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11/27/2018 - 8:22am I don't get the notion that…

I don't get the notion that UM football is not elite. Most wins, best win percentage, most Big 10 titles -- you all know the stats. Why do only recent wins count? And why do say, Spartan fans (who love to do this) get to pick the time period to suit whatever argument they're trying to make? UM football started a long time ago and got a lot of wins early. So what? Why does elitism have a time-period constraint? 

11/26/2018 - 8:30am Thanks so much for the write…

Thanks so much for the write up. Well done! On to the bowl game...

11/21/2018 - 11:26am Maybe UM shouldn't make the…

Maybe UM shouldn't make the players available to the media during OSU week. Coaches only. When the media asks why say "cuz your questions suck and the team is too busy getting ready for the game." Some of the videos I see on twitter (Patterson's for example) make it look like the reporters are catching the players as they're walking in and out of Schembechler Hall. That's BS as far as I'm concerned.

11/21/2018 - 10:05am I have no problem with…

I have no problem with Higdon's quote. And the questioning has indeed run it's course. Plus it's lazy. I suppose I wouldn't have minded if Higdon said something like "I guarantee we're going to bring our best game. I guarantee we're gonna play as hard as is humanly possible. I guarantee we're gonna scratch and fight and claw for every inch. I guarantee OSU will do the same. I guarantee you'll see a hellofa game Saturday." But he didn't and i'm cool with it. Onward.

11/20/2018 - 7:18pm Last time I went I took my…

and didn’t have any problem 

11/20/2018 - 7:17pm Last time I went I took my…

Last time I went I took my plate off 

11/15/2018 - 8:06am my expectations remain the…

my expectations remain the same. win the game

11/07/2018 - 12:40pm exactly


11/06/2018 - 9:58am Ah. Thanks.

Ah. Thanks.

11/06/2018 - 9:11am The questions are lame…

The questions are lame indeed. However this is the first time I've read McCaffrey COULD play yet this year. I thought he was out for the season (?)

10/25/2018 - 12:11pm Some boats DO have gas…

Some boats DO have gas pedals so your analogy is actually perfect


04/06/2018 - 10:16am file this

under Why Can't We Have Nice Things...

03/23/2018 - 7:43am that

really was one hellofa performance. Very impressive. Even my wife was into it and that's saying something

03/22/2018 - 9:49am what's

the holdup with Patterson's eligibility? How long does the NCAA dick around with this stuff?

03/20/2018 - 1:16pm the notion

that MSU attornies actually asked a federal judge to dismiss lawsuits because as a state institution it is immune from liability is, to me, the most shocking part of the school's lame response thus far. "tone deaf" doesn't begin to describe these morons. May they all rot in hell.

02/23/2018 - 10:17am i said

this in another thread that looks like it was removed: With it's $10 billion+ TV contract there is no way the NCAA touches any of this before the tournament. CBS would simply not allow it, and CBS is the association's main revenue source.

02/05/2018 - 2:53pm Selden Standard

is awesome as well. it's on Second just off Mack.

If you like Italian a good Corktown place is Ottava Via on Michigan

Those are two of my favorites

02/01/2018 - 8:16am Two things

One, totally agree that Brian's piece is the best summary, period. And by quite a margin.

Two, many people have said MSU needs to "clean house." Someone above pointed out that the funding and sponsorships will begin to fall and thus the ability to pay "liers and scum that will do anything to win."

The link is, one can't happen without the other. In other words State won't make the effort to make this right UNTIL the almighty $$$$ starts to go away. 

01/25/2018 - 11:59am The NCAA

is a toothless organization. This is a case for law enforcement, not the NCAA. What is it going to do? Take scholarships away? From who? People who likely had nothing to do with this? And that would accomplish...what exactly.

I have zero faith in the NCAA just trying to enforce the rules it now has in place. Taking this on is way too big for that lame association.

01/25/2018 - 7:11am Simon

I agree she should not have been given the opportunity to resign. She should have been fired in complete and utter disgrace. What a tone-deaf statement she made. Actually that's not nearly a strong-enough description but i just can't put it into words right now. I heard on WWJ this am that Blanchard, Granholm and Engler are all being mentioned as a possible replacement. Whatever. I can't imagine anyone wanting the job. This is indescribably fucked up, where would one even begin? 

01/24/2018 - 8:08am Hollis...

i don't know where he is now or wtf he's doing, but since this story has been spreading he's spouted his fair share of stupidity as well. Examples: He claims he has had almost no interaction with Nassar and can't remember if they ever met in person. That's a lie. And by the way which is it? Did he have "almost no interaction" or have they never met? More BS: Hollis told police he didn't even know about the allegations against Nassar until he read about it in the Indianapolis Star. That's crap.

01/10/2018 - 8:34am thanks

for video link.

01/10/2018 - 8:21am is there

any video of this call?

01/09/2018 - 8:19am Peters

would have been killed in that game. literally. They would've taken him out in a body bag. We got a looonngggg way to go to run with either of those teams. In fact I would say every Big 10 team is in the same boat except OSU.

My two cents

01/05/2018 - 3:43pm how uninspiring

just reading his resume bores me...

01/04/2018 - 1:19pm Solid

hire in my opinion. Much more inspiring than Enos...

01/04/2018 - 12:27pm that's

what i'm thinkin'...

01/04/2018 - 10:43am exactly

and well put. For some reason it's really bugging me. i need to get over myself

01/04/2018 - 7:39am How come

nobody has called out Riley Bullough's douche-ie tweet about Winovich returning next year?

01/03/2018 - 12:00pm the thing

I like best about Winovich is his firepower. His passion. The way he flies around and runs -- RUNS -- off the field with a big cat-that-just-swollowed-the-canary grin.

we need a lot more of that

01/03/2018 - 9:52am somebody

yesterday said Enos was an "uninspired" hire. Couldn't agree more.

01/03/2018 - 9:47am If Roman

is so good (and I have no idea if he is or not) then why would Harbaugh's brother let him go and why would he want to leave the pros for college? just curious

01/03/2018 - 9:47am If Roman

is so good (and I have no idea if he is or not) then why would Harbaugh's brother let him go and why would he want to leave the pros for college? just curious

01/03/2018 - 7:43am i'd love

To see Patricia at the Lions...

01/02/2018 - 3:55pm I'm with

AK47. Just reading Enos' background bored me...

01/02/2018 - 3:44pm i'm

completely underwhelmed with Enos' track record.

01/02/2018 - 2:04pm Who's

In the "dog house?" Enlighten us

01/02/2018 - 1:03pm the word

"elite" is getting thrown around here a lot. On offense UM is a loooonnnngggg way from "elite." The D might be closer, or I thought so until I saw the semi final games...

01/02/2018 - 12:14pm BAMA

Oklahoma AND Georgia look heads and shoulders better than any team in our league...

01/02/2018 - 9:50am yeah

having the "wrong personnel" on the field is just gobsmacking. I don't get it at all

12/21/2017 - 8:12am Glad

He's playing. Would have respected his decision either way.

12/20/2017 - 8:35am If

The NCAA didn't have the balls to bulldoze PSU's stadium and kill that program outright, it won't do jack about this either. Sadly

12/05/2017 - 11:03am What's

happening w Alabama's class? why so low?

11/21/2017 - 7:17am the goal

this saturday should be to come out of the game with no fatalities.


11/20/2017 - 12:32pm What's

Peters' status?

10/26/2017 - 8:38am All this talk

That Harbaugh just needs to "fix it!" I'm willing to bet Harbaugh wants to "fix it" a hellofa lot more than any of us...

10/24/2017 - 1:14pm Thanks Brian

for writing this. well put

10/24/2017 - 11:08am Fake post

i didn't say the Times "abandoned their paywall," i said they abondoned "a huge chunk" of it. That's true. Originally the Times locked down/charged for the whole site. It had no advertising. That didn't work because it got far fewer subscribers than it anticipated. So slowly it released some content for free (and added advertising back in to the mix). At the moment there is a lotof free content on the Times. The Times claims it is slowly going to again lock down more and more editorial behind the paywall. But it didn't work before, so why should it now? Besides, as i said, there are so many ways around paywalls they're really kind of joke

10/24/2017 - 10:31am Pay model

The reason pay models don't work is because, just as people have figured out how to block ads and nobody watches video ads, readers have figured out the ways to get around pay walls, and there are dozens of ways. The Atlantic magazine, Newsday, and a huge chunk of the New York Times all had paywalls and abandoned them because they failed...why and how is The Athletic going to be different?

10/24/2017 - 9:24am i read

the NYT story last night. i'm with Clarence Beeks: Their arrogance will eventually be their undoing. That, and pay walls on news sites rarely work.