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2020 Linebacker Cornell Wheeler committed to Michigan via his twitter today. He's a 3 star linebacker from West Bloomfield.




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Here's the link, he's not a heavily scouted prospect yet so I think there's a very good chance he sees a bump soon, but Wheeler was also the prospect featured in Andre Seldon Jr's video of a commit watch.


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Big difference between watching someone play and scouting them. In fact, I think playing with Lance Dixon has caused him to be less scouted. When big programs are going to their games, they're focusing first and foremost on Dixon and looking for his traits. A big part of scouting is also offseason camps, and since he isn't as far in the cycle due to being a 2020, he hasn't been seen as much. There's very little info about him on any of the sites in regards to his ability or potential. 

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Well Lance Dixon is headed to Penn State and Allen Trieu just crystal ball'd Makari Paige to Ohio State so taking a generic 3 star from WBHS isn't really proof anything is paying off. On that note, in-state recruiting in 2020 is picking up right where it left off in 2019. Devell Washington and Rashawn Williams got OSU crystal balls from Lorenz today, Braiden McGregor is trending to ND, and Justin Rogers has OSU and UGA out front. Enzo Jenning said he grew up a UM fan but Allen Trieu said he's far from a lock to UM right now.

OSU is kicking our butt in-state as it stands right now. Lot of time left so no need to panic, but it is concerning. Hopefully with Wheeler and Seldon in the fold they can recruit some of these guys to Ann Arbor with them. And hopefully winning some games this fall can help swing some momentum back our way.


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Losing Wheatley and basically not replacing him really hurt. Not to mention 8-5 wasn't great, and Drevno recruited a lot in state. 2018 and the class are starting to look like a fluke of a year. Partridge, Sherrone Moore, Al Washington, and JayBaugh have all stepped up their recruiting efforts significantly. We got Dax Hill because of Moore, our Running Backs because of JayBaugh and have a legit shot at Harrison because of Washington. Give them time to keep building relationships, because I think our class next year will be good, like very good. 

Harbaugh is making 2018 look like an anomaly.


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Big difference between our 3 stars this year and last year.

We beat Clemson for Carpenter and Thomas.

Penn State and Alabama* for Quinten Johnson (*Alabama offered, but I don't think it was committable)

We beat Notre Dame and Florida for DJ Turner.

We beat Michigan State for Barnhart and he just picked up a USC offer. 

A lot more of our 3 stars were recruited by great programs, where as last year we had quite a few deep sleepers and late flips. 

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Yup, but because of the imperfect nature of recruiting:

Hutch wasn't crowned a 5* but obviously is, Mayfield wasn't rated in the top 100 because he was only 273lbs even though his feet are elite, now he's nearly 300 and still has the athleticism and Ronnie Bell .....well RONNIE FUCKIN BELL!

He was composite #1473.


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Don't know why are getting down voted for just stating facts (well I do but it doesn't make it less dumb) but I think there is a chance to flip that. The 2018 football year was a complete failure, they failed to replace key recruiters like Wheatley and instead tried to have turd Drevno step in and it completely failed but Harbaugh learned his lesson and got Moore and Washington rather than going after NFL guys again this off season. Hopefully it pays off in time for 2020.


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Not only did he ban a guy for stating facts but he thought it was me who he banned last year for, wait for it, stating facts. The guy is over 40 years old and polices this board like an overzealous teenager. No self respecting adult who has sex on a regular basis would so something this loserish. Remember, when stating facts you must do it in a way as to not offend the sensibilities of the super fans whose entire self worth is wrapped around this football team.