How rampant is car vandalism truly in Columbus?

Submitted by BTB grad on November 20th, 2018 at 6:33 PM

Heading down to Columbus for the game on Saturday to see our boys kick some ass and bring the win home. I've heard all the horror stories of keyed cars, slashed tires, broken windows, etc. Is it really that bad still? Should I rent a car with an Ohio plate? I have a U-M plate so I'm a bit worried. 



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Yeah right. I’m not sure what stadium or town your speaking of but it sure isn’t Columbus. In 06 they won and still terrorized every Michigan fan in site as well as myself, wife and even worse my 8 yr old son. I’m from ohio so no issues there, but having half full beers, cans or cups thrown at you, when you didn’t say a dam word to anyone is rediculous. I watched a buckeye fan tressels first year cold cock a guy for no reason other than wearing a Michigan jersey. That place is the equivalent of a prison riot no matter what their record is. 


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Hit or miss. I've been yelled at randomly because I had a Michigan plate, but never had my car messed with. One of my friends went to MSU but had nothing on his car other than a license plate from Michigan. His car got keyed up in a hotel parking lot in Columbus and they carved a big "O" on his hood. This wasn't even during football season.


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Columbus MGoResident here...

I would say that, if you're truly concerned about it, best to not take the chance. I would recommend using the COTA park and ride if you are OK with a bit of a bus ride. There is a station on the north end (check the Crosswoods link on the page linked above) of the city that's pretty good (and the parking is F-R-E-E free), and they offer express service on game days. You might want to get there pretty early; that's the biggest caveat.

While I can't guarantee anything one way or the other, it's always best not to park a car with a UofM license plate on OSU campus during game week.


Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have other logistical questions about Columbus; happy to help.

Mason Jarhead

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First time going to c-bus for The Game (and first ever mgoblog post!) We will be renting a car and requesting non Michigan plates. Do you have any other suggestions where to park and walk to the stadium? or possibly set up a grill and tailgate for an hour or so? We will be leaving early in the morning for a 3 hour drive. Also other the high st. are there any areas to definitely stay away from?

Thank for any help!


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I had a window smashed in about a half mile from campus. I had Michigan plates. Nothing was stolen despite the fact that there were a few things that could’ve been taken, leading me to believe it was certainly just mindless vandalism. 


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It’s just an urban legend. Can’t believe everything you hear. On another note, check this out...I was at an expensive wedding reception. Everything was going great. The groom stood up and said nice things about the bridal party and his new in-laws...then he asked everyone to check under their chair. Lo and behold...


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I would think there is no shame in a temporary car OSU logo somewhere to allow you to leave the city without slashed tires and the state without a dumb speeding ticket

Think of it like going undercover in prison, you got to do what you got to do.  Get a little bear with an OSU sweater at the split M/OSU store in Toledo on your way down for the rear window.  Then piss on it and set it on fire when you get home


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This was my plan back in 2002.  Earlier in the season, I bought a tOSU license plate frame.  While we had beer bottles thrown at us and one jackalope pulled the Ohio version of "feats of strength by attempting to pull the M jersey off one of my friends, the vehicle was fine while Columbus was burning around us. 


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It’s just an urban legend. Can’t believe everything you hear. On another note, check this out...I was at an expensive wedding reception. Everything was going great. The groom stood up and said nice things about the bridal party and his new in-laws...then he asked everyone to check under their chair. Lo and behold...


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Never parked on campus for the game, but I live in Columbus and have U of M alumni plateholders (have for several years) and never have had an incident. I think the fear of OSU fans is very much overblown. 


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I have no comment on car vandalism, but I do fly my block M flag in Ohio, and I've only had two instances in the past 18 years of living at my current address where my property was damaged. My mailbox was bashed in twice -- once in 2003, and once in 2011.

Hmm. What's the connection there?


KO Stradivarius

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Just heard a story today, a coworker said his car with MI plates got egged just parked on a side street during a game at that shithole.

Hard to not lose faith in humanity listening to these stories.  They are unlikely to get even anything resembling poor treatment if they attend a game in Ann Arbor.  People suck (some of them).


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Columbus resident and OSU mba grad. Either park in the crosswoods park n ride, or park off of ackerman .. tons of police around that lot. 99% wont do something, none will with the police cameras on the lift in that lot. The lot is also the primary tailgate location. 

23 south to 315 south, make a left on ackerman and the lot is the first on your right. Parking 20-30 bucks.


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Going down to the cesspool for Thankgiving. Misplaced family now live there. Then need to leave for a Sat night class union. I will cause serious problems if someone touches my company car.

On a side note, I have a pile of block M stickers to discreetly paste around town.

Go Blue! Beat the worst fans in America bar none. Low class people.


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I’ve been to about 10 games at osu (I also live in Columbus). It’s way worse when they win and you need to park in the right spots. 

I actually wear a black hoodie leaving my car and take it off and throw it away with my Michigan gear underneath. 

All it takes is one drunk douche rocket. It’s not as bad as people say though I just like to be extra cautious. 

For the record only time my car was vandelized was when osu played BGSU in I think ‘03 and I had my BG sticker on my car. Rookie mistake and didn’t think it would be a big deal being a Mac school. 


November 20th, 2018 at 8:51 PM ^

It is fine! Park in the neighborhood west of Northstar Blvd and south of Lane Ave. That’s where I live (Berkshire Road) and its a nice safe neighborhood just a  peaceful 1.5 mile walk to stadium. 


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A friend of mine started her teaching career at OSU, because one has to start someplace. Her car had a Michigan alumni sticker on it and was vandalized her first week there. The campus police told her she deserved it because of the sticker.


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I'm in NY so we rented a car at the Columbus airport and ended up parking along fraternity row in '06.  Got a lot of grief walking to/from the car in our gear but I've been called worse in the Bronx.

My father went back in the 70's but swapped license plates with a friend from PA before hitting the road.