Harbaugh: John O'Korn to remain starting QB against Rutgers.

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John O'Korn will remain Michigan's starting QB vs. Rutgers, Jim Harbaugh says. Brandon Peters still backup.

— Aaron McMann (@AaronMcMann) October 23, 2017



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Not hating on O'Korn but why not just go all in with Peters? It'd be the perfect time to start him against our biggest rival who, dare I say, might give us some momentum? 

I hate to type this but we may actually have a legit rock fight against Rutgers.


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Harbaugh is going to play the best player. He does not care about next year. He cares about the next game. He doesn't play for the future , be plays for now. I don't get why people don't understand that. If Peters is slightly behind O'Korn he will not start over O'Korn.


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Why is everyone so quick to point out there, they’re, their misuses but people get away with “Are team is great” or “Are offense lives and dies by Harbaugh”
I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

Pepto Bismol

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I, too, would prefer to see Peters against Rutgers. 

John O'Korn is not the only problem, and I fear for what might happen to a freshman behind our ridiculous offensive line.  However, it seemed our most consistently effective offensive play against Penn State was essentially for John O'Korn to take a 5 step drop, plant that back foot and take off through the first hole he sees and try to pick up 4 yards.  He did a pretty good job of that and it helped us cobble together a couple drives.  Proud of his courage to make those plays.

That approach is not what this offense is trying to do and will not help Michigan win future football games.  I would rather see Peters or McCaffrey or Malzone or Quinn Nordin take snaps as long as they were going to actually try to read a defense and have a pre-snap inclination of where the ball should go, and come off of it if it's not there.  That's the kind of thing you can learn from - 'You saw this and threw it here.  That's wrong, next time go here instead'.

O'Korn Panic-Ball isn't helping anything.  Half his drop-backs are predetermined runs.  You can see it in his eyes.  He drops back while looking at the line to see where he can escape.  And on the rare occasion when he does commit to standing in the pocket, he is often unable to make any kind of decision, even if that decision is 'throw it into the stands'.  He's infinitely more comfortable in a broken play scenario where he has freedom to ad lib to the point that he's often actually searching for that scrambling opportunity, and that's a really sh**ty way to run a pass offense.


If Harbaugh thinks JOK's net ability is more productive, or he's afraid of injuring a young QB or Brandon Peters is a moral cancer and doesn't deserve playing time, fine. Those are all legitimate.  I definitely understand that side of it and trust that Jim Harbaugh is competent in his reasoning.  

But it's not irrational to want to replace O'Korn.  From what we've seen of Peters in 2 hours of a single public practice from 6 months ago doesn't mean squat, but he at least attempted to be a passing QB on passing plays.  He made decisions and pulled the trigger.  If that's still the case, I'd take that approach over whatever this offense is trying to be with O'Korn, even if it's more mistake prone. 



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thing that I think a lot of people are not considering though is that Harbaugh badly needs to beat Ohio State.  I'm not saying it is likely, at all, but we do still have a very talented defense and beating OSU this year would be a very big win for him (particularly because despite all the doom and gloom, this still may be a 9-3 football team this year).  I think he is going to play whatever QB gives him the best option to beat Ohio State five weeks from now.  My guess is that O'Korn is that guy.

Pepto Bismol

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And yeah, if that's where Harbaugh's head is at, I get it.  Just wanted to point out that I'm not in here screaming "PETERS!!!" because I'm flying off the handle after a loss. 

In my completely amateur opinion, I don't see the passing game improving in any substantial way unless the quarterback attempts to pass the football from the pocket.  O'Korn doesn't seem to want to do that.