OT-Game of Thrones S6 E5

Submitted by Eastside Maize on May 22nd, 2016 at 8:07 PM
Arya is about to be in Assassins Creed. Will Yara sit on the salt throne? Sansa is the brains and Jon the brawn. Ramsay, do not be deceived...you will reap what you sow. WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE



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The New Red Woman...who is she and how will she fit into the storyline? Most excited to see this new character introduced.


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After everyone Martin has killed in these stories how do people not realize that Ramsay is going to be the new ruler of Westeros by the end? Prove me wrong. 

I Bleed Maize N Blue

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The only problem with Tywin is that he didn't give much credence to the threat beyond the wall, which I think is really the biggest threat with winter coming.

Probably any southerner would think the same, though. Only the north remembers, but the White Walkers haven't come south in centuries(?), so that they have become merely monsters in tales used to scare the young.


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IIRC even Tyrion blew them off. But... Tywin was a guy who was good on his feet with dealing with new threats. I'd like to think he would realize the issue before the walkers were  walking over moat cailin. But who knows. 

I didn't think the Children would go down so easily to the walkers. I think the only answer to them will be the dragons. But they seem just one step down from feral. 


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Doubt the Children are gone -- Meera will need some help getting south. Benjen Stark is the most likely candidate, but the Children could also be involved, especially if he's been living with them all this time.

But it's also possible that was the last of the Children, driven to extinction by their own creation. If so, it (the origin story of the White Walkers and its consequences) is probably a major thread in the next book.


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Imagine if Jon, Tyrion, and dany ride dragons to save the world only to win and die for their efforts... Then Littlefinger marries Sansa and rules the 7 kingdoms.... that would be the ultimate bittersweet ending. lol



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and characters are always done in by their unforced errors. Ned, Cat, Robb, Joffrey, Tywin, all of them. Ramsay makes unforced errors every time he appears on the page. For some reason, the show's creators have chosen to show him as an evil genius instead of an evil idiot, but if he ends up as ruler of anything it won't be because of any of Martin's input.


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In the books Ramsay is most certainly not an idiot. Cruel, torturous, and reckless yes. But not an idiot. He switched places with Reek when captured by Rodrik so Reek was murdered for his (Ramsay's) crimes. He convinces Theon to release him and orchestrated the switching of the farmboys to represent the younger dead Stark boys. He flayed, tortured, and *ahem* amputates part of Theon eventually cowing Theon to Ramsay's every demand. He is a son of Roose Bolton and has definitely inherited his cunning. 


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I'll give him cunning, but he has zero ability or inclination to see the big picture or think long term. If he had even ignored Jeyne Poole instead of abusing her, she wouldn't have been inclined to flee and he would have been able to convince people that Arya Stark consented to marry him. Likewise if he had treated Theon the way the Starks did after they captured him, he might not have been inclined to help Jeyne escape. Theon only betrayed the Starks after Robb sent him by himself to the Iron Islands, where he was surrounded by Greyjoy loyalists.


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For those that aren't aware, this episode was accidentally released for a couple hours last night in Norway so it's available online.  So if you don't have HBO or want to watch it sooner you can, and if you are planning to watch it live tonight be careful about spoilers.


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The article within that link about the most pirated shows is pretty interesting to me - I didn't really think about how pirated Game Of Thrones really truly is until they laid out the numbers in that piece, even at a high level. It might very well explain why my one of my in-laws has every episode on DVDs with handwritten labels yet doesn't have cable, I will put it that way.

The Mad Hatter

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And more killing of religious fanatics is what I'd like to see. Also, maybe now that Khalisi has a gigantic army of mongols she can finally do something?

I would also be perfectly fine watching an entire episode of the imp and the eunuch drinking wine and chatting about various topics.


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Aeron Damphair is there, but I don't know if we've ever been introduced to him as Damphair in the show. He gets a decent amount of time in the books, but all we've seen from him in the show is priest stuff. No name or relations mentioned as far as I can remember.