Miami Maize

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Meant well for sure, but who wasn't tired of listening to how the coaches liked "hearing" the physicality of pads crashing?  Less "hearing" and more real "execution" is the difference between old and new regimes.  

Thank God every day we have Harbaugh leading this program, as I wouldn't trade him for any other single coach, including the win-at-any-cost sleaze masters in Columbus and Tuscaloosa. 


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A friend here in town texted me a picture of the BTN tailgate bus on campus at 1:30 today. So, unless my friend is an evil genius, the bus is here at least... 

Pai Mei

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1. The new faces. No school in America had more NFL draft picks last April than the Wolverines’ 11 selections. Jim Harbaugh has done a lot of good things since returning to Ann Arbor. And one of them is to recruit. The depth chart will be populated with his guys. How quickly can they grow up?

2. Wilton Speight. He did a lot of nice things last season in his first year as the starting signal-caller. Can he take the proverbial next step in his development? Can he be a difference-maker and make more plays down field?

3. Offensive line. If you look at the final numbers for the attack, they don’t look so bad. Michigan led the Big Ten in scoring (40.0 ppg), was No. 4 in total offense (424.9 ypg) and was No. 2 in rushing (212.9 ypg). But the Wolverines had struggles vs. quality opponents, especially when it came to running the ball. Is the front better? There are three starters to replace.

4. Pass-catchers. No school lost more in this department, as wideouts Jehu Chesson and Amara Darboh, along with tight end Jake Butt, are gone. The staff likes the potential of players like Kekoa Crawford and Eddie McDoom. Newbies Donovan People-Jones and Tarik Black drip with talent. Who will be the next star?

5. Rashan Gary. He arrived last year amid much fanfare, hailed as the No. 1 recruit in the nation by some services. And Gary showed flashes off the edge of that potential for an often dominating Wolverine defense. Can he fully blossom into a wrecking ball off the edge who can take over games?


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They gushed over D'Antoni and MSU last year.  All of their analysis on Sparty and their ability to "reload" was hot garbage.  

Much like this year, Michigan refused to move their practice time which delayed their broadcast to the following day.  When they got to MSU they raved about how they always felt "so welcome in East Lansing" which I'm certain was a shot at JH.  I hope Jim snubs them for an interview again this year.

Charlie Bucket

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Can always count on BTN for that hard hitting analysis.


"This team is faster than last year", "This team is bigger than last year", "That was the most organized practice I've ever seen. They got a lot in, I mean A LOT"-Gerry DiNardo at every practice for every team, every year


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Personally, I plan to go into a catatonic state whenevr DiNardo begins attempting to analyze practice footage or any part of practice he may have personally witnessed. I will mysteriously zone back in whenever he stops speaking. 

Goggles Paisano

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 - This is most athletic team we have seen in all our years coming to camp

 - Brandon Peters is pushing Speight

 - This Freshman WR group is as impressive a class as we've ever seen

 - Lot of new faces on the defense but boy can they get after it

 - The drop off at Viper won't be as big as people think

 - Quite an impressive stable of running backs

 - My goodness is O'Maury Samuels a physical speciman

 - Pep and Greg Frey were two of the best offseason hires in 2017

 - DiNardo will say things to make you think this team is the second coming of Alabama and then predict an 8-4 record.   


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A couple things stood out to me from my perch above  the train tracks on Stadium Dr.:

-- Speight dropped in a couple of bombs for TD's -- very nice throws. Consider the limited sample size but he looked better than Peters (which kinda surprised me).

--Sean McKeon is now a very large man who can really move. He has great wheels and got behind the defense twice for long "scores".

--UM has a bevy of very large men who can run and catch balls.

--DPJ already stands out for his athleticism -- he looks like an NFL guy at age 18. Appreared to be running some nice routes.



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This one is concerning. We know our DL is going to be good, I would rather see something that they are equal, this might be a mild way of saying our OL is not good:

Michigan obviously has a ton to replace on D, but group up front has really impressed today. Appear to be ahead of OL.

— Dave Revsine (@BTNDaveRevsine) August 11, 2017


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4pm BTN Live program was not a live report from A2. Instead we got an old Michigan game. I took a nap and came back at 0730pm and they were playing last year's Michigan-Indiana game Now at 0800pm we have the 2013 Michigan v Notre Dame night home game when Brady Hoke was still coaching. Bless the wonderfully predictable BTN program schedule.


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BTN Live report from Ann Arbor on Michigan football is live now. Note this starts with a segment fro the studio then goes to DiNardo and associates on location