How THE Don Brown locked up OSUs offense early..

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Admittedly this is a an eleven warriors production. But they do a good job of explaining Dr. Blitz’s breaking tendencies against OSU.…

It looks like Brown used a Tampa 2 early in the game to stop OSUs man-beating crossing routes. I know some people are mad about the late game crossing routes.IMO I think this can be explained by two reasons:

1. We are a man press team, it is in our DNA now and it’s what we drill constantly. In late game situation you gotta do what you do best.

2. (See reason #1) Conversely, OSU runs a Wilson-inspired mesh concept offense now. That was their best passing play. It just so happens that they were able to isolate the weakest defender (Metellus).



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He also played well at times, but I couldn’t help but feel like he was getting picked on a lot. He is not the most willing tackler. A lot of gator arms, nudging shoulders, straight-armed shoves and feigned efforts. Kid needs to wrap his arms more.


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Anyone that thinks we are going to just line up and shut down OSU completely, and by that I mean like hold them to under 20 pts or like 250 yards of offense, you're kidding yourself.  Iowa held them to 24 and OU held them to 16.  The game against us was the 3rd lowest point total.  I'd call the Iowa game a bad game for them and an outlier.  The OU game they got beat soundly, but it was also early in the season against a better team than UM.  OSU is loaded with 4 and 5 star talent across the board, run a spread, and have an athletic QB that can run.  You can limit them, but it seems pretty unlikely you're going to shut them down.  If you keep them under 30ish points, I'd call that a win. We could have done better, but it wasn't terrible either.  A few more plays on offense, a few breaks (Metellus int) and we do that.  We're close.


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I agree with you that one game against an opponent they have not played in a while is an unusual circumstance (hence why I said unlikely we are going to shut them down) and probably not something you can put a ton of stock into.  On the other hand, we are their rival, they are very familiar with us, and they prepare for us all year.   


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JT had 97 total yards, a lot of it on one carry. Ohio St is S&P+'s 5th best offense and averaged over 500 yards a game this year. Michigan held them to 350 yards, 66 of which came on the final drive that was essentially a 3 and out or bust for the defense. Not really sure what you expect from the defense but there really isn't a whole lot more you can do against elite level offenses.


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In the first quarter OSU faced a 3rd and 8. Metellus was 5 yards off the LOS. He gave up the short crossing route for 5 yards and forced a punt. I have not rewatched the rest of the game yet, but I suspect they had him play more bump and run and he just couldn't keep up with the slot receiver. As a coach you have to figure out what your players are capable of and then put them in a position to succeed.


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I just finished watching the game a second time. Metellus lined up against the slot the same way all game. He only got beat once on a crossing route. It just happened to stick out in my mind because of the situation and his weak tackle attempt. I don't think he played badly like everyone is saying. Even on the dropped INT, the receiver may have prevented him from seeing the ball. It's hard to adjust to something in a split second when you expect the receiver to catch the ball.
There were so many plays that kept OSU drives alive that could have gone our way but didn't. I thought Mone played better on second viewing. Hurst was held so many times, but I think we would have been better off keeping JT in the pocket instead of rushing too far upfield and opening running lanes.


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He held the Buckeyes to 350 yards total offense. This was their second worse performance of the year, same offensive output  vs. Oklahoma to whom they lost by 15 points.

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Still - 24 points and 290 yards in the first 57 minutes of the game.  It's really hard to complain about that.  Both are far below OSU's season averages.

On the two possessions before that, we held OSU to a pair of long field attempts, in which they went 1-2 as expected.  I'm fine with our D holding a team to 3 points on a pair of 4th-quarter possessions.

If you want to bash the D for finally cracking and giving up that last TD, OK.  They're not the 1997 unit all over again.  But they did their job until then.


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This is a silly way of looking at it. 

Like this post states, this was a game of 1 quarter vs. 3 quarters.

In the 1st quarter, Ohio State had -11 yards and 0 points. The defense was great!

The rest of the way they had 361 and 31 points. Extend that over a whole game and its 480ish yards and 40ish points. The defense was bad! Especially if you include one drive was stopped by a bad snap. 

And that's without mentioning they lost Barrett!


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Offensive output was the problem, really.

O'Korn played as well as he could (which is not usually going to be enough vs. tOSU). 

The Oklahoma outcome was what happens when a quality offense and decent defense runs up against tOSU at this point (see Clemson, Oklahoma). Iowa obviously an outlier with lights out QB on that day.

I try not to think what this team (with Don Brown defenses, Greg Mattison coached lines and Mike Zordich secondaries) would look like with even average to better offenses.

One hopes this is our future with Peters/McCaffery/other guys.



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I usually silently agree with most of what you post.

But Haskins has a canon for an arm, I saw him in garbage time earlier in year. . There isn’t a perfect defense for that kind of in-game change up. The rules of engagement changed quickly on our defense.

That said, our defender was inches away from knocking down that 3rd and 13 pass.


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People said the same thing against Wisconsin, Penn State, and Michigan State. The pass defense has been superb except for giving up a handful of crucial clutch completions. The offense can't keep the defense off the field and the opposing QB makes a throw that in hindsight totally changed the complex of all those games. How do you stop that?


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Seemed like we went back to man coverage, essentially daring a young QB to beat us. He did, but it wasn’t a terrible bet. I wish we would have pressured him a bit more, but it seemed like we either tried to spy him or played a man free or robber to try to goad him into a mistake.

He only threw for 94 yards, so it’s not like he torched us, but he only threw one incomplete pass and was able to move the chains.


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+harder to complete passes. QB has to be more accurate. See Haskins on 3rd and 13.
+QB should have less time to throw, as receivers need to get open or throw early, with DL and maybe a blitz coming for blood, which could lead to disaster if the safeties play it right. See Metellus' drop.
+Easier for your players to just play and not think. Practice technique and not Xs and Os as much. See freshmen studs we have now.
+Thee most stifling, frustrating scheme to deal with when things are clicking imo.We're getting there. Unfortunately, you cant teach 1st rd NFL lock down corners, and to a lesser degree safeties, how to handle the fire by putting them in zone every time shit gets thick as college underclassmen.
+MOAR blitzing!

Of course there are others..

-Harder to stay with your man. #obvi
-players' backs turned chasing their man, no eyes on the running QB. See JT's first TD and many others over the years.
-Mismatches/easier to scheme for. Safeties on slots, LBs on RBs, etc. See every loss this year.

And others here too...

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And what happened when Haskins came in? A kid who could actually throw the ball? They lit the defense up and scored on three of four possessions. It's easier to defend Barrett because his only real threat are his legs. His passing skills are great against shit teams and anywhere from bad to so-so against good teams. 

No one can contain OSU's offense forever (except if you're Clemson), so I'm not saying we should've shut them out or anything like that, but the defense just could not hold up against a legitimate passing threat. 


November 27th, 2017 at 4:21 PM ^

Haskins could have the one of the pure best arms we have faced all year, in a live game. (I’m jaded, I watched him a few times this year)

No, seriously. Look it up, qb have been terrible all year.

It was a bit of a shock to see the ball launched like that between two defenders. In short, it is entirely possible that our defense has some work to do against real live passing attacks.

Space Coyote

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This wasn't really a tendency breaker. It is probably Brown's primary zone coverage. He used it a ton on early downs, and then went more to man in passing situations because it allows for more of his pressure package. I thought for the most part Michigan's defense did what they needed to do on early downs but struggled to get off the field. May have benefitted from a bit more zone in passing situations, but that wasn't Michigan's strength all year (I would argue Michigan struggled more in zone coverage on third and long situations).


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I'm surprised at how we continually rushed past the QB, allowing him to break the pocket. It killed us last year and again this year.

One thing Iowa did well was keeping him in the pocket by not doing too much and making him throw. Our lack of discipline in those situations costed us.

Steve in PA

November 27th, 2017 at 6:33 PM ^

"Our lack of discipline in those situations costed us."

My concern as well and if you watch the losses again you will see players regularly caught out of position.  I mentioned it several times in the PSU meltdown thread.

I hope it is something that gets corrected with coaching and being a year more experienced.