Friday morning 'WTF is going on?' thread

Submitted by artds on January 7th, 2011 at 8:02 AM
So apparently Tony Sparano continues to swim with the Dolphins rather than sleep with the fishes (although if this week has taught us anything, it's that the sports media is just as clueless and in the dark as the rest of us).

But if the latest reports are accurate (which you should doubt), then it's starting to look like Harbaugh may be content where he is and may have just been using his newfound status as the hottest coach in America to get a bigger payday out of Stanford.



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The year is 2030. Jim Harbaugh is coming off of his 5th NC with michigan, and Dave Brandon, retired for three years, finishes writing his tell all book about the coaching change. BKFinest it


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Pete Carroll did the same thing when he was getting interest from NFL teams. He'd meet with NFL teams and gauge their interest, learn about the organizational structure of the teams, etc. But it was all for naught as he would return to his college team.

Twisted Martini

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Hey may not be sexy, but he had a winning record at Minnesota and put Kansas football back on the map.  Won the Jug from us for the first time since Holtz, won some big games there.  He's an OSU guy who gets the Rivalry, has midwest ties, and isn't Brady Hoke.

J. Lichty

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Although he did "rebuild" KU and Mn - once he hit the ceiling he was unable to do anything.  His defenses at Minn were terrible.  He had a reputation as having terrible relationships with HS coaches - one reason Brewster was able to come in an really upgrade the recruiting was that Mason had set the bar so low.  Game day he was also a pretty bad coach in close games - inventing new ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

The guy put together some very good offenses, but no way not even close to this job.  Hoke is way preferable.

Eye of the Tiger

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Stanford is back in the driver's seat. But we're back in it, at least more than we were...

Here's how I'd handicap it now:

5-2 odds Stanford
3-1 odds Michigan
4-1 odds 49ers
20-1 odds Broncos

Or something like that!


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I fail to see Elway's influence. I understand he went to Stanford but I really don't see that being an issue with JH. I highly doubt that JH sees Elway as this all time great that he can not say no to. Just my opinion, I never thought the Broncos were any kind of player in the game.


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Les miles finishes his bowl game, and eats a bowl of grass w/ ranch dressing. Gets a call from Davey B himself and flys to Ann Arbor on Monday to taste the turf himself.


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but both Les Miles and Bo Pelini are tainted. I don't think either of them make the coach with an appropriate public image requirement, so I really hope we don't go there.

Additionally on Pelini, to take a swipe at Nebraska's head coach right as they join the conference would be a jerk move (which I don't see DB doing), and Pelini has turned in some good, but not great seasons - I'd want to see some offensive success. Also, Pelini and Nebraska seem to be having issues - I don't think we want those issues.

I am not wild about Hoke, but I'd rather have Hoke than either of the other two.


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to coddle and nurture our players and calmly discuss the reasoning of the officials on the field, ya jackwagon.

j/k   I changed my mind when you brought up his brother.  I don't want the Sons of Woody here.


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rule out two of the best options. Lame dude. Pelini is fiery, that's how he coaches. Guess what? He gets it done. So does Miles. Can't really argue with that. There's always guys who haven't proven anything though (e.g. Hoke).....they may be "nicer" to everyone. Geez, this is football, not the peace corps.


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I think we have learned by now that it is not just how good a coach the candidate is, but how well that coach will be accepted by the fan base. If we bring in Pelini, with the issues he's already having at Nebraska - I would be concerned that he'll be perceived with the same controversy baggage that Rich had.

I believe Les Miles would be pilloried for ethics by the press as well.