Hoke Presser

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SOS as expected.  Opening statement:

  • lack of execution
  • that's on me / coaches
  • lack of leverage
  • players work their tails off
  • our goals are still out there

You can cut and paste the opening statement from almost any game the past 2 years.

Working thru the Q&A as we speak for chuckles.

EDIT - 2nd question was about Shane possible concussion.  Answer paraphrased - I don't know that he is concussed.  Shane is a tough kid.  If he wanted out he would have came to the sidelines. 

Mother of god.

EDIT2 - here is the exact quote since it will bring up a lot of discussion.  Apparently you are supposed to self diagnose your own injuires.

Well I don't know.. you know.. I don't know...he might have had a concussion or not.  I don't know that.  And that wasn't something... and Shane's a pretty competitive tough kid.  And Shane wanted to be the QB.  And so...believe me...if he didn't want to be he would have come to the sideline or stayed down.




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And forgetting the negliegence of that and speaking JUST TO THE FOOTBALL of it, it shows all the LITTLE things this f***** staff does not do.

Russ Bellomy had no friggin idea where is helmet is even though at that point he is 2nd string.  No one on staff bothered to tell him?

Brady Hoke had no friggin idea that down 23 with 7 minutes to go or whatever it was, I could call a f**** timeout and put Devin right back in and not risk my injured QBs healthy any further.  Not going to win the game so saving your timeouts is useless, use it so you can put Devin in - that's the rules Brady.

These are BASIC things - and speaks to a lacksaidascial sideline and lack of preparation.  You see these small things over and over every damn week (cant put 11 men on a damn punt team).  So even when we win games or if we had won this game, those little things are the warning signs that this is never going to be an elite staf.  This is the type of lack of in game awareness that would have always prevented this team from really excelling and why the Dantonios and Bill Synders coach circles around Hoke. (and staff)   He is too busy "coaching up kids" all game to even be aware of these things I guess.

Last point that was so weird - when Morris was limping the announcer said no one from the staff went over to check his legs.  It is like even the athletic staff just mailed it in today.  WTF.


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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that putting a less mobile and inexperienced QB behind a poor blocking line isn't going to go well.

Also it isn't just about the concussion possibility, Shane took 3-4 nasty shots to his legs/ankle where they were twisted and rotated in unatural ways . Leaving a guy in there who could hardly move behind a offensive line that couldn't pass block is idiotic.



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You just described pretty much Devin Gardner's whole 2013 season. I get the head thing and why people are (rightfully) sensitive about it, which is why they did take him out. One play too late and then inexplicably one more play later, but they still took him out pretty damn quick. People have played through much much worse as far as leg issues though (Funchess right now is another example).


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"Again, there was nothing clear that he had a concussion."

You've got it completely backwards.  When a player takes a direct shot to the chin like Morris did, is slow to get up, can't remain balanced wihtout the help of his linemen, keeps closing his eyes when looking to the coaches for the next play... the responsibility is to prove he isn't concussed, not wait for conclusive signs that he is.

Avant's Hands

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Seriously, guy? Concussions are serious injuries. When it isn't "clear" whether a player has a concussion or not after taking a shot to the face and looking woozy afterward, do you know what you should do? You take him out of the fucking game and check. The decision is that much easier when he has been limping around for a quarter anyway and you have a capable "backup" ready to come into a game that you are no longer trying to win.

I don't care if it turns out that Shane doesn't have a concussion. The point is that it looked like he could have and  not only did this staff do nothing about it at the time, but Hoke denies he even knew there was a problem. And then they put him back into the damn game without ever doing a check. That's fucking terrible and Hoke should not be employed.

MGJS SuperKick Party

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This is the most reasonable thing I've heard that Brady should be fired for. For goodness sakes, your quarterback is hurt, I can tell this from row 51. He talks to Shane coming to the sideline, he knew he was hurt. As Bill Simons said, "he's a liar."

All we hear is that he is a family man, and he makes these kids feel like family. Well... My dad would never leave me in a game he knew I was hurt in. That's not a family thing.

I feel like Hoke is cutting off the nose of this program to spite the face just because Nuss isn't Borges. He didn't want that hire, so he is being more conservative with it to show that Borges wasn't the issue...


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Thanks for posting this. My memory was a little off on a couple of points and I have to say it makes Hoke look a lot worse.

For one, I initially thought the Athletic Trainer had a chance to do a concusion test. Not only was there not enough time to, but he's on camera talking to Morris, but not administering the test. That means they sent him back out there without knowing his status. That's just plain awful

For two, Bellomy was wandering around with a headset on 10-15 seconds after Gardner's helmet came off. It took the TV crew less time to realize he was needed and to find him on camera than it took the coaching staff. Inexcusable.


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Thank you for posting this. I read all the write-ups of the game and they each seemed to gloos over this incident, which I thought was a pretty important part of the debacle.

I distinctly remember seeing Devin getting hit by the sideline and telling my wife "His helmet's off, he's gotta come out..."

Maybe this fact was harder to discern from the sideline, several feet away from the incident, (IRL) but Shane seemed pretty aware of what was going on, much more so than Bellamy....

I'm not a D1 coach by any means, but I can recognize incompetence when I see it. With all due respect to Russell Bellamy, my distrust of Hoke originated from the Nebraska game when Denard got injured a couple years ago. At the time Devin was a WR and Bellamy was inserted at QB, then proceeded to throw so many incomplete/intercepted passes, it was obvious to me (again a non-D1 coach) that the moment was too big for him.

I do have experience as a laborer and I know all about 'gutting it out.' Whether it's a lack of motivation, or a inability to gauge a person's desire to just sit down... There are times where it's best to give a guy a break. Whether or not he was sufficiently injured, both Bellamy then and Morris tonight, looked like they wanted to tap out. The fact that Brady refused to be mentally agile enough to recognize this just mystifies me.

To deny that it happened, or be so oblivious as to act like it was barely perceptible, just disgusts me.

Enough Already.

A Fan In Fargo

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I'll tell you from experience with the hurting of knees and ankles a lot worse than Shane did there. Many times. I've had times where I couldn't walk or even come close to running at that age. There is not a chance in hell that I could've jogged or did the drop backs he was doing. At that age it was usually just a mild twist or sprain and you were good to go a couple days later. I was one tough cat and still am. Haha. So if Brady didn't think it was much, its because he might've thought the same truth as me. He's came across worse. Now I could be wrong and there is a good chance that I am but don't count on it here. If this is a broken bone or torn something, well then I'll never doubt you and all the rest. Oh and for the targeting missed call. If Shane had a concussion after that hit, he probably shouldn't play anymore then because that wasn't that hard of a hit. Its probably the only time in the last three years that Shane has taken a hit like that. I get knocked just as hard as that without a helmet on Sunday and Wednesday night open gym playing basketball. It aint no thang. I'm sorry. It isn't a thing. So everyone just take your chill pills.


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He will be begging Brandon for one more year. Hoke: " Brandon, I don't have any Juniors and Seniors starting, next year we will be great I'll guarantee it!  Brandon: "Ok big buddy, I will give you one more year because you are my pal! I agree you have so much youth, next year will be much better!"


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I'm not the guy you were responding to, but prior to this game I was defending hoke across the board, and more specifically, before the game to my friend... at halftime I was telling my friend that if michigan loses this game, hoke has to go... by the end of the game, I was in serious jeopardy of becoming a felon if hoke had crossed my path.

He has to go.  There is no other answer.  There is no defense possible.  I have been a Hoke apologist for years, and today is completely inexcusable.  If he isn't fired tomorrow, he should at least be fired at the end of the season.  I have no idea who we'll get to replace him, but it doesn't matter.  I think a horde of chipmunks could coach this talent up better than what we've got.  Let's wipe it all out and start over from scratch.

I do not give a shit who the new coach is, but if Brady is still head coach next year, there's a *serious* problem.  This is Michigan fergodsakes.  We don't lose to Minnesota in the Big House.  Someone should educate Hoke on some history on how badly he's fucked over Michigan football, so that maybe he gracefully resigns.


September 27th, 2014 at 9:25 PM ^

Honestly, I moved from the "needs more time" camp to the "let's try and hold it together until the end of the season with some semblence of order" camp after ND. The upcoming change still scares me, especially given the available candidates, but at this point there's no other option. This team is fundamentally broken. 


September 27th, 2014 at 8:52 PM ^

If your paraphrase is correct, Hoke's putting the onus of protecting the kids...on the kids? It's their job to come out when they're concussed? This is one time you don't pass the buck. Like, ever.


September 27th, 2014 at 9:08 PM ^

Go to 4:50 in the video


'Well I don't know.. you know.. I don't know...he might have had a concussion or not.  I don't know that.  And that wasn't something... and Shane's a pretty competitive tough kid.  And Shane wanted to be the QB.  And so...believe me...if he didn't want to be he would have come to the sideline or stayed down."


September 27th, 2014 at 9:20 PM ^

Thanks.  That actually sounds a little worse.  (Shane might have had a concussion, I don't know, but if he didn't want to be the QB he would have come to the sideline.)  I'll listen to the whole thing in context when I get home, but...yikes.


September 27th, 2014 at 9:45 PM ^

Hey remind me to thank Brady for giving the NFL the out on their lawsuits for millions (billions?) of dollars.


"Well if you had a concussion you should have taken yourself out. Staying in the game means you weren't necessarily concussed."


Why didn't they think of that?!

Mr. Yost

September 27th, 2014 at 8:50 PM ^

...it's going to be interesting watching the media bring his ignorant ass into 2014.

He could avoid it before, now? Now he's fucked. There's video, the whole world saw it, he's done. You can't plead ignorance.

He doesn't believe in PR, but if he did...it would be best to just call a press conference tomorrow, cry your ass off, apologize to the team, to Shane and to Shane's family...talk about your love for Michigan and walk away for good.

Otherwise, you're going to be hated. HATED.



September 27th, 2014 at 9:37 PM ^

His presser is galactically stupid. That statement might have worked in 1994, but in 2014...please.

The new prez is going to learn about this, and make sure Hoke is gone. He has the power to do it. Hoke is not going to resign, he's going to need to be fired. And I will honsetly be surprised if it doesn't happen.

In 2014, you can NOT be that clueless on player saftety unless (let's be honest here) you are winning at a high level (e.g., if Les Miles said something like this, he'd probably get away with it). Record-level of losing AND epic cluelessness on player safety? He's fired.