ESPN: SEALs inspire Michigan seniors

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I know there was a previous post about the SEAL training that took place in CA, but this is a pretty cool and in-depth story from ESPN about the lessons learned by Michigan Seniors on the trip. Great to see them growing as men and leaders.




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My man crush is growing for Hoke & Co. What a great thing to do with seniors. Hopefully that weekend yields results this fall. The season can't get here soon enough.


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God damn are we lucky to have a coach like Hoke, makes me proud. It really is amazing how much the players have taken after him. They 100% buy into the idea of being accountable, respectful, and having high expectations. It seems like everything Hoke teaches, they live, which makes it all the more important that Hoke puts a priority on all the right things.


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Hoke's messages and way of conducting himself is almost exactly like Bo.   I honestly believe he is modeling himself in Bo's image.  Still with Hoke's own style and past experiences, but with Bo's spirit.

Hoke has stated that he will never be like Bo, but he is like Bo. He's like one of his sons.  I wouldnt trade Brady Hoke for ANY coach in college football and thank the heavens we did not close on Jim or Les.  Must be so cool to meet and hang out with Seals in CA.  I think we will see a couple of more surprises before the first game kicks off.


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Hoke is tough, but apparently WAY more loving as well.  The prime example is the Will Hagerup muffed snap where Brady puts him arm around Hagerup and asks him how many he's caught in a row before that drop and how he won't drop one in the next 1,000.  

That is not a Bo move right there.


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Bo was much more unforgiving, He never liked to concede and inch, point, or play to the other team.  He hated it.  I'll agree with your there...but their cores are the same.  

Brady is WAY more loving...but he HATES giving inches too.  

For the record, you usually want to instill confidence in your kicker / punter since a lot of their trade is mental at times.  This is more so for this position group.  I dont think you've ever seen a coach try to "ice" the opposing teams quarterback or running back in a game deciding situation. Those time outs are usually to scan a formation. Pep talks for your kickers are vital.

And since you mentioned WG, that young man needs to return to his true form....when he was Zoltan-like.  We'll need him against Bama's running game.


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I hope that they can use this to gain a bit of mental toughness, to grow a little not just in football, but in life. I like this "workshop" it seems pretty cool.


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To counter, Dantonio is going to have the MSU seniors train with the Eagle Scouts of Troop 1324 out of Battle Creek.


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This is a really telling quote from Kenny Demens, too.



Almost to a man, the Wolverines came back with identical dilemmas: They didn't really know their teammates.

"The thing I hate about leadership is you wait too late," Demens said. "Just imagine if we'd cared about each other like this as freshmen, sophomores and juniors. We'd be a dog-ass team. We'd be relentless."


I'd imagine class of '12 & '13 recruits won't have this problem considering how close they already are. From what Demens said, their closeness could help considerably on the field, too.

Michigan Marshmallow

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A fancy dancer, in an empty backfield,
Just a Florida youngin', light on his feet.
A quarterback scanning, with no time for doubt
With the pocket collapsing he'll find a way out.
"It ain't much we're asking," I heard him say,
"Gotta win us a championship, move out of my way."
We want it all, we want it all, we want it all, and we want it now.
We want it all, we want it all, we want it all, and we want it now.


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will pay divedends tenfold. Hoke is lighting the path for his players, whether or not they choose to lead the way is totally up to them.

I see great things in Team 133's future.

Go Blue!


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I live next to the SEAL training facility.  How did I not hear about this?

/shakes fist at sky

Guess I now have another excuse to stalk these fine pages.


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Denard, whether he knew it or not, accurately captured the essence of the famous maxim attributed to George Patton and later Vince Lombardi:

"Fatigue makes cowards of us all."


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Anyone interested in the Seals should read Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell.  Great book about Seal training (these players got off easy!) and a mission that went wrong.  Highly recommended.


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this makes me feel better about my concern of cocky recruits entering the locker room, this fall and next fall. they'll get that sucked out of them real fast.


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"The Wolverines left Ann Arbor, Mich., for Detroit's Metro Airport around 5:15 a.m. CT Wednesday, and then flew through Minneapolis before arriving at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, Calif., around 11:20 a.m. PT."


I believe ESPN thinks Michigan is in the central timezone. Nice one, guys.


In other news, this trip seems like it will really give our seniors something to build on going into the year. I'm pumped.


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captain of Team 133.  His performance is going to take a major leap this year, too.  

These seniors are going to find the underclassmen very receptive to a culture of positive reinforcement, communication, and genuine interest in each other.  

Bo is watching . . . and he is happy.



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Had they gone on without him, they would have paid dearly. It is all about the teamwork, you don't leave anyone behind. You complete the tasks as a team, or you haven't completed the tasks.

This is learning under pressure. You absolutely learn about yourself and others while you are dead dog tired, stripped of all the other things in life and it is just you and your "team" against the obstacles. You need to reach down deep and find it in you to keep on moving...or as he said embrace the suck.



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That Roundtree called him out as the MVP of their time with the seals and the description of his leadership when one of his team tired during the log drill says everything about his change of attitude and in his commitment. I have a hunch that our DL will be plenty tough up the middle this season. 

Go get em Will and Go Blue!


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Will have my kids read this article when they get home from school. This really shows that UM is special and more innovative than the other programs out there.


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...of the Michigan leadership event? If yes, that would be a great post on its own.

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