Mother of OSU's Wesson Brothers Unloads on Michigan Students, Officials

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I love absolutely everything about this. LINK.

"I have NEVER seen a more disrespectful student section than Michigan!"



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Oh cry me a river. I've heard horror stories of Michigan fans visiting Columbus. She was also whining about the officiating. She needs to take her L and move on.


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I believe what she said, and also believe she didn't handle it the right way....let me explain....

years ago as a student, i think it was around 1992 or so, vs MSU,  i sat in very  good seats around 5th row it think it was, and right next to the big C mike peplowski's parents, his father was sitting next to me...pre-game he told me was his father, etc.... that didn't keep me and fans from yelling at msu players, disses... for instance, i'd harass his son mike with yelling "hey peplowski!!!! hows your girlfriend and my kid?" and it'd actually get mike's attention and he'd look over and wryly smile. i remember thinking at the time that this big oaf shouldn't lose focus so easily, with a rival fan, but maybe it was because i was sitting right next to his dad....

of course, i apologized to his parents and said, that this goes with territory sitting here, and its not personal, and just enjoy it...  they were uncomfortable at first, but it did assuage them a bit...i told him not to worry, and just enjoy this banter... it really made him relax.. becuase the language around us was caustic.    and his son on floor during stoppages, his eyes would wander and kept looking at us and wondering why his dad was talking to a M fan... i could tell mike was curious and eyeing us to see if his dad was in trouble, sitting where he was...    

some of the students did take it too far, but it was actually precipitated by mr. peplowski when hes openly rooting for msu while almost all surrounded by M fans and many students. but boy if he yelled anything anti-M at refs or players, then the fans would get personal, and ON him...not the players... i'd tell our fans to throw the insults at the players instead, and many did, many drunkards didnt, the latter would tell me to go root for sparty... that crossed a line a bit but so be it.. there are ways to do things in good taste.

anyway, at the end of the game, he pulled me aside, shook my hand, and said that i "had alot of class, unlike most of the fans next to us".  this was despite him hearing ME diss the msu players , even his son, with somewhat sketchy taste....

i fake tipped my hat to his son on the floor as to say goodbye, and he acknowledged back.  i almost felt i had to protect his parents, yet, they should not have been sitting there...

now, had i not been there, it could have easily escalated...really.. because mr. pep was vocal toward refs and players etc,  and what the lady said is probably true but she didn't know how to roll with it...  but tough shit, because she should know what its like for M fans at the horseshoe....


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if this part is true: WOW spitting, cussing, throw foam lights at the guest team.

then she is right to call the students out.  call it what it is, that would be the exact stuff we would complain about if we went to ohio. 

as far as the officiating stuff, yeah, waaahhhmmbulance time on that. 


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I’m a student that was there and obviously I can’t say for sure, but I would think if there was any type of throwing things or especially spitting, that it would’ve generated some kind of reaction from the OSU bench and clearly there wasn’t any reaction from my perspective.

Dont wanna speculate too much but this could very well be the mother “wishing” that these events occurred into her own reality, so that she could sound more intelligent bad mouthing our school and fan base.

As to the Fuck Ohio chants, arena people were clearly trying to stop us from chanting it, so while blaming fans is petty but acceptable, blaming administration just doesn’t make sense.


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it's OSU...heat of the moment, pure hatred born over years of competition. Yeah the high road and sportsmanship should be expected...but it's osu. There isn't a more hostile environment than columbus on gameday. Their fans are the worst anywhere. If it were any other team complaining, I'd be embarrassed. With these thugs, sucks to suck. You want to set the tone, we can play the game when we stomp their guts out too...GO BLUE. Maybe stay in colonumbus and watch from your TV. I'd never go there for any event.

Piston Blue

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I was 4 rows behind OSUs bench and saw nothing of the sort. I was making fun of both Wessons the whole game for not getting up to run back on defense and for air balling a 3 of course, but I saw no one spit or say anything directly to the parents. I did notice people throwing the light things, but only in the upper bowl and not in the student section. I'm also not a huge fan of the "fuck Ohio" (even though I agree) and "You suck bitch" chants, so I don't usually participate in those though.


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I was at the game. Lots of students threw their foam lights down over the rows in front of them near the end of the game but I didn't think any reached the court or the bench. When it comes to cussing, I wasn't near the OSU bench so I don't know if there were any hecklers right behind them, though there usually are at almost any game for any team. There were a few big F*** Ohio chants that started in the student section that the arena employees tried to shut down, which she might be referring to. 

A Lot of Milk

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I posted a long comment since I sat right by her, but the tldr is that no one spat, the only cussing was fuck Ohio, and it was one foam glowstick that might not have even been intentional and weighs almost nothing. Child's play compared to any OSU game I've been to in Columbus, including basketball, football, and sometimes hockey


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My 3 year old son has a foam sword we play fight with sometimes. You could smack me in the face with that thing and it wouldn't hurt. I know because this accidentally happens a lot with a 3 year old. If she's complaining about that maybe she should have taught her son, whose basketball talent appears to consist of being a shitty OT playing Center, to get tougher.

OSU fan complaining about cussing is vintage "shocked that there's gambling going on in here." Have some perspective, Ms. Wesson. YOUR SON PLAYS FOR OHIO STATE.

As for the spit. I presume it was buckeye tears after Kaleb got poster-blocked by Jordan Poole.

Whirled Peas

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I’m with XM on this one.  I think our fan base is better than, “Well they did it so it’s OK.”  We ARE better and we generally act like it.  Sounds like her account may not be 100% accurate but let’s not rewrite basic ethics.

spitting on people in any context = unacceptable (glad to hear people refute this)

profane chants = bush league IMHO.  I like to think I can take kids to games without having to apologize.  I know there are others who might think this is an outdated and naive viewpoint, but I still wince at the “You Suck” that got added to one of our cheers.  Scream at the opposing team all you want.  Be clever, not crude.

Throwing things = silly.  Throwing nerf items isn’t the same as getting batteries thrown at you or beer dumped on you, but should anyone have the right to violate your personal space just because you wore the wrong jersey?  Again, I get it.....foam, but is touching another person in any capacity necessary to cheer for your team?

We are on of the great fan bases in the county and I’m proud we hold ourselves to higher standards than Ohio and Staee.


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Don't throw things is a pretty easy rule. I definitely do not support throwing anything at anyone at a sporting event. But there's also tons of shenanigans that happens in the student section (e.g., throwing them everywhere at each other that I'm generally okay with) and they occasionally fly outside. It happens, and I don't think it is at the level of throwing batteries at people.


As for the "cussing" - I dislike the "bitch" that has been added to the end of "You Suck!" and will not say it. But saying "you suck" is pretty innocuous at this point and frankly a lot better than a lot of other stuff that gets said. Now, I won't be saying "you suck" when we're down a ton and punting in the 4th because.... yeah.