OT: Former FSU Mascot Stabbed to Death over Gumbo Recipe

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So, I'm from Florida, and this may be the most Florida headline I have ever read. I used to live a block from where this happened and enjoyed their gumbo. Condolences to his family for their loss over something like this. Gumbo is serious down here, but it shouldn't come close to life or death. Senseless and quintessential Florida.....




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Yes, SC is north of Georgia, but if you look at the map, the state of Georgia is mis-shapen -- it doesn't go that far east at the top part of the map.

Essentially, Google the border for Savannah and Hilton Head and compare that map to Bugs' map. His map should have had a bit of SC in the eastern part.


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I mean who amoung us can say they HAVENT stabbed an ex mascot to death over a Gumbo recipe?  I know I for one certainly cannot.

Glass houses people - glass houses


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The fact they were fighting over a recipe that seemingly wasn't one of their own (I'm assuming it's the restaurant's recipe) makes it even worse.  If you are going to defend something to death, at least have some skin in the game.  This is like getting into a brawl over the amount of breading you put on a KFC bucket of wings.  


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According to police, Thompson pulled out a wooden board while Halley grabbed a small pocket knife. Thompson then walked away and brought back a 15-inch knife. He allegedly swung the knife at Halley, causing three lacerations across his torso.

Holy crap....and over the amount of spice in a gumbo recipe that wasn't their own, from from the sound of it. Absolutely senseless indeed. I will never, ever understand what drives some people to die on hills such as these, if you will, and commit violent acts over something so trivial. 

Blue 8198

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"Caleb Joshua Halley, who served as Chief Osceola from 2004-07 and graduated from the university in 2009."

Not to mention he was 34 at the time of the incident and probably didn't get the Chief O gig his freshman year.


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I've got to imagine there was more to this confrontation than how much spice to put in the gumbo.  Not there ever really is a good reason to take another man's life, but if there is one, it sure as shit isn't going to be of the culinary variety.

Though I will say I have wished great bodily harm on those who have advertised a chili as "Texas-style" and proceeded to add beans to it.

Everyone Murders

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How best to put this? 

/Start the best bass line of all time/

I'm a complicated man, and no one understands me but my woman.*

Can ya dig it?

/To be clear, if I referred to her as "my woman" outside the context of quoting lyrics, I'd perhaps be among the murdered./


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I lived in PC 92-94 when stationed at Tyndall AFB. How long has Buddy's been there? I don't remember it, but I do remember Club Levela & Spinnaker

Honk if Ufer M…

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Busy restaurant kitchens can be among the most high pressure and high stress places to work there are.

Restaurant owners, managers, chefs & others in the pecking order can be abusive tyrants who push people to the edge. A restaurant staff works closely with each other for long hours in high stress in hot and cramped spaces, they know each other well and push each others buttons, they hang out and drink together, they fuck each other and love each other and hate each other and have deeply personal info on each other to use in anger in front of other employees, etc. etc.

Who knows what could've really been going on that set this off? Maybe one of the guys was just yelled at and had his job threatened after being accused of something he didn't do and now this other guy is about to fuck up the gumbo and guy one knows the yelling manager will blame him if the gumbo is fucked up so the gumbo spice argument gets overheated and escalates out of control. Just one of infinite potential scenarios.

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...if it's wrong for white folks to dress and make themselves up to look like black folks (and it is), why is it okay for white folks to dress and make themselves up to look like Native Americans? This happens at the University of Illinois with Chief Illiniwek, too.

Perkis-Size Me

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Sounds like it happens with explicit permission from the Seminole Tribe, and FSU makes every effort to be as authentic and respectful to Seminole traditions as possible.

I think you're referring as well to blackface, and that was clearly done in lack of respect to African American people. In fact, I'm assuming that was done with the explicit intention of degrading those people.

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