mike Vick, and I always will."

So "Everyone Murders" seemed like the best paraphrase of TPeezy's epic quote.)



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Senator Gary Hart (1988 Presidential candidate), responding to the rumors of his womanizing, said: "Follow me around. I don't care. I'm serious. If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead. They'll be very bored."
They took him up on it and caught him banging Donna Rice.  He had to drop out of the race as the front runner.
Moral of the story:  Don't issue a public challenge you can't back up, Ole Miss.

Amaizing Blue

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So far it hasn't bounced back.  I told them I was SHOCKED to hear this was going on at Ole Miss, and lauded them on their proactive stance.  


I really don't want these last 24 hours to much goodness going on.


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Same here. I am never one to bash someone on their religion, or lack thereof, but there always seems to be a red flag for me when i see someone like Freeze who makes it a point to include his being a man of faith in every conversation. Like if you have to keep talking about it, you probably aren't actually about it.


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Nearly all customers of mine want terms, I will give them payment terms if they have a solid track record. I've lost count of the customers I'll get at trade shows that want instant terms and will prefice it by saying, "I'm a Christian." Each time my instant thought is, "Make a note to require pre-payment." 

George Pickett

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The best part of this is listening to the desperate delusions of Ole Miss fans, like this nugget of gold from 247.

"The alleged exchange, if it's real, between John Miller and Laremy Tunsil is perfectly legal and common. There is something known as an "opportunity fund" to help players in financial need. Any money players receive is on a need basis and is part of the opportunity fund. There is also Pell Grant money and federal assistance funds players can apply for in times of need. Miller, Barney Farrar and Tom Luke help players attain these monies by helping them fill out the proper forms."



Maize Craze

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Okay but transactions wouldn't be in the form of cash. They would be through accounts that are traceable so the NCAA can actually monitor that. Furthermore, if my mom is having problems paying the bill I'm not going to have a serious convo like that digitally. I'm going to have a serious heart to heart in the coaches office. Tunsill was most likely at the mall and saw some merch he liked and needed some cash fast.

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M Go Dead

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Tunsil is hustling backwards with his language, throwing in that water is included after realizing 305 might be high to keep the lights on. Plus the tlk about how it is an unexpected amount.

If this was done legally, there should be lots is paperwork on record to easily prove it.


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High Freeze has had a bad stretch here - the satellite camp ban was rescinded so now he has to tear himself away from family activities to earn a few million per year then one of his players shows off some engineering acumen with a gas mask bong then admits that perhaps he did take some money from someone. I certainly don't blame Hugh for being a little defensive about the things for which we may be able to blame him in part - that's part of being a forever aggrieved SEC coach / executive / fan / financier / insert occupation.

I hope more things come out about Ole Miss honestly. This is fun.