I love our Wal-Mart Wolverines

Submitted by jcgold on October 6th, 2010 at 11:56 AM

As you probably know, the spartys love to cite the fact that our fan base contains a lot of non-alumni.  Somehow, they view this as a negative, and view "Wal-Mart Wolverines" as below them.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Michigan fans out there that did not attend UM.  Whether its the way you grew up, or your time at UM hospital, your support of and contribution to Michigan athletics is invaluable.  The fact that you did not attend UM does not detract whatsoever from your knowledge of the game, loyalty, dedication, or passion.  Our ability to function as a football power is based on your support.  

Once again, thank you.  And +1 for all non-alumni Wolverines.



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I was born in Ann Arbor and my Uncle Abel lived two blocks from the stadium. In those days (do they still do this?) the neighborhood lawns served as additional parking for game days. We would have the cars parked on his lawn, eat some cookies and go to the games.

When I was just 10 years old. I watched Rick Leach and Rob Lytle; Steve Grote and Ricky Green. I cried when they lost to Indiana in the NCAA finals in '76 had my heart broke numerous times out west in the Rose Bowl.

Still remember the first Michigan hat and scarf I got, too. I'm too ashamed to admit I wasn't smart enough to get into Michigan....2.35 will do that to a young man.

Have an autographed book by Bo and will get sucked into any sport Blue plays on the Big 10 network now. And, yes, I've successfully indocrinated my two sons even though we are in the heart of Longhorn country.

Brian makes it easier as time goes by.

Blessings Blue Men!


EDIT: I actually did admit I was too stupid to get into Michigan, so I've got that going for me.


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Hey don't feel bad, my 3.6 (on a 4.0 scale) wasn't enough to get into Michigan either.  Outta state will do that to you.

My dad was born in Highland Park (the 1942 version) and I was raised outside of Toledo, Michigan was something that was ingrained in me at birth.  I think that when you've been rooting for a team since birth it doesn't really matter if you went to school there or not.

All that said, I'm looking to go back and get my MBA in a few years and you better believe I'm doing everything in my power to set myself up for acceptance into Ross.


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Just curious does someone know what the requirements are these days for an undergrad in-state student in regarding GPA and ACT score? 3.8 and 26-28 ish?

What about applying as a graduate for an MBA program? I assume it varies based on which program you are going for.


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I worked my way in.  I knew I didn't have the grades for grad school, especially with the aerospace program being one of the best in the nation, so I took grad classes as a visiting student and worked my way in.

And I owe my Michigan graduate education for what I've achieved in my career.  It's a special place, and its evident in all of the successful grads you meet all over the country.


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i got in with a 3.7 and 26 on the ACT and i was top of the bottom 25% statistically (i think).  they place more value on what else you do in high school.  contrary to popular belief they like to accept well rounded students in addition to stellar students.  they just don't give the well rounded students merit based financial aid. 


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In terms of undergrad, when I talked to an admissions recruiter at a college fair (around 2002) she told me that Michigan weights your GPA based on honors classes. Meaning regardless of what your school gave you, you get bonus points for taking the harder honors and AP classes.

I would also say that 26 is probably too low considering my alma mater, Miami (NTM) looks for an ACT score of about 28 now for in state kids I would think Michigan would be at least the same if not higher for the in state kids, but I can't say for sure.

For an MBA it's much more subjective.  I think your work experience plays a large part.  Have you worked for a "name brand" employer and been promoted? Have you been working in a respected field/industry? things like that.  But for GMAT, you probably need at least a 650 to even have a shot I would think.


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Growing up I (I hope this does not too bad) used to work at the Burger King at Liberty and Maynard, it was down below, I think they replaced it with a Kinko’s or something??? Well Bo used to come in and get a double whopper for lunch a few times a week. I am Ann Arbor true and true. Pittsfield, Slauson, Community. Shaky and I were on a first name basis, when I lived downtown it was nothing but me and a couple friends who lived over by kerry town and a bunch of college students. My 1.66 GPA over 5 years did not qualify me for admission into Michigan, but I still root for the Maize and Blue. Even when I live 2200 miles away.


You are welcome!!

Crime Reporter

October 6th, 2010 at 12:02 PM ^

I wasn't smart enough to go to UM, and for my career choice, it made sense to get a degree from an accredited journalism program.

But just so you know, I buy my M gear from other stores besides Walmart. I like to diversify.


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I was "smart enough" to get into UM, and after going here for nerely 6 years now, I've realized that so-called Wal-Mart Wolverines are as passionate if not more passionate about this school and its football program than many of the people I go to school with.


The more fans the better. As someone earlier this week brought up, who cares if you didn't go to this school? Why wouldn't we want more fans who's sons may grow up to be potential All-American football players for the Wolverines?


October 6th, 2010 at 12:02 PM ^

I never understood how "HAHA Your school has mass appeal to people, even if they didn't go there. Loosers!" is supposed to be an insult.


October 6th, 2010 at 12:36 PM ^

It's an idiotic, self-soothing mechanism meant to deal with their massive inferiority complex.  It's absolutely non-sensical and could probably only take off as a meme in a fanbase as pathetic as MSU's.  We shouldn't feel the need to defend against it or even acknowledge it.


October 6th, 2010 at 12:16 PM ^

I buy my gear at Meijer anyway. I too was not quite smart enough for UofM. Stayed close to home and got a business degree from GVSU. Worked out just fine for me. Thanks for the shout out JC. You, sir, get a +1 from yours truly.

I did in fact make it in the Big house for the GVSU v. Mich-Tech game in 2004 and was on the field as a member of the coed cheer team (yeah I did that for a semester for a girl lol). Shook LLoyd's hand and all...I could only muster a "Go Blue coach."


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but it's not our fault that we are so awesome that all the non-alumni are fans of us. 

Don't see why being awesome and popular should draw criticism.


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I didn't attend UM and I've never actually been to the state of Michigan.  I've left the east coast twice in my 27 years.  I've just got excellent taste in sports teams.  So you're welcome for that.

Shalom Lansky

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An individual choosing between two programs, assuming that individual has no formal affiliation to either program, is more lkely to pick Michigan than Michigan State.  This gives me hope for our planet.

I never understood those that rooted for Sparty from a young age, do they not have goals, dreams, aspirations?  Dream big young man/woman!  Sure, MSU will always be there for you if you fail, but don't settle!