OT: What Does Ohio Mean to You?

Submitted by BostonWolverine on December 6th, 2011 at 9:44 PM

So, here's the deal: I was born in Ohio. I grew up in Cincinnati. It's not something I broadcast around here. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is looking for a new slogan to go on their license plate. The goal is to, in 40 characters or less, describe what Ohio means to you.

Being a Michigan grad from Ohio, I thought this was the perfect forum to ask this very important question. So, feel free to have a look at the BMV Website and decide what Ohio means to you in 40 characters or less. Remember though, you can only vote 10 times a day.



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I totally understand why people wear that shirt, but Charles Woodson, Bo Schembechler, Brady Hoke, Gary Moeller, Roy Roundtree, among may other Michigan coaches and players, past and present, are from Ohio, as are some of this year's best recruits. That shirt slogan needs an asterisk


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NY - The Vampire State cause we suck

MO- The please don't show that in public state

AL - beyond your dreams lies this nightmare

AZ- We're a bigger whole than the grand canyon

CA - Never find yourself here

Or just my favorite.... Worst state ever

Zone Left

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Your selection may be a part of the design which can be located in various places on the license plate.

I'll be waiting to see "Home of the Cooler Pooper" live.



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OHIO- Well, atleast we're not Kentucky

OHIO- Our Seaworld, shamoo free since 2007

OHIO- We have a NHL team now, I think.

OHIO- Our state has as few letters as Iowa.

OHIO- We have one Great Lake




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Honestly one they might take to that I still find quite derogatory:

"Home of Joe the Plumber"


More tongue in cheek ideas:


"Rust Belt, USA"


"Jim Tressel was here"


"Best High School Football In America"...

...except for Texas...

...and Florida...

...okay and maybe California, Georgia and Alabama too, crap!


"Fox News Republicans"