Everyone needs to calm down about Recruiting

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We all need to take a deep breath and stop bitching about how our recruitment has gone to this point! For God sake people we are in the top 5 for the first time since 2007, have had several 5 star and 4 star athletes had our program in their final choices of commitments to poissible schools and to top it off have one of the nation's best OL commit to Michigan in Kyle Kalis who was originally going to go to Ohio and we borught him to our side! If that isn't a huge milestone for Hoke in 2012 I don't know what is! Pipkins became a 5 star and not to mention having a talented WR like Darboh coming here! We didn't land Garnett so he goes to Stanford. Is that such a big shock? The Cardinal have been in the top 10 for close to 3 years straight with Andrew Luck leading them in the Pac 12. Garnett sees Stanford as a possible national title contender and he wants to be apart of that and its in warm weather too. Diggs wasn't the Hoke type it seems. I think personally Hoke might of seen a red flag with Diggs for off the field purposes or maybe he just didn't fit in Hoke's design for our offense. As for Grant, Kozan I can't explain their choices but we can't dwell on it even though it sucks. We still are in the running for Diamond right now and it looks like an " official signing day announcement" from Jordan on his decision and I definitely have a great feeling he'll choose Michigan. The word around was we will land one more amazing name at signing and I have a great feeling it's going to be him.

To think like these recruits is close to impossible. These are still kids in the world's eyes. They are fresh out of high school and now thrown into the mix of the real world and for a high school recruit it's exciting and scary. It's the same with just regular high school kids. I can remember being terrified after graduation because the days of me being dependent on my family were over. I was 18, had a diploma and was done with my high school career. I had so many college choices but had no idea where I was going to go. I knew one thing though and that was my choice had to be the right choice for me and not just for my excitement, or sports program. It's all about getting an education that point is true but it's about more about where you feel you'll be the most comfortable or being close to your family and friends. If a recruit from California has Michigan in his choice list but feels he should play some where close to be near his family or city where he grew up why should anybody be confused by that? These young men need to know the decision they are making is the right one. Sadly I feel Reeves was under the pressure of his image of going to Michigan in the eyes of his grandfather and peers. He was obviously terrified of possibly being seen as a traitor. Some people are like that and I feel sorry for him if that's the case. I still personally believe he doesn't really want to play there. Signing Day is Wednesday and overall Hoke has done a great job and I think we'll land one more great player before this day is done. Have confidence and look up people. We're Michigan!



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Well it is really disappointing... We thought we could be really selective with only 4-5 spots remaining and ended up whiffing on multiple highly-touted players.  Garnett gave off a vibe to Michigan fans/experts that he was going blue, Oklahoma was thought to not even be in the picture for Grant anymore with their other TE commits, Reeves was a coin flip that we missed, etc.  Just sort of feels like a RR class where we're scrambling at the end and sending out last minute offers to back up plans.  We have a great class coming in regardless, but we didn't finish well.

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This reminds me of my second grade class, when the teacher would tell us that we couldn't go out to recess until everyone was quiet, which prompted a rising cacophony of "BE QUIET" and "SHUT UP" from every corner of the room.

Moral: writing a "don't freak out" post on top of all the other recruiting posts is just going to be counterproductive.


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To be honest, I don't see that much bitching about recruiting. This seems like the type of post typically found on Mlive to manufacture unnecessary conversation.


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because I've read several threads with people complaining and acting like Hoke can't close the deal. I personally had a feeling a lot of players with Michigan in their list wouldn't choose us. With Meyer in Ohio and the SEC winning another national title it pulled a lot of attention as expected. I personally feel Reeves does not want to play at Ohio. If it was me I would of chosen the most logical and best choice for my needs and future. Not my family's choice.


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This is quickly becoming one of my favorite Michigan football images of all time. Its up there with Desmond's Heisman pose, Woodson's pick against MSU, amongst a select list of others. I don't know why, that play isn't as big picture are those two, nor is it a picture of an actual play. But.... there is just something so awesome about it.


end rant


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In fact I genereally pay little to no attention to it..5 stars play like 3 stars...3 stars play like 5 stars..people drop out...quit...etc etc etc..its ALL speculation and opinion as to who is good or great and RARELY do things pan out the way the so called experts say they will...its just THEIR opinion