The Ice Storm Cometh - And Your Favorite Winter Storm

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It looks like we could be in for some epic weather this weekend, from top to bottom of the state.   Could be the kind of storm that LSA has to work for a week straight if the power goes out with all the ice they are predicting.  The middle of the state is in for a whacking with ice:

Some more info here:


And for up north there is over a foot of wet snow predicted, then ice to cover it all.  Its supposed to come in waves throughtout the entire weekend, too. Did I mention the gale force winds on the lakes, 15 foot waves?  I guess fishing will have to wait for a weekend.

Sat A.M. EDIT:  Snow up here is way, way heavy with moisture, trees starting to bow down l-o-w, and the winds are picking up.  Could get interesting if the rest of the weather prophesy unfolds as predicted.

Two questions for you all:

1.  Are you prepared if/when the power goes out this weekend?

2.  What's your memory of your favorite winter storm?  When was it and how gigantic did it get?

If it turns out as bad as advertised, be safe you all.




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The mop-up resumed at first light after severe thunderstorms battered the state overnight.

Power was cut to about 11,000 homes and businesses in western Sydney and the Illawarra on Tuesday evening, and emergency crews from Endeavour Energy worked to restore power to all but 2,100 customers just before 11pm.


and its got sharks.  great white sharks.  that fly through the air.  


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tell the truth, you guys are in the midst of flood and mud slide season, and threw in an earthquake last week for a dessert topping.  

i do remember snow on PCH one year, driving north from malibu and up into topanga.  as a michigander, i was alone on the road and 'at home' in the snow, chugging along in my trusty old '77 3/4 ton 4.x 4 suburban.  not very california of me, but particularly well suited to that weather. 


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this coming fall.  it is easy to access and they go from one part of the farm, across the road, to the other.  need to cut down on the number of deer around the farm.  bow and arrow = effective strategy. 


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1. No, I am not prepared, my whiskey stash is very low from March Madness.....or did you mean like a generator and back up power??


2. My favorite winter storm story, was over Thanksgiving weekend one year we got over 40 inches of snow at my grandparents house in the central U.P.   My dad and I went out hunting Thanksgiving morning  because we figured the deer would be moving before the storm, and he ended up getting a nice 10 point buck. We got home around 10AM and from there Heikkii Lunta and mother nature combined to let all hell break loose.  I've been in some pretty bad snow storms, but this one, you literally could hold your hand infront of your face and not see it due to the heavy wet snow and blizzard winds causing complete white outs. By the time it was all said and done there were areas where snow had driffted all the way  up to the roof of the house. The best  part to me was my aunt who had moved to South Carolina  brought her husband up to the U.P. for the first time, and this guy had never seen snow before in his life! Oh the terror he experienced that weekend, being stuck in the house drinking beer with Yoopers for 3 straight days because his little sedan was literally burried in a snow drift. Poor guy. Marriage is still going strong though! Theres been other Lake Superior lake effect storms that rival that...but because of all the events surrounding this one I will never forget that weekend.  


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and where was grandma/grandpa's house?  i don't remember that storm at all, but maybe it was a year i was away.  

i remember a snow like that in march though.  and i didn't close my office.  told the ladies they didn't have to come into work, but i made it in.  it was a pretty epic driving day, but fun.  


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I remember that storm as we lost power at some point and were fortunate enough to have a fireplace to huddle in front of.

It was the first time and only time we ever had our driveway plowed (I was always tabbed with shoveling by hand, using a shovel that was almost taller than me with curled up front corners from years of chipping away ice).

My mom has a photo album with before and after pictures of the plowed driveway. The piled snowbanks came right up to the front corner roof eaves on either side of the driveway allowing a perfect transition to sled from the roof, down the banks and rocket down the driveway all the way into the street (very similar to this picture):


Hail Harbo

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I was working as a prep cook for Weber's Inn at the time.  Those of us that could make it in were told to clock in, find a room at pool side, work our shifts, and clock out when the State Emergency was over.  I spent 96 hours with Herman Weber and his family taking care of and feeding stranded travelers.  Made a fair paycheck that week.


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got stranded coming back from my grandparents house.  Made it to within a 1/2 mile of our house in the northern burbs.

My dad & I walked to our house, climbed in a window and got the garage door open. We then trudged back to our car with a big toboggan to "rescue" my mom, sister & dachsound.

We shoveled off the roof the next morning and just walked straight off the roof down the slope to the ground.  7 ft high tunnels to get in the door, etc.

I was 13.  Lots of bonnevilles, but I don't remember many horse & carriages however!


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Biggest storm I ever  saw..I was living off campus and my apt front door was completely covered with snow..could barely get out..Had a elderly couple across the street had to go get them and bring them into my place..When we did get out I saw the largest humongous Military vehicles out in the street plowing  Basically no school for over a week if I remember correctly


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Your map is already out of date. Eaton and Ingham counties are now under a winter storm warning along with the rest of the counties northward. Livingston, Oakland, and Macomb are under winter weather advisories.

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I wonder if your Blizzard of 78 is the same one that hit Indiana. Several of my friends were born 9 months after that one. There are stories around my hometown of people getting to their cars after the blizzard to find tracks from snow machines across the roof.