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season tix holder and went to their first game....against the wings.  

quick story:  they were using special pucks for the game and the extras used for warm-ups are kept in the penalty box.   buddy of mine from canada works the box and at the end of the game probert is in the box with somebody else for fighting (what else).    proby and the other wing take a liking to the pucks and want to keep some, problem is they don't have any way to get them over to the wings bench.  my friend, not remembering the infamous limo incident with proby where he was busted at the Det/Wind border with an ounce of blow in his pants says to proby, "Put them in your pants".      There is dead silence as proby is looking at lloyd, about to kill him, but then realizes that lloyd didn't have a clue about the trouser coke.   proby and the other wing laughed so hard they nearly missed getting out of the box when their time was up. 


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They are slowly migrating toward become the Dallas Cowboys of hockey, by moving to the silver.  Soon the green will become blue, they'll get rid of the D and just have the star, and then they'll just change their name to Cowboys in the hope of getting more of a fan base.  Lord knows it can't hurt especially with the CLYTT network's infatuation with the Cowboys. 

The CLYTT network is what I call ESPN, which should rename itself accordingly since  75% of all coverage orbits around these four entities:



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It looks like something DC Comics would have come up with in the 70's for a superhero, some minor character named "Dyna-Star" or some such thing.  It's got that "I bet the kids really thought that looked cool 30 years ago" vibe going on.


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Edit: On second glance, they look almost exactly like North Dakota's jerseys. Right down to the green shoulders and the green and black stripes at the waist

Double Edit: Just realized the OP pointed that out. Oops