Double Hello: Freddy Canteen & Brandon Watson

Submitted by icefins26 on June 29th, 2013 at 10:13 AM

According to Adam Friedman from Rivals we apprently received commitments from both Freddy Canteen (2014 WR) and also his teammate Brandon Watson (2014 CB).

EDIT:  Confirmed by Sam Webb.

#Michigan picked up commitments Freddy Canteen and Brandon Watson from Eastern Christian Academy

Well, well.  Scott for sure to Clemson?



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For some reason, the Double Hello is the best sort of "Hello" when it comes to commitment posts - always nice to see commits come in pairs. 

"The M Block" had short interviews with each of them recently - HERE

Watson had said that he wanted to decide before the season so he could enroll early wherever he was going, and Canteen talked about his potential fit at Michigan as either a slot or outside receiver. 

Welcome to Michigan, Freddy Canteen and Brandon Watson!



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Not cool.  I log in to MGo and totally smacked my head on the dash!  No one told me to assume the position of buckled up.  What the hell.  Not cool......(except for the receiving two commits part...which is pretty cool).


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I think the NFL just got Denarded........they had to create a whole new position for the guy.  Offensive Weapon.  We need to use that as a recruiting meme, "Son, we had a guy up here last year that was so Dilithium the NFL had to create a new position.  We think you are our next OW."


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hate to break it to you but it was used before Denard even got to the NFL. I believe it was used for Devin McClustter(?) when he was drafted for the first year or two of his career


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Of the crybabies who are but hurt they can't run over to an OSU board and talk Stars and Rankings smack. Wahhh Hoke worked first hand with these kids and liked them. Only issue we have now is Urb trying to offer them up. Since he can't evaluate on his own.


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Good for them and welcome to the family! Seemed like the Artavis Scott boat was sailing anyways. Not sure what's up with Westphal. But glad to have both Watson and Canteen. Go blue!


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This is good.  We need to build critical mass in eastern/mid atlantic recruiting before Penn State recovers and becomes a beast.  

And Penn State will recover, BOB or not.   Sanctions aside, Paterno had that program sleep walking for a decade.



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I grew up in Virginia and always wondered why it wasn't recruited more heavily by B1G teams.  The state has great talent as does the DC/Maryland area.  It would be nice to develop some permanent relationships with some of the better programs in that area.  If we continue to aggressively recruit NJ, PA, VA, MD, plus the Midwest we can off set our disadvantage of recruiting in ESS EEEE CEEE territory.


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This was a jolt.  When I saw the "Hello:" post, I just assumed it was for another sport, that men's swimming just picked up a backstroke specialist or something.

I'm really curious to see these guys play.  Hope their school can schedule a full slate of games this year.

Welcome to Ann Arbor Freddy and Brandon!  Look forward to seeing you light up the Big House.



Shakey Jake

June 29th, 2013 at 11:30 AM ^

As mentioned above, the coaches saw how potent Freddy was at camp. Not just one play. Not just one day (or did he just camp for one day instead of the full three?). They absolutely loved what they saw to offer the kid. Not only that, they offered Watson and got his verbal too. And this is from a POWER HOUSE FOOTBALL program that produces great talent. Hoke and staff now have a door open at Eastern Christian Academy. This is all GREAT NEWS!

Wee-Bey Brice

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Ohio fans are trolling us via Twitter for offering and accepting commits from seemingly unheralded recruits based on camp performances when M fans made fun of them for doing the same last week. Any merit to this?


June 29th, 2013 at 7:18 PM ^

I don't know what your criticism of Ohio is, but we've discussed this. They spell it out with their arms and their band. They chant O H I O. As far as rivalry jabs go, this is not one to get worked up about because it isn't something unbecoming like scUM, O$U, suckeyes, or Meat Chicken. Yet you feel like it's your calling to comment every time anyone mentions Ohio while referring to the buckeyes. No one thinks its amusing but if you really want the mgoblog community to understand that you think it's stupid, continue along. Just know that it's getting tired


June 29th, 2013 at 8:13 PM ^

The "Ohio" thing is tired, too.

The difference is that the "Ohio" thing is annoying and can be confusing.

My pointing it out is just annoying. Adding "State" or typing "OSU" is pretty simple. If people really put their minds to it, I think it can be achieved.

Wee-Bey Brice

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Ohio fans are trolling us via Twitter for offering and accepting commits from seemingly unheralded recruits based on camp performances when M fans made fun of them for doing the same last week. Any merit to this?


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Personally from what I've seen the Ohio State fans reacted pretty good on this. 11w has a thread on these two new Michigan commits and the comments are mainly of the consensus that an offer after camping means alot more than what any rating would say. Actually the reactions there were probably less trolling than the posts last week when Collier committed.