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05/31/2018 - 6:46am Rich Gossage?!

Rich Gossage?! What an unlikely return to the sport.

04/14/2018 - 10:20am Well

I’m a teacher, so any storm that gets us a snow day is ok in my book. I will say that my least favorite storm ever came a couple years ago on the night that I had tickets to see Jason Isbell in Royal Oak. Had to waste them, and sat at the kitchen counter drinking bourbon instead.

04/02/2018 - 8:08am Damn! I’ll leave my shield

Damn! I’ll leave my shield and gun on the chief’s desk.

04/01/2018 - 9:28pm Haha

“It would be torcher watching them cut down the nets.”

Nailed it, dude. They at least tried to spell it phonetically, but apparently “torture” hasn’t showed up on his “Word of the Day” toilet paper yet.

03/30/2018 - 7:06pm Yes sir

Yes sir.

03/30/2018 - 6:20pm Myself

I just left Loggers a bit ago and now I’m home knocking down a killer homebrew IPA. Might dip into some Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing later.

03/25/2018 - 8:15am Well

As long as Charles Barkley says the same, that’s fine. That dude is always wrong. Turrible.

03/08/2018 - 12:45pm They are

They are really dragging out this All Out War storyline.

02/10/2018 - 4:28pm Yes!

That’s where I first recognized him. And the winged helmet looked good on Mathman.

02/08/2018 - 12:30pm Well put

Well put.

02/01/2018 - 12:33pm Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust, probably. Not so much for the people, but the things done to animals.

01/27/2018 - 3:06pm See

I thought the exact opposite. Lots of alcohol heat this year. But, different batches, different palates.

01/20/2018 - 7:18am As a middle school teacher

I can tell you that that statement typically precedes a lie.

01/13/2018 - 4:52pm Check the stat line

Did they outhit us today? They might have.

01/13/2018 - 2:33pm Agreed!

Agreed! That was killer.

01/11/2018 - 8:47pm It didn’t

It didn’t last long. Was up and gone in minutes.

12/27/2017 - 8:44pm Of course...

She’s 6’3’’, 250, And runs a 4.5 40.

12/27/2017 - 8:37pm Yeah

I think we heard that right. Wondered the same thing.

12/27/2017 - 3:35pm Watch your head...

We’ve got dad jokes flying around in here.

12/26/2017 - 9:15pm Well,

Right now, Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout is out there. Lots of places have it popping up on tap. Gotta get that if you find it. M-43 from Old Nation is a good grab. Hipster Brunch from Oddside is out there too. If you find the rye barrel version, that’s a no brainer.

If you want to visit a couple breweries that are doing some dang good work while you’re here, Austin Bros. in Alpena (their NE IPAs have been amazing), Oracle in Saginaw, and Creston in Grand Rapids (you have to get the Bloody Fifth!) are great visits. And the food at Austin Bros. is killer as well.

12/23/2017 - 2:55pm Yeah

Sorry bud, this was posted yesterday as well.

12/22/2017 - 11:20am This morning,

He covered that in a call with Sam Webb. He stated that the coaches said right now he is a tight end, but he’ll play wherever his body develops in a way for him to play. He also said he hadn’t really played at tackle before, but he’s open to play wherever the coaches see him fit to play.

12/09/2017 - 7:09pm John Denver

John Denver and the Muppets Christmas album is my all time favorite.

12/09/2017 - 7:08pm Well,

I guess Gremlins counts. So I’ll go with that and Christmas Vacation.

And I’m currently enjoying Dank Frank Juice from Oddside.

12/08/2017 - 11:58am Aw come on.

Let’s not take shots at his weight.

11/24/2017 - 7:12pm Eagle rare

Eagle Rare neat right now.

11/24/2017 - 9:00am Is that you

Is that you, Michael Stipe?

11/23/2017 - 10:50pm Yes!

I’ve got my Replacements Pandora station pretty well dialed in with the old REM stuff as well. Hard to beat stuff from that era.

11/12/2017 - 3:19pm That

That shows you how much it’s perceived that it’s Alabama and everyone else. Get a close loss to Bama and you get treated like it’s a win. Man, I sure wanted them to take that loss.

10/18/2017 - 12:29pm That track

That track is a gem.

10/18/2017 - 5:44am Maybe

Maybe a fullback?

10/17/2017 - 5:21pm Huh

Wouldn’t that be kind of a small DE?

10/13/2017 - 7:31pm Well...

You may get your wish.

10/13/2017 - 7:30pm Stopped at Oracle

Stopped at Oracle Brewing in Old Town Saginaw after work, but now I’m enjoying an All Day while I wait for a deep dish to come up. Solid day! Enjoy your weekend everybody. Go Blue!

10/07/2017 - 10:35pm Well done

Well done sir.


10/06/2017 - 7:47pm Right now

Right now an imperial stout I brewed in 2015. The years have been pretty good to this one. Next up, a 2016 bottle of the same.

09/27/2017 - 4:31pm How

How was the rest of the world just waiting for the other shoe to drop, and these naive pollyannas are holding their heads muttering about how they can't believe it happened? Anybody with a pulse knew that something was going on and it would eventually come to some sort of end, and probably not a good one.

09/25/2017 - 5:41am This

This was my biggest gripe. Thought the blimp was holding the camera.

09/23/2017 - 2:00pm Tried dr.

Tried Dr. Strangelove over the winter. It's made just south of me in Owosso I think. Pretty good stuff. I'd buy it again.

09/10/2017 - 8:49am He needs

He needs a good slobberknocker to help him rest easy.

09/03/2017 - 10:12pm Had

Had a Founders DKML myself. Man is that stuff stellar!

09/03/2017 - 8:46pm Yeah

It's been a long time coming.

08/14/2017 - 8:17pm Tell them

Tell them to kick rocks. I'm tired of them acting like they're the prettiest girl at prom. Schools keep falling over themselves to schedule them. Stop doing that, leave them scheduling nobodies, and see if they finally change their tune.

08/11/2017 - 3:13pm Well

Dinardo does look like a potato. So, probably.

08/06/2017 - 7:33pm Currently

Preacher has been good, catching up on Rick and Morty, and I just started Letterkenny which is hilarious.

07/30/2017 - 1:05am At the same time?

At the same time? That'd be a roller coaster of emotions.

07/17/2017 - 9:55am Sam Webb

Sam Webb mentioned that the kid was told that they would change the system/find a way to feature him on the morning show. He was quoting what Ruckert said if I remember correctly.

07/12/2017 - 7:04pm All three are insufferable

All three are insufferable twits.

07/08/2017 - 8:53pm Stopped off....

Stopped off at Mountain Town and Alma Brewing Co. after some disc golf today, so I got all my drinks in a little early. Alma had a red Saison that was worth checking out.

06/28/2017 - 10:33am However!

He's got the headset on.