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February 21st, 2019 at 7:57 AM ^

 This is great news.

 You have to wonder what role Brady Hoke played in this favorable outcome for San Diego State versus the team that had the audacity to be ranked ahead of his beloved Michigan.

Unfortunately OP, when you put out a whiner’s fire, they will find something new to whine about in a matter of minutes. 


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not complaining, but pointing out how ridiculous it was.  now proven 100% correct, losing to a middling MWC team.  can you imagine if nevada played in the B10?  penn state would thump them.  


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I HATE this argument,  Let's see what Nevada does in the tournament first before we talk about what Penn St. would or would not do to them.  Nevada took down a three PAC-12 teams at the start of the year and has generally torn apart the MWC.  They're a good team that has been susceptible to a couple of off nights(it's almost as if they play basketball or something and are subject to the same things that happen to every team).  Should they have been ranked above Michigan?  Maybe, maybe not, but they started off the season well, have performed to expectations, and had only lost one game before what happened against SDSU.  Michigan was just coming off getting run out of they gym by a below .500 team.  Why waste energy on saying that is or is not inexplicable?


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i am not saying they aren't a good team, my only point was that they weren't anywhere near a #6 in the nation team.  they not only lost, they lost to UNM by almost 30 points.  we were not 'run out of the gym' v. psu, we lost by 6.  they (unr) have played zero Q1 teams if i am reading the stats correctly and that's why i think they have no rational basis to claim a spot above michigan if you are reviewing this year's resume.  they might do fine in the tournament, maybe a sweet 16 team, but that's different than #6.  


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Agree to disagree on run out of the gym vs. Penn St.  to me, the score at the end looked a lot better than the game.

Sure the analytics can and do have Michigan well above Nevada and at the end of the day that's what's going to push the tournament seeding.  But when it comes to the polls, Nevada is a good team and doing what they're supposed to do.  One would argue that in losing to a sub-.500 team Michigan did not do what they were supposed to do.  What are the poll voters supposed to do in this case?  I just greatly dislike the "If X played in the B1G, they'd be crap."  We don;t know that, all we know is what that team has done given the constraints it operates under.  Even then when those teams get a win, people like John U. Bacon shift the goalposts.  Nevada did what it was supposed to do until last night, the polls will shift the way you want them to and all is well at the ned of the day.  I just never understood the sturm and drang about who deserved to go where in the rankings.


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i think UNM is something like 11-15 and a Q3 team.  psu, for all its terrible B10 record, is still a Q1 loss on the road.  in psu's defense (it hurts me some to write that), they have lost most of their close games.  if they get a roll or a whistle or three, they could easily have a better record.  because of the points you have made though i will be watching the wolfpack down the stretch and into the tournament.  it is part of what makes college b-ball fun. 


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Taking down three Pac-12 teams, two on the road, might be very impressive some years.  This is not one of them.  They are all KenPom category B games; not coincidentally, they're NET Quad 2 games.  (vs ASU and @USC are Quad 2A; @Utah is Quad 2B).

The only game on their schedule that is currently Q1 is at Utah State on March 2.  Their home game vs. Utah State would become Q1 if Utah State were to rise 4 ranking spots.  That's it.  If they get a rematch w/ Utah State in the WAC tournament, they'd get another Q1 opportunity.

Meanwhile, this was their second loss; @New Mexico is Q3, and @SDSU will probably be Quad 2 once SDSU is given a bump up for beating Nevada.

Michigan's worst loss, OTOH, is Quad 1, where they are 6-3, including 4-2 against Quad 1A, and where they have 4 remaining games prior to the Big Ten Tournament.  The résumés aren't anywhere near comparable.  There's a good chance Michigan would be undefeated with Nevada's schedule.


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If Michigan wins their next two games they move ahead of Nevada-regardless. Just play well and win. If they win their next six games they are likely a #1 seed. Conversely, this could be a very rough stretch too...don't see them losing 4 in a row but...these things do happen...

Beilein 4 Life

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Everyone keeps talking about Michigan getting a 1 seed only by winning out. Duke still has to play @syracuse, @VT, and @NC. Carolina still has to play Florida State and Syracuse. Tennessee still plays @LSU, @ Auburn, and home against Kentucky. Virginia still plays @Louisville. We can still get a 1 seed even with a loss to MSU (although I don’t think that will happen). The Zags play dogshit and are really the only team that has a cakewalk to a 1 seed


February 21st, 2019 at 12:21 PM ^

Lots of basketball to be played...lots of scenarios will happen...wasn't saying winning out is Michigan's only chance...I will say that, given the remaining games you list, Michigan will be a #1 if they win out-through the B1G tournament-maybe even (just) the regular season or they (just) win the conference tournament.

I will be pleased with a win tonight.

Mike Damone

February 21st, 2019 at 8:34 AM ^

A lot of people were complaining about the fact that they could be ranked in the Top 10 and get up to a #2 seed by playing and beating crud teams all year.  Thank you San Diego St and your #141 NET ranking for taking care of that issue.

Let's call it "Revenge of the Dog Shit Tacos".

Hopefully, another one of those turd teams in the WCC can take down Gonzaga.  IMO, if Gonzaga played in the BIG - they would have 3-4 conference losses, just like the rest of us on or near the top...


February 21st, 2019 at 9:38 AM ^

There's an outside chance that happens if we go 2-0 and Duke loses to Syracuse Saturday. But even then I wouldn't expect it.

That being said there's some chance for major chaos this weekend.

#3 Virginia goes to #18 Louisvile (who lost by 20 @ Syracuse on Tuesday).

 #5 Tennessee goes to #13 LSU (who beat UK @ UK last week but just lost at home to Florida in OT on Tuesday).

#11 Marquette goes to Providence (who just put a beat down on bubble team St. Johns).

#4 Kentucky hosts Auburn.

#19 Iowa State goes to TCU.

#16 FSU goes to #8 UNC (it's good whenever UNC wins to make us look better but a home loss to FSU probably ensures they don't jump us).

#15 Purdue goes to Nebraska.

#1 Duke goes to Syracuse.

#12 Kansas goes to #14 Texas Tech.

Plus our games today and Sunday. This could be a wild basketball weekend in general, but it could also be the perfect mix of teams ahead of losing and losing to teams who have no chance of passing us. If we take care of business (a big if at that) we'll hopefully get at least a little help from the games above.


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Well, yea, but on Cal's website ( it says "Berkeley" in huge letters with "University of California" under it.  But no one calls it University of California - Berkleley.

There are many University of Wisconsin schools but no one says University of Wisconsin - Madison .... I'll bet even you don't, but on their website it's University of Wisconsin - Madison.



February 21st, 2019 at 2:50 PM ^

From Nevada and talking about how people colloquially refer to it dude.  But sure enjoy your little google search victory with no contextual knowledge, it makes you sound smart...really...I promise.

Yes, when using acronyms it turns to UNR usually due to the UNR/UNLV split, but when talking sports teams it's just Nevada.


February 21st, 2019 at 9:44 AM ^

Last night was an upset heavy night of hoops. 

#1 Duke with no Zion thrashed on their home court by UNC.

#6 Nevada loses @ SDSU.

 #13 LSU loses at home in OT to Florida.

#17 Nova loses at Georgetown.

#18 Louisville loses by 20 @ Syracuse.

Georgia loses at home to Miss St. after a fan throws a stuffed animal on the court with .5 seconds left giving Miss St. a technical FT. (not an upset but just insane).

Xavier (14-13) goes to Seton Hall (16-10) and wins, hurting SHU's bubble chances.

FGCU beats ASUN co-favorite Lipscomb, a massive blow to a team that was considered a possible at-large candidate.

Providence beats St. Johns by 19, a blow to SJU's tourney hopes. 


February 21st, 2019 at 9:45 AM ^

Nevada has not played a good team all season. They got thumped by 27 at New Mexico and New Mexico is 11-15. Nevada never deserved to be ranked in the top 10. 

Last night's loss dropped them to 22 in the NET. At least that's more realistic.