Mitch McGary progresses with Rehab

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My bad if that has been posted already but I though it was important enough.…

Mitch McGary has progressed to running on a hardcourt and next week plans to start jumping for the first time since shutting down his season with a back injury.

The Michigan sophomore still doesn't have a timetable for a return, though he does have a wish.

"Let's get back to Dallas [site of the Final Four] and we'll see," he said after Michigan beat Ohio State in a Big Ten semifinal on Saturday. "You never know what will happen."


He had been running on an underwater treadmill before finally progressing to the less forgiving hardcourts. As for the jumping, it will be slow and gradual, he said -- like everything with this rehab.

The biggest hill to climb, though, will be conditioning.

"I just have to get my legs back," he said. "It's tougher than people think it is. I have a lot of energy and I like to go all out, so it's been really difficult."



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I'm torn when I read news like this.  As much as I would love to see McGary back this year, I would hate to see Morgan's minutes reduced for a second year in a row.


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I am not.  If he can come back and do 8-10 minutes a game that is Horford's minutes and god bless Horford's zen but hisplay has been poor lately.  The dropoff when Morgan goes out is now palpable.  Mitch would be a huge upgrade even for 20-25% of the game.


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I don't like this. I don't want him to rush any part of this rehab. I'm sure the staff has everything under control, but it just makes me nervous. I couldn't care less if he doesn't play again at Michigan. I just hope that he can rehab from this and live a healthy, pain free adulthood. You don't want a nagging back the rest of your life. 


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It's what Michigan fans should want.

I definitely would not want to see Mitch rush back this year only to reinjure himself and ruin his future.

And if he doesn't come back this year and decides to enter the NBA draft because of his age, then I'll cheer him on.

Mitch has done everything in his power for Michigan.  When he decides to go, I'll say "Thank you!"

Of course, I would love to have Mitch back next year and hope that Mitch sees that as best for Mitch, but he has been great to have on the court last year and in support on the bench this year.


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This was a game where another big body could have helped to get a rebound or alter a shot at the end of the game. That is likely all we can expect. I don't see him too involved with the offense becauise he hasn't played with them. He could be a valuable asset if he can do it without hurting himself.


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Why can't he get a medical? I realized he played part of this year, but it was only a handful of games and I thought you can still get a medical as long as you've played less than 20% or whatever of the team's games. That's what Gardner did. Has McGary gone over that? I guess it doesn't really matter since a 5th year senior McGary seems implausible.


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I would imagine hes coming back.  When you miss that much time with an injury, the biggest question mark is how well you'll be able to play after it.  He didn't exactly have a huge resume before the injury, but most of that is set aside until he can prove he can do it again.  

There are a lot of big men in this draft who aren't injured and have played at near-McGary levels all season.  He'd be better off rehabing all off-season, then come back to put together a solid year for the scouts to drool over.  I'm sure he'd make money if he did.  The way the rookie scale is set, you don't need to move up many spots for it to be worth the wait.


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At 22 years old, his draft window is closing.  Don't see many 23 year olds go high in the 1st round.  Ekpe Udoh comes to mind, but look how he's turned out.  I wrote a little bit about this at the link below.  Sorry for the self-promote, but I feel like it's relevant.


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progress to be of much help in the tournament.  As mentioned above, he might be able to give us a big body and five fouls in 5-8 minutes a game.  I would be happy to have that, but I wouldn't want him to rush back and hurt himself.

MMB 82

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but remaining on the bench until he is fully recovered. That alone would be a huge boost! Right now Morgan and Horford have his back (literally!) so no reason to rush things....he is just weeks out of spinal surgery, after all.

Blue Bunny Friday

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I dk. Maybe expectations being too high for what he can do, chemistry, etc. I don't think it's a good idea. This team played much better after he was shut down. He wasn't tourney MM earlier this year, and the team didn't play well.

If he comes back next year they'll be much better off than if he doesn't, but this team knows how to play together. I just don't think he'll have the timing he needs to be an asset if he came back now and the team would suffer for it. 


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If we can make it to the Final Four without McGary, then we are good enough to win it all without McGary, and playing him will probably hurt us more than help us.


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He's just starting to run and jump again. He's not coming back until next season. Let's just enjoy the team we have and focus on winning tomorrow.


The Denarding

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He comes back this year - he had microdiscectomy. For a professional athlete that should be at least four months of rehab to be sustainable. Big men and back problems or foot problems tend to be perpetual because of how load bearing these activities are.


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But if the best we are looking at is the outside hope that he might be able to play in the Final Four, then I suspect there is really no chance he is going to play again this season.  If he was saying he could be ready to go by week 2 of the tournament I'd have some hope, but there just isn't enough time left to get him ready.