OT: US Dept of Education Also Investigating MSU

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This appeared in multiple news outlets on the 26th - so readers can choose their preferred supplier.  I looked at several and there is little if any variation from the AP story.  Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced the opening of this latest Title IX investigation, to examine "systemic issues" with the University's handling of sexual assault cases.  MSU is now being investigated by the NCAA, the AG office, the FBI,  as well as the US Dept. of Education, which also has a team from FSA (Federal Student Aid) already on campus conducting an audit for possible Clery Act violations.  If, like me, you need a refresher on the Clery Act, you can read about it here  https://clerycenter.org/about-page/ 



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Pretty sure not in regards to daughters attending there.  Betsy/Dick have two daughters and I actually graduated with one of their daughters in high school.  The younger went to North Carolina and the older one... actually I am not positive where she went but pretty positive it wasn't MSU ( I think it was a smaller college out of state if I remember correctly).


But  yeah, here's a pic of Dick Devos at a bball game with a couple fat cats



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DeVos has no interest in upsetting the apple cart. This is political defense. They are tight with Secchia as well.

If Secchia was not such a gross Neanderthal his story would be a good one. He was dirt poor and went to MSU with a handful of clothes. He worked in a lumber mill and and worked his way up ownership. He is philanthropic throughout the community.

He can also be ruthless and end certainly justifies the means.


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Yes, but can you imagine what the city would look like without all of their help.  2 of the top hotels in Michigan, massive event center, womens center, arena, GVSU downtown campus, and art museum, and some others I don't recall.  Yeah it gets old seeing the same names but without their money Grand Rapids would be in a world of hurt.


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... and also to their credit, they also started really heavily investing in downtown GR in the early 1990's and had a very good long-term business plan that I would say you could fully start seeing into possitive effect about a decade ago.   I remember there was a good MSN article  (I think that was the site) that outlined how good GR in general did with thinking long-term business stratigies with it's investments  (mainly DeVos/Van Andel but with the city in general they were saying) , but I can't find the article now and it's about an 8 year old article.


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of it. It was the DOE that found that an atmosphere of "sexual antagonism" prevailed on the campus, and this was with MSU hiding the Nassar case from it at the time, according to ESPN. Devos met with Lou Ann Simon a few days before cutting back Obama-era regs on campus sexual assault, as widely reported:  


I think that MSU politics cut a number of different ways, but the Devos connection does not necessarily inspire confidence that a bright light gets shone or that justice follows.  


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Tuned in for 6 seconds on Monday. Was hoping to hear a bit of a reaction on the Red Wings trade deadline. Literally all he said was, "what, you want me to blindly harp on MSU? No, I'm the only one who wants to fact check the reporters at ESPN."

I turned it off before he could speak more. It's quite terrible that our local media continues to act like nothing is wrong up there. 

hello MGoStream


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Is there a local FM/AM channel? And isn't it just talk news? I'm pretty sure I'd be all set on that. I want to hear people discuss my personal interests (Michigan football/basketball/hockey, Red Wings, Lions) and i have a few podcasts that cover other interests. 

I also like to turn my mind off after an 8 hour work day of engineering and mgoblogging. Mindless dribble can be soothing for that half hour drive home. 


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I literally cannot pick that up in my car, in metro detroit. And I hate their podcast site. I drive a 2000 Ford, so I'm sure that doesn't help pick up reception, but WTKA needs to invest in a better broadcast signal...