Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood suspended 3 games

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Kyle Flood suspended 3 games as Rutgers coach

— Keith Sargeant (@KSargeantNJ) September 16, 2015


Kyle Flood has been suspended three games as Rutgers football coach and fined $50,000 following a university-led investigation into rules violations and amid a recent string of off-field transgressions involving players on his team.


Rutgers has so far dismissed 3 of their starting 4 DBs, including BOTH starting CBs as well as suspending the only player of any note on their team in Leonte Caroo.



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This seems like it'll be tough for Flood to survive. It'll be tough for a coach to maintain any semblance of control over an already out of control team when he's separated from said team for three weeks in the middle of the season.

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East German Judge

September 16th, 2015 at 3:51 PM ^

Poor guy, first the players issue and now this, boy when it rains it pours.  We could see this coming as no doubt that there are a lot of leaks in the athletic department.  He probably goes down with the ship and eventually drowns.  But I am sure once he dries out, he will wash up somewhere else. 


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How does he not get fired for cause immediately just for this issue and not even bringing into account his team full of hoodlums? 

He knowingly violated school policy in an attempt to get a grade changed for a highly rated player and did so with the general intent to cover his tracks so as not to be discovered (personal gmail account, no rutgers logo clothes during the meeting, etc.)?  


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The worst part is Rutgers isn't a relevant enough football program to even give a shit about this. Beyond the fact that they're a B1G school (ugh) on our schedule, that is. If this were literally any other team in the conference it might be worth pointing a laughing, but all I can muster is a spirited "meh."