OT: At least we aren't Florida Appreciation Thread

Submitted by Fhshockey112002 on November 23rd, 2013 at 5:23 PM

Florida has lost 26-20 to Georgia Southern (7-4 4-4Southern Conf.).  Florida has now lost 6 straight and have #3 Florida State left to play. 

Will Muschamp's Gators haven't scored over 20 points since scoring 28 vs Kentucky on September 28th.  I guess it always could be worse. 



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I don't know if Matt Rhule's implosion this year gets him a second season but thinking that Pres. Theobald's focus (new hire former Indiana guy) on actual success in athletics (Temple basketball is usually great/football not so much) puts a ton of pressure on him. 

I suspect Jeremy Foley releases Muschamp from his contract this year (though hard to say what that does to their recruiting/transfers as Florida becomes UM 2007). If Muschamp were to become available he'd want a head coaching gig and need to rehab somewhere (preferably major market and with a large university where he could immediately impact)...Temple is in the 3rd largest market and winning there would earn anyone a "lifetime achievement award" (looking at you Al Golden). 

Will in Philly would be rather awesome to watch on about 50 levels...I'd have to seriously think about balancing my seasons at Michigan vs. TU tix (which can sometimes be a problem at present). 

FWIW, he'd be a hell of a lot better post Florida fit than Addazio.


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Not for lack of effort on the coaching staff's part.

Don't forget we have the horror part II next year. How hilarious would it be if we lost to them TWICE?

Brown Bear

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I feel as if you are rooting for Michigan to lose just so you can say "Told you so!"

It wouldn't be hilarious at all and for you to even say that is stupid. Turn in your fan card, I know you're better than all of us and a better fan more involved with the program but I don't give a shit. The negativity and zero backing of the program by so called fans and seeming of want to fail to get new coaches or a new AD is disgusting.
I saw a "pat yourself on the back" post in one of the post game threads regarding how you've been saying Borges needs to be fired and how much "crap you've taken". Well good for you, so mighty that you stood up to it and did not wilt under pressure. How dare coach Hoke not come out in public and admonish his offensive staffs failings in public just to make you and us the fan happy! He does not care obviously and enjoys losing! Lose them all!!! Mgrowold will rejoice in the teams failure as long as he looks right by doing so!!

I'm venting here on behalf of Coach Hoke as a defender of the man and his staff. We have supported and loved him for the past two years through the ups and downs and we hit a few speed bumps this year in the rebuild and we want him and his staff burned at the stake. It's disgusting and pitiful coming from our supposed smart fan base. To see the supposed fans who have basically given up or are rooting for failure makes me angry. Not the team and staff who I know are trying to win. Sell your ohio game tickets, don't renew or threaten to not renew your season tickets. That's what a true fan does. Give up and quit on the team but don't come back when the going gets good.
/vent over.


November 24th, 2013 at 7:38 AM ^

Except I didnt root for them to lose.  I wanted them to win very much and If you go back and reviewe my posts you'll see I predicted them to WIN because I actually thought Borges would call a good game.  I'm sorry if I cant be blindly supportive of incompetence as you seem to be with zero accountability for absoulte failure cause that's what this has come to.  This is worse, IMO, than 2008 cause this level of offensive suckitude is occuring in year three, not year one, of a regime change.

What blows my mind is that in 45 plus years of watching Michigan football I cannot remember seeing team regress as badly as this one has and yet you and others seem completely blind to what myself and most posters and almost all local and national media are seeing, that Borges is unable to complete the job he was hired to do.  And you lash out at me for using the one and only option I have to send my message of disgust to Brandon as if sitting in the seats and cheering failure will someone initiate change.

We both love the same thing very much.  I am watching someone destroy it and I'm trying to do something about it.  You think blind, unconditional support (like a parent to a wayward child) is the proper avenue to take and will someone yield better results.  I do not.

By the way - I DO apologize for saying "wouldnt be hilarious" if we lost to Ap State.  That was more directed at Brandon and no, it would not be hilarios at all if it happened.  I was there for the first one and remember clearly the national humiliation we took because of it.  I do NOT want that repeated.


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If you were alive in the 80s and 90s and early part of the century it was awesome...Rose Bowls, MNC, surly Bo, surly Mo, surly Lloyd, MNC, Woodson, Brady, Henne, Mike Hart, "little brother"...yes, it was glorious.

And no, it was never like Sparty. Don't forget for all Spart's "success" over the last ten years no top tens, no Rose Bowls, no BCS.

That's the narrative for my adult life. If you don't think that kind of tradition and excellence can come back my Temple Owls always looking for new supporters.


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Not that you compared the two but App had NFL kids on their roster, some still in the NFL. Shouldn't have lost but they were, IIRC, a 3 time defending D2 national champion. GS is a 6-4 team and a few of the wins were in this year's UM win fashion (looking bad against even worse teams, yada yada). GS is not even close to good. They beat Florida without completing a pass. Sure, an option team but not one pass completed and their defense held the UF offensive in check. This is, imo, the 5th bigger upset than us losing to App since we did. I go that way because, no. GS is not good. At all. No offense.


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We could look at it this way, I suppose. Statistically, we are not Florida. The only area in which Florida seems to shine for some reason is fourth down conversions - they are successful 61.54% of the time, which is 25th in the nation. Sample size, quality of the defense lining up against them, and other qualifiers apply here. 



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We aren't Florida...When they lose to a subdivision team it is during a shit year with an injured starting QB, in a game nobody will remember 3 years from now.  When we crap our pants, we make sure the whole world will remember it forever, losing in what is considered the greatest upset in colloege football history (at least in terms of perception), as the #5 team in the polls losing to a subdivision team.

Oh, and there's the whole, they have 2 national titles in recent years and can still recruit a talent rich state and will probably be a top 10 team in a year or 2 with a bunch of NFL talent and still play in the SEC....

So, yeah, we're not Florida.


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Haha...same record? Check. Same underperformance? Check. High ranked team left. Check. Both will likely lose the last game? Check.

Only question left to ask is...

Would you rather be playing FSU or OSU?

I'd rather play OSU. Seem more beatable...though very very slim.