MNF: the Shazier injury...

Submitted by Cruzcontrol75 on December 4th, 2017 at 9:30 PM
Looked terrible at the time. He never moved his legs after contacting the Cinci receiver. It puts the danger of the game into perspective when an ultra talented young man sustains an injury which requires being immobilized and carried off. I wish the best for him and hope it is not as bad as it looked for the minutes he lay on the turf. It's hard not to think of Mike Utley, Reggie Brown, Dennis Byrd & Chuckie Mullins when that happens.



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But the way his lower body totally followed when he reached for his back and rolled over i fear that's a very real possibility in this case. He moved both arms but we never saw movement in either feet or legs.


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Dr. Chao did not have a good diagnosis. I turned the game off. I felt sick after seeing that.

And now I just read Mixon got a nasty hit to his head also. Being looked at for concussion.

EDIT- here’s a link for Dr. Chao’s summary. He’s 95% accurate at diagnosing an injury when looking at a video of what happened.


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I couldn't see what caused it at first. It didn't look bad until the last replay that showed his head and neck compress. 

What's most concerning is how he grabbed his lower back like all that force travelled down his spine until it found a weak enough point to escape.

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You could see him moving his right arm to verify motion then rolled his left arm from under his back and wiggle that around to verify mobility but his legs still weren't moving and he dropped his head in anguish motioning for help.

Cam Hayward won't stop crying.

Pray for this man ... it does not look good


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Thats obviously for you to decide but make sure you do your homework.  Concussions in soccer and hockey are also becoming a big problem.  Football has a much worse perception regarding brain trauma than those sports but that is largely because scientists are just starting to turn their attention to studying the effects from those sports.…



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Soccer and hockey certainly have concussion issues, but nowhere near the amount of head trauma. The problem with football is that many players take a hit to the head on every play. This is what leads to CTE, not the concussions. I don't mean to down play concussions, they can certainly be serious, but they are a small part of football's problem.


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I'm don't necessarily disagree.  All I'm saying is that the science is just starting to thoroughly expand into other sports.  

"As for the physical effects repeated low-level head impacts have on the brain, Lipton says it's still unclear—though his 2013 study found some players who headed over 1,000 times a year had tiny structural changes in their brains. He's planning to work more with the players from his most recent study to see if and how their brains change over time."



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Rewatched that on slow mo and my trauma nurse brain is thinking the worse. 1.) Immediate loss of muscle tone below waist 2.) Could see him look down at his legs like he wanted to stand but couldn't. 3.) Probable burst fracture of lumbar vertebrae w/ spinal cord involvement

And I've got years of experience with trauma. It's not a good prognosis.


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My cousin fell backwards and sustained a serious neck injury(20 years ago). He was by himself and later told us he was rubbing his neck while on the ground but felt really tired so he thought he'd sleep.  He woke up screaming for neighbors cuz he could not move. He was paralyzed from the neck down.   

He was moved to University of Michigan.  They were so good to him. So many surgeries.  I was always a Michigan football fan, but I became a University of Michigan fan through it all. Tremendous people working in that area. 

Tragically he had another accident and has passed away.  The way he handled his injury was inspirational to me.  Life changing.  



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I'm glad they have medical staff who know what they're doing and got him properly transported to the hospital. Next few hours are crucial, but that gives the nerves a chance once swelling is down. Kind of crazy how nerves poke out between the vertebrae, given they're all one cell and don't heal like bones can. Really hoping it's not as serious as it looks.

I also hope there are people watching in West Lafayette and realizing that all players deserve that level of care. I'm still pissed off about how Speight was treated.


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Was there a comment deleted and the thread compacted? I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Did you read about how Speight was treated after his injury? We ask a lot from football players - they all deserve top medical care right away. From the NFL all the way down. Any injury affecting the neck or back can permanently harm the nervous system.


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did the Steelers not watch their own teammate get carted off the field???  What the hell!

This game is some of the worst NFL product I've ever seen.  Terrible game, in many many ways.

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Prayers for him and his family.

You just can't hit with the crown of your head... If you can't see what you're hitting your doing it wrong. That split second decision is potentially going to change his life. It's just something you can allow to be a habit.