Hello Posts for the Current Basketball Team

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I enjoy looking back at old "Hello" posts, especially when an individual or team is succesful. I thought others might enjoy this too, so I collected them here. 

Mark Donnal (shared with Austin Hatch) - June 15, 2011

Zak Irvin - July 31, 2011

Derrick Walton Jr.  (not an actual Hello post, but this is the closest I could find) - August 2, 2011

For some context, this is still before Mitch McGary committed. Levert and Albrecht wouldn't commit until the following March. Brady Hoke hadn't coached a game as the head coach of Michigan yet. 

D.J. Wilson - October 6, 2013

MAAR - April 19, 2014

Duncan Robinson - August 6, 2014

Jon Teske - August 7, 2014

Moritz Wagner - April 5, 2015

Austin Davis - April 17, 2015 (edited with correct link)

Ibi Watson - July 28, 2015

Xavier Simpson - September 10, 2015

Charles Matthews - June 20, 2016


Seth tweeted me pictures of the Point Guard preview from the 2013-14 Hoops/Hockey HTTV. Since Walton was expected to be the started, this also doubles as a recruiting post. 




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"For some context, this is still before Mitch McGary committed. Levert and Albrecht wouldn't commit until the following March. Brady Hoke hadn't coached a game as the head coach of Michigan yet."



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Michigan snagged Burke before another rise, this one spurred by a dominant high school campaign that saw him named Ohio Mr. Basketball; if anything it seems like he's underrated.



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Unrelated but similar:

I was going through some old Michigan basketball stuff here and was reminded that Michigan's last scholarship offer for the 2011 recruiting class came down to either Max Bielfeldt or Larry Nance Jr., and they ended up going with Bielfeldt.


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Bielfeldt had serious interest from Illinois at the time. Nance Jr's offers were so weak that there was at least some thought at the time that he'd maybe even take a walk-on spot at Michigan if he didn't get the offer.

I know it's not always that simple, and maybe Nance Jr doesn't blow up at Michigan, or maybe somebody else doesn't come, but it's crazy to think about potentially having another NBA rotation player on the team with Burke-Hardaway-Stauskas-Levert-McGary.

Michigan went really hard after Blueitt prior to his initial commitment to UCLA. Then he backed out on UCLA and re-opened his recruiting and Michigan wasn't super involved the second time around. I think by that time they had moved on to Devin Booker and James Blackmon Jr(who both obviously didn't work out)


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It's cool to see these posts now.  I hope I don't hear people complaining that Beilein can't recruit.  Kentucky, Duke, UNC, Kansas will continue to get the "highest rated" players but JB knows his system and who can fit in.  Genius.



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He’s not just a standstill shooter, he can put it on the floor, he’s a smart cutter,” Crotty said. “He knows how to have patience and use angles as well.”


I think we've seen a lot of that smart cutting from him to counter the face guarding that he sometimes faces. 

Late Bluemer

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People forget that we have a recent 5 star / consensus top 15 player who is sitting out a transfer year.  I cannot wait to see what he can do in Beilein's system next year.


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These were a fun read as I sit on a conference call (I am so good at intently listening to things that don't really concern me, after all) - very cool to see what the initial impressions were and then to compare them to what has actually transpired with some of these kids on the court. 



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I still for some reason or another, think that Davis will be a beast on the offensive block eventually. I do think we will need another stretch-4 type to play alongside him due to his pretty limited athleticism. If Livers truly is 6'8, he could be that guy.

Whole Milk

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In the Donnal post, it's mentioned that Monte Morris is the obvious priority. I love Walton and am happy we have him, but damn that would have been quite the point guard duo if we could have found a way to pull in both of them.