Kickoff dinner

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Thought I'd give a quick rundown the kickoff dinner:

Hoke didn't say much that we didn't already know, but here are a few highlights:

  • He said that Toussaint didn't have just a good camp, but a "great camp."  Spoke more about Johnson and Hayes as backups than Green.
  • Asked what would happen if things go as expected against CMU, he indicated that Morris could take a few snaps.

One of my favorite players from my college years, John Kolesar, spoke next.  After a video of his big catches in the '85 and '88 OSU games, and the '88 Bowl game against Alabama, he said despite the big game heroics one of his favorite moments was early in the 2nd half against USC in the '89 Rose Bowl when he suggested in the huddle that Demetrius Brown throw to Cris Calloway in the red zone because Calloway ran the post route better than Kolesar did, leading to a touchdown that sparked Michigan's comeback.  He said that he felt that reflected the Michigan team concept. As a freshman, he talked about Schembechler telling the Michigan Daily that he was disappointed in his incoming running back recruiting class when Kolesar was the only RB in the class.  When he asked Bo about it, Bo poked him in the chest and said "that's why I'm moving you to receiver Kolesar."  Later Schembechler said that he gave him the number 40 because Kolesar reminded Bo of Rob Lytle -- after Kolesar reminded him that Lytle was 41 Bo replied "close enough Kolesar."  He also mentioned that his dad babysat Jim Tressel.

Sam Webb was an entertaining final speaker.  He did a great job.  He talked about Heclinski being shot down by D'Antonio followed by MSU imitating Michigan with a Director of Player Personnel and updated locker rooms/scoreboards.  He expessed confidence about Hand and McDowell (more emphatically with Hand).  He thought that Michigan's most likely loss was against NW.



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Thx for tje updates. Anyone else not buyin the Drake Johnson hype? I know he set state records while at Pioneer, and I'd love to be wrong, but when I watch his film I'm definitely not surprised that EMU was his only other offer.


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There is a missing post - you can still view it with the mobile app. Poster viewed Johnson's HS film and declared that Hoke and Co. know not whereof they speak. In his defense, he did say that he loves it when he is wrong.


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But that was 2 years ago. In that time his body has changed, he's received massive amounts of coaching and gained the coaches trust. I understand we like to get excited about recruits, but lets take a step back and realize how little we know about Michigan football players.


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Met Kolesar a couple years ago at an event in Cleveland. He was very gracious, even as I tried my best to reenact the Chris Farley Show sketch. ("uh, you remember, um, that touchdown against ohio state? Remember that? That was awesome.")


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The hype and talk I keep hearing about NW is very intriguing. I am not a Football coach or claim to know tons about the game, but I like to think I know the basics. That said, I'm not buying the NW hype.

They will be good this year, but I think that is all they will be. My very early prediction is that Michigan wins by 10 on the road.

Half tempted to do a short analysis of lasts years game, combined with an analysis of their current games before they play Michigan with a look at their depth chart. I'm not promising anything, but if NW keeps my interest I'll try to put something together by the time they play Mich.


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I think people are so high on them because they have continued to get better under coach Fitzgerald. Last year they showed the country they could hang with anybody. Then they go into the bowl season and whack a fairly decent Miss St team. They are returning a bunch of contributing starters from last year, all of whom are likely to be a bit better.

As far as our chances against them I think it will come down to our defense and the one thing I keep hearing all the players and the coaches say is how fast this defense is that this is the fastest defense since Hoke took over. Our linebackers are a year older, wiser. Jake Ryan should be back and contributing nicely by then. I also believe our offense will be more efficient this year and I think there will be several instances within the game where NW has a quick 3 and out and we capitalize with several long, physical, time consuming drives. I think we pull away as the game progresses. I see a 31-21

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The whole Drake Johnson as the 2 back has me pretty intrigued... Expected someone like Hayes or Smith who had pretty good camps from what I heard... Hadn't heard much of Johnson before today


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I'm buying into the hype surrounding this team for the sole reason that these coaches have shown pretty consistently that they won't give credit unless it's earned, and then they'll still hold some back.  They like this team so I really like this team.


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One of my all-time favorite Wolverines. The guy was just all heart. I've said it before and I'll say it now, I think that Drew Dileo comes closer than recent Michigan player to Kolesar. But nobody was ever more clutch. Nobody.