OT-Minnesota leading Wisconsin by 12 with 8 minutes to go thread

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Title is self-explanatory.  So, what's our rooting interest here?  Ordinarily I'd say whoever is playing Bo Ryan's team without a doubt, but would that take some of the lustre off our win Saturday?



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Go Minn-ee-soota!  I really though Wisconsin was a top 5 team but losing three in a row like this would really show a team with a few flaws.  They're still quality, but not nearly as much as I/many thought.  Also...damn, the Big Ten is beastly.


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Wisconsin is good.

Good teams (usually) have good records.

Good records make it harder to win a championship.

So root for Minny! Having another game or two separation from an elite team in the conference can't hurt.


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I think Wisconsin is pretty good, but they'll have a real tough time with 3 losses already.  That said, they've got the schedule in their favor - they don't have to go to Breslin and they don't have to go to Columbus (whatever their place is called, 99 cent store arena or something).  

Contrast that to Iowa who probably has the worst schedule - they play us, MSU, OSU, Wisconsin and Minnesota all twice.  They only have Nebraska once (and it's at home) and they only have Penn State and Purdue once as well.  

Both have tough roads, I think Iowa's is harder even with one fewer loss.


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Both because it helps in the Big Ten race and because the selection committee looks at teams' records against RPI Top 50 teams. Wisconsin will finish in the Top 50 for sure (they're #4 right now), whereas Minnesota is #35 and could easily drop; obviously it helps if they stay in the Top 50 and Michigan gets credited with a road win versus a Top 50 team for that win.


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Very impressed with the Gophers rallying after one of their star players, Andre Hollins, goes down with injury. Reminiscent of our team's performance in the Barn. Just goes to show how hard it is to win a conference road game. Basketball by far has the biggest difference in performance between road and home. Has to be worth like 10 points.

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I hate that play that Dre Hollins got hurt on. Jump shooter, and then the d-bag who is guarding him (think it was Brust, who definitely fits my preceding label) steps right under where he's going to land. I think it should be a T...guy turns an ankle almost every time in that situation. Which is why...fuck Wisconsin!!


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Michigan beat them both. It's nice to be able to turn around to watch everyone beating each other up behind you.


/ just in a basketball sense, not the bodyslamming way


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This was a game where we had beaten both teams on the road (a rarity, in this conference), so traditional rooting interests could take over.

Namely, fuck Bo Ryan.  Nice win for the Gophers, who look solidly in if we were bracketing today.

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Kenpom update?

I think it's a 3 game lead on Wisconsin now, 2 on Iowa. I don't see Wisconsin losing less than 2 more in conf, even with their schedule. Same for Iowa. I think today may have eliminated those 2, leaving MSU and M. MSU is a house money game, but 2-1 in the next 3 makes us 8-1 half way thru the season. That's a real good record

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I don't even care that we beat them this past weekend. I hate Wisconsin. I hate Bo Ryan and his boring, fun-crushing brand of basketball. I still hate Ben Brust. And I still wish the Kohl Center would just burn to the ground.

I will always love watching Wisconsin lose.


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Nice win for the gophers I didn't think they were this good when we beat them 2 weeks ago. Our wins look better and better Minnesota is a legit tourney team


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It's not that favorites or home teams get outplayed, it's that they crash and burn in horrible ways. Scoring zero second-half points, or an elite secondary completely wilting under pressure.

By contrast, in bouncy ball games, the garbage B1G teams have much better records and outlooks, and the power B1G teams would hold their own in any conference around the country.

So, yes.


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Wisconsin, in the end, sported an effective FG% of 49.00% compared to Minnesota's 62.50%. Minnesota also out-assisted Wisconsin by a 2:1 margin, so ball handling goes to Minnesota as well in this one with an A/T ratio of 2.27 compared to Wisconsin's 1.33. Certain things seem tough to overcome if you're the Badgers. 

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to have a top-tier hoops program after a considerable dry spell.  Heartfelt thanks to Coach B and staff, and all the players who signed on with him to turn the program around.